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(Almost) Good Lord- Lord of Arcana Review

As both an obsessed island nation and my colleague SeanNOLA will attest, Monster Hunter can  be an overwhelmingly absorbing game. While millions of Japanese gamers have become obsessed with the perpetual cycle of killing, scavenging ...

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Podcast 6-1: Remorseful Bad Dudes

This week, reformed rabble-rousers DesertEagle and SeanNOLA offer impressions of Two Worlds II, Dead Space 2, and Fluidity. Additionally, the duo discusses Front Mission Evolved‘s abrupt jumps from enjoyable action game to single-hit stress inducer. ...

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Maul at the Sprawl- Dead Space 2 Review

For years, survival horror games have been a consistently problematic genre. Although titles in the Resident Evil, Silent Hill and even Alone in the Dark franchises have provided players with an unshakable sense of uneasiness, ...

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Podcast 5-9: Operation Negatron Rising

Hoping to rediscover recover the valor exhibited by the initial entries in Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon series, DesertEagle examines two divergent titles- Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising and the latest Wii iteration of Ghost Recon. Together ...

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Tooth, Nail, and Tail- Eat Them! Review

The remedy for my minimum wage/teenage-rage malaise was found in an unlikely source: the 1986 Bally-Midway arcade game, Rampage. Long before Fight Club explored the roots of discontent within the young male psyche, the game ...

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