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New Releases 1/23-1/29: Adversity on Wheels Edition

Whether players are battling hordes of hostile orcs in Two Worlds II, necromorphs in Dead Space 2 or the countless baddies in Lord of Arcana, this week’s new releases offers an array of atrocious antagonists. Yet, the most frightening foes might be found in another title. Jam City Rollergirls presents a gaggle of elbow-throwing, hard-skating, bloodthirsty punkettes- an opponent certain to cultivate a sense of dread within the most jaded gamer.

Breach (XBLA)
Dead Space 2
Two Worlds II

Breach (PSN)
Dead Space 2
Two Worlds II

Jam City Rollergirls (WiiWare)

Airport Mania: Non-Stop Flights (DSiWare)
Ante Up: Texas Hold’em (DSiWare)
Digger Dan & Kaboom (DSiWare)
Paws & Claws: Marine Rescue
Rec Room Games
Rocks N’ Rockets (DSiWare)

Lord of Arcana

Chronicles of Mystery: The Tree of Life
Dead Space 2

DesertEagle’s Pick: Escaping from a dingy prison into a detailed, open-ended RPG world had me captivated five years ago, and there’s no reason why I won’t be beguiled once again. With a helping of positive press from European sites, I’m eager for dungeon-skulking in Two Worlds II.

SeanNOLA’s Pick: I’ll admit, my PSP has been sitting out this past few weeks, but I can’t resist a good Monster Hunter clone. From what I’ve heard, Lord of Arcana is sufficiently stop-gappy, so I’m looking forward to seeing if it can keep me occupied until God Eater Burst hits shelves later this year.

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  1. Hey two picks what do you know?

    Some good stuff this week. WOW.

  2. Is Breach the game the guys tried to steal at PAX? It must be ok at least then, right?

  3. Two World II for sure.

    Deagle- Is that an Oblivion reference.

  4. Shit, three games I want this week (LoA, 2WorldsII, and DS2)

    I’ll be getting DS2 cause I got that one pre-ordered.

  5. Dead Space 2. Demo was crazy!

  6. Thanks for the new release, as always guys. Like NOLA said God Eater Burst looks to be awesomesauce.

  7. Maybe it’s seeing Jason and the Argonauts too many times, but I get fired up by fighting skeletons. Two World II it is.

    (I really hope it’s better than the first game)

  8. good games, finally! Woohoo.

  9. Dead Space 2 for PS3 so I can play Extraction.

  10. Screw it. This week I’m playing “I have No Mouth and I must Scream” cause I’m broke.

  11. Roger Ebert made a computer game? I bet it’s not art.

  12. I’m sure that is. But I don’t think he’s talking about the game on any of the podcasts.

  13. Cheetos - God of Cheese

    Dead Space 2. Even though I can’t stop calling it Deep Space 2.

  14. RIP Karnov.

    Dead Space 2

  15. I noticed IGN gave Dead Space 2 a 9.0.

    I also noticed they are advertising Dead Space 2 on their site now. Coincidence?

  16. I heard if you buy Dead Space 2, you can play as Issac Clark in Dragon Age 2.

  17. Am I the only one who thought the DS2 demo was meh? I guess I’ll see how the MP turns out.

  18. I will get my stomp on this week.

  19. Two Worlds II will be getting my money.

  20. tasteless, but I laughed.

  21. That sounds really wierd. How do they explain him getting there? Does he use the cutter?

  22. If they are making a rollerderby game they’ve completely run out of ideas.

  23. I found some Two World 2 bonus codes for anyone who wants them:

    3542-3274-8350-6064 (Elixorien – Two Handed Weapon – Required Level 11 – Required Strength 15)

    4149-3083-9823-6545 (Dragon Scale Armor – Heavy Armor – Required Level 11)

    6972-5760-7685-8477 (Dusty Scroll – Labyrinth Map)

    3654-0091-3399-0994 (Hammer of Kroll – Axe – Required Level 11 – Required Strength 15)

  24. I liked the Lord of Arcana demo. Much better than I expected it to be.

  25. It’s too early for me… I read “Breach” and “Bleach”

  26. SNOLA- No interest in Two Worlds 2? You like the Sci-fi/Warhammer stuff more than most fantasy, huh?

  27. Dead Space 2 is definitely the best game coming out this week. I’m surprised that Two Worlds even garnered a sequel considering how bad the first game was. I’ll save my money for Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim when it is released.

  28. Did you listen when they had one of the Southpeak people on the podcast. They admitted they rushed the first game, and really took their time with this one. I admit Skyrim is going to be awesome, but this should tide me over until then.

  29. Someone ripped you guys off- They even put “DSiWare Announced on 1/24”

    Rip10? More like Ripoff!

  30. Dead Space 2 this week.

  31. I have every suspicion that Two Worlds II is going to be one big unpolished, buggy mess.

  32. These work on all three versions? Are they first come first serve?

  33. These work on all three versions? Are they first come first serve?

  34. How come Sagorou doesn’t offer any picks?

  35. I’ll gibe Breach a try for sure.

  36. Morgan W's Vijayjay

    Dead Space 2.

  37. No Dead Space 2 picture?

  38. Best name EVER!

  39. Awesome! If you have any more feel free to poast!

  40. Dead Space 2- I cant wait for it.

  41. thanks for posting the DSi and WiiWare- most sites don’t do that.

  42. Pretty much, yea. We played Two Worlds 2 at e3, and I recognized that it could be fun for someone else, but it wasn’t doing anything for me.

    But sense you mentioned it: OH MY GOD I CAN’T WAIT FOR SPACE MARINE!

  43. Someone else like Deagle, you mean?

    Wasn’t Space Marine supposed to be out months ago? You really think Relic going to come through on it?

  44. It’s always been slated for Summer 2011. They wanted to stay out of the holiday season to distance themselves from Gears.
    From what I’ve seen so far, it looks pretty great, it’s just a shame that you have to play as Ultramarines: the Vanilla Wafers of the Space Marines.

  45. I’ll probably grab Lord Or Arcana.

  46. Just got my copy of Dead Space 2. I’ll be playing tonight!

  47. No picks from Sage? She’s becoming the new Karnov.

  48. Electric Relaxation

    LOL. Totally.

  49. DS2 is good, but skyrim is better. I wish more companies would take their time making games now!