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New Releases: Week of February 27, 2011

Don’t be surprised to see some familiar faces in this week’s new releases. From Fight Night Champion‘s Ali, Frazier, and Tyson, survivalist Bear Gryll,  to a certain pizza-pushing rodent mascot, a precious amount of polygons ...

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Color Me Impressed- de Blob 2 Review

Faithful readers might recall my praise for 2008’s de Blob; a shining gem in the Wii’s otherwise prosaic,  third-party library. Challenging players to revitalize dreary, monochromic backdrops into vibrant cities, the title evoked the blissful, ...

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Heinrich Maneuvers- Knights Contract Review

Set during the Third Crusade and the Italian Renaissance, the Assassin’s Creed series has demonstrated the power of a historical backdrop, generating intrigue from the merging of the actual with the artificial. By having diabolical ...

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Blast From the Past- Explodemon Review

Anyone who has ever played Prey, Too Human, or Alpha Protocol can confirm the effects of a sustained stint in development purgatory. Typically, titles with a protracted production cycle divulge their plight with a few ...

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Podcast 6-4: Wolfmen Need Not Apply

This week the Tech-Gaming crew blisters fingers with Hard Corp: Uprising, annihilates undead ninjas in Zombie Panic in Wonderland, hits the Ibizan streets in Test Drive Unlimited 2 and ‘sneaks behind to get inside’ Stacking. ...

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Miles on Isles- Test Drive Unlimited 2 Review

Unquestionably, 2006’s Test Drive Unlimited was an exceedingly ambitious title. With an always-online framework, the game allowed participants to effortlessly leap in and out of multiplayer competitions- an impressive feat still not trumped by more ...

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