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Phantom Brave: The Hermuda Triangle Review

In the 1975 play Same Time, Next Year, George and Doris are two soul-crossed souls who schedule an annual, clandestine reunion despite being committed to other people. Ironically, the illicit couple share an emotional intricacy ...

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Simply Radiant- Torchlight Review

Evidently, creating the ideal algorithm for a loot drop is as challenging as mapping the human genome. While selfless scientists have spend the last two decades unraveling the mystery of DNA, programmers have toiled for ...

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New Releases: Week of March 6, 2011

Confrontations abound in this week’s new releases. Whether players are battling vile Darkspawn, rival  Pokémon trainers, or wicked curveballs, a wide variety of adversaries await players. Surprisingly, these showdowns aren’t limited to the current generation of ...

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