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New Releases: Week of February 27, 2011

Don’t be surprised to see some familiar faces in this week’s new releases. From Fight Night Champion‘s Ali, Frazier, and Tyson, survivalist Bear Gryll,  to a certain pizza-pushing rodent mascot, a precious amount of polygons have been used to recreate some famous personas. Luckily, enough polys were spared to re-imagine Jade and Pey’j is dazzling high-def detail.

Beyond Good and Evil HD (XBLA)
Castlevania: Lords of Shadow-Reverie (XBLA) (DLC)
Fight Night Champion
Gun Loco
Rango: The Video Game

Castlevania: Lords of Shadow-Reverie (PSN) (DLC)
Fight Night Champion
PixelJunk Shooter 2 (PSN)
Rango: The Video Game
StarDrone (PSN)

Chuck E. Cheese’s Sports Games
Man vs. Wild
Natsume Championship Wrestling (Virtual Console)
Rango: The Video Game

Rango: The Video Game

Left to Die in Zombhai (PSN)

Back to the Future: The Game-Episode 2: Get Tannen!
Painkiller: Redemption
Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War II-Retribution

DesertEagle’s Pick: It’s hard to believe that it has been eight years since I set foot in Sector Four’s mining quarry. While I’ve been a bit more frugal with my Microsoft Points over the last few years, Beyond Good and Evil HD is a no-brainer purchase for any fans of atmospheric action games.

SeanNOLA’s Pick: Team 17’s Alien Breed games have certainly been sleepers on the PSN, but they are actually quite good.  The atmospheric twin-stick adventure shooters are a real treat for the price – I’m realized I overlooked the final installment, Descent last week. 

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  1. I really need to download the Fight Night Champion demo.

  2. A Man vs. Wild game, really?

  3. First!

    Beyond Good and Evil HD for me.

  4. I’m still waiting for my PSP version of PixelJunk Shooter.

  5. What game has the weird rabbit head dude?

  6. How come Reverie isn’t coming out for 360?

  7. Fight Night Champion demo was cool, but I’m fine with part 4.

  8. Beyond Good and Evil HD. I have points tucked away just for it.

  9. Where’s Pokemon Black and White? They come out this week!

  10. I’m thinking it’s Gun Loco, a game I know nothing about except it looks weird.

  11. Left to Die in Zombhai? Really? Bad name of the week!

  12. Does Chuck E. Cheese’s Sports Games feature an all you can eat pizza game, with vomit competitions?

  13. Painkiller: Redemption?

    What is this 2005? Next they’ll make another Duke Nukem game. Wait? Really? Oh, shit.

  14. That is some freaking shit. Any idea what the game is about?

  15. Hopefully, Rift will get a review or podcast discussion.

  16. More PixelJunk shooter sounds like a good thing.

  17. Seconded!

  18. Anyone hyped for Crysis 2? I know I am.

  19. I hard Rango comes with a free movie ticket. Still not enough to make me buy it.

  20. TideGear teases with a podcast, then poof nothing!

  21. NOLA, I though you were into Warhammer 40K!

  22. Yep. Agreed. I now own all the games.

  23. Where’s picks for the other guy and girl?

  24. Beyond Good and Evil HD for sure!

  25. I can’t wait to play Man vs. Wild and have the screen read:

    Now eat some maggots.

    On level 4. Sound great. Sign me up.

  26. I need to try one of the Alien Breed games. Theyre like the Alien movie, right?

  27. Every year I get FN, so I suspect I’ll do the same.

  28. No DSIware/WiiWare this week?

  29. How much is Reverie going to cost? What does it add?

  30. I feel the same. I wonder how this one’s going to see. There hasn’t been much hype around it.

  31. I am, but I never run out to get PC games anymore. I’m sure I’ll pick up Retribution eventually, but I’ll probably wait until it drops in price. Now Space Marine, on the other hand…

  32. No picking PixelJunk Shooter 2 makes you evil, evil men.

  33. Kinda. It’s basically Hunter:The Reckoning in Space. I’m working my way through the first one right now – it’s fun, but the explosions every 5 seconds can get old REALLY fast.

  34. Sounds like my experience last week, after eating three bowls of Power Keg Chili.

  35. Just PJ Shooter 2 for me

  36. Level Cap Infinity

    Where’s my DQ review, man?

  37. Fight Night for me.

  38. BG&E this week.

  39. Rango looks like such a cute movie!

  40. I’m debating on whether I should pick up PJS2 or BG&E HD.

  41. Where are the reviews these days?