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Superstar- Super Mario Galaxy 2 Review

It’s no accident that Mario is one of the most recognized characters in gaming. His ubiquitous image is nearly synonymous with the pastime, uniting fans typically separated by age, geography, and gaming experience. Part of ...

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The Tech-Gaming Podcast, World 3-1

The week the Tech-Gaming crew fights for survival in Split/Second, the Shepherd’s Crossing series, and Bloomies before debating the necessity for story in the Mushroom Kingdom. Before things drift too far into the arcane, we ...

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Grind Time- Skate 3 Review

Now in its third chapter, the Skate franchise is no longer the wunderkind upstart known for challenging Tony Hawk’s annual iteration. With the preeminent skater’s series struggling to remain relevant, Skate 3’s greatest struggle isn’t ...

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Beguiling- Picross 3D Review

Michelangelo once wrote, “Every block of stone has a statue inside it and it is the task of the sculptor to discover it.” Although recent release Picross 3D doesn’t allow players to create any artistry ...

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The Tech-Gaming Podcast, World 3-0

Tempers flare on this week’s podcast as SeanNOLA incites both DesertEagle’s and TideGears rancorous wrath. Once moods cool, the trio discusses Lost Planet 2 assistance from ‘zee Germans’, changes made to the Splinter Cell series, ...

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