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The Tech-Gaming Podcast, World 3-1

The week the Tech-Gaming crew fights for survival in Split/Second, the Shepherd’s Crossing series, and Bloomies before debating the necessity for story in the Mushroom Kingdom. Before things drift too far into the arcane, we offer impressions on Super Mario Galaxy 2, Rocket Knight, and getting trounced at WarHammer 40K. As always, we offer a dose of trivia, as well as answer the consistently engaging reader mail.

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About Robert Allen

With over 35 years of gaming experience, Robert 'DesertEagle' Allen is Tech-Gaming's resident worrier/warrior who spends his days teaching at three colleges and his nights devoted to JRPGs.


  1. Downloading now.

  2. Wow, Deagle sound fired up in the first few minutes.

  3. I’m not seeing it on itunes yet.

  4. London Calling

    Two hours will do me just fine.

  5. I need to play XCom one day.

  6. The guy on Joystiq raved on how incredible Rocket Night was. You seem cold on it.

  7. Primal Ice Cream

    Free Portal link for the lazy-

  8. I like Deagle’s solution- “toss the table”

    BTW- Whose laugh at the 17:25 mark? Sounds crazy!

  9. Soup of my Foes

    DE- Didn’t you like RF:G? or REALLY like it?

  10. That’s kind of a poor sport thing to do? I doubt if you really did that anyone would want to play you again.

  11. Whats the outro music? Battletoads?!?!

  12. Adam Milecki - TideGear

    That was DE!

  13. The feud continues, huh? You guys should settle it once and for all…

    …with a gaming showdown.

  14. NOLA and Desert need to bury the hatchet over the whole Disgaea thing.

  15. Have you guys seen google yet?

  16. Good show guys!

  17. NOLA, you donta lika the Mario gama?

    I isa so displeased witha you right now.

  18. Thanks, I’ll be listening on my way home from work today.

  19. Yep, one minute in and he starts the fight! But how much of it is real? That’s what I want to know.

  20. Because the Skype sound effect is so loud that’s why! It always scares me.

  21. Did it!

  22. Sunday cant come soon enough! SMG2 here I come!

  23. You know I just realized you can listen to the show here by hitting the button. I just assumed it was a graphic before.

  24. Oh Luigi, you know I’ll always love you.

    I may have misrepresented myself a little bit. I don’t dislike the Mario games, I just don’t know that the nostalgia-tickling aspect of them should be what carries the core series. I had a Genesis and Saturn during instead of a SNES and 64, and although I did play SMWorld an SM64 and enjoyed them, I don’t have the nostalgic longing for Mario as a character as a lot of others seem to have.

    That being said, I think the games are solid and well crafted, but I wish that Mario, as a character was more than an hollow shell with a mustache.

    Actually, it’s appropriate that Luigi responded, because I think he is an example of what Mario could be, which is great. We know a lot more about Luigi as a character – he’s cowardly, he has a jealous admiration of his brother and he is a constant worrier. Over the past 20 years, he’s really become a lovable character with a very recognizable personality. Mario, on the other hand is just a generic hero guy who saves the princess and always gets the girl on the virtue of the fact that he is the one who saved her. I feel like he could be replaced with a robot or a knight and I wouldn’t really feel any different toward the character.

    That’s why I like the ancillary games, like “Mario & Luigi” or “Luigi’s Mansion” so much: because Nintendo uses them to explore the characters’ personality, and although Mario still has less personality than anyone in the Mushroom Kingdom, he has a lot more depth than he has in Galaxy.

    Also also, I finished the first Galaxy this week, and I have to retcon some of my argument: I would rather have a soulless, empty shell of a Mario than see the games injected with renegade anime/JRPG psycho-babble. Seriously, what the hell was up with the whole crying baby star thing?

  25. Question sent for next show. Give me a shoutout!

  26. I agree with most of your points. I’m thinking (and I heard in interviews) that Nintendo wants their Mario games to be timeless.

    The more personality you give a character, the more of a change of dating the character. Look at Sonic’s attitude- seems kind of 90’ish now.

    I guess it’s the same thing Disney does with Mickey, he’s more of an icon that anything else. No real personality.

  27. Mario could easily be placed with a bobcat, hedgehog or opossum. and he has.

    Only the quality of each of those games depends on how good the platforming was and less of the character of each game. The character only gets you to notice the game.

  28. I just surprised you haven’t played as a koopa through a title.

  29. Funny, the show I listen to before yours raved about Rocket Knight. Go figure.

  30. Peyton Manning

    The Ultimate Avengers movie sucks so much it’s not even funny.

  31. Light Brown Ninja

    this show was full of win. It was one turn-based, giant Monster Hunting, exploding game with plenty of lens flare.

  32. West Wind of Hope

    Bumping Kirbys joke snuck past Adam at 15:30.

  33. My favorite part of every podcast is where Desert talks about blowing up or destroying something and Tide and Sean just ignore him.

  34. good trivia this week. Its always my favorite part of the show.

  35. LOLed at NOLA’s Harvest Moon promo…

  36. “escorting lady frogs back to your love hole” just had me laughing like a crazy man as I walked down the street.

  37. Desert, I thought you worshiped Tom Clancy????

  38. No, it sucks so much it IS funny. Go back and watch it drunk. Trust me.

  39. Green eggs and ham, I am!

  40. Yea, it’s The Adventures of Duane and Brando again. I’ll be honest, I’m quickly running out of material to end the show with – I need to reload my nerd music.

  41. “Digitally achieved”??? Is Karnov a pirate? OMG.

  42. Whats the siren for? WOW? What could he have said?

  43. Another great episode! Could be time for a guest, though.

  44. Bought both King of the Hill and Bloomies

  45. You guys want a laugh?

    CBS called Ms. Pac-Man unauthorized-

    Yeah, it was a rom hack at one point, but calling the famous classic ‘unauthorized’ is a stretch.

  46. I’ll give the ‘cast a listen during the weekend drive. Hope it’s good.

  47. Numb from the Rum

    Nola, place some good games before next week!

  48. Yeah, heard that two. Give us a clue.

  49. How come it says “duration- 00:00”

  50. bliP bliP BlooP

    So what’s the name of the opening song?

  51. Funny show. SeanNOLA is always good for a laugh or three.

  52. Nice long show this week. Thanks!

  53. Question send for the next show!

    How come you guys dont talk about game news?!?

  54. Barking Mad Duck

    Questions, answer them.

    What are the game you guys are most looking forward to playing at E3?

  55. This is for Poop Joke- Have you seen/heard of Human Centipede?

  56. I looked that up. OMG so gross.