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Rock and Rollerblade- R2Beat

While many free-to-play gamers find gratification in the depths of a enormously sized role-playing game or the furtive tactics of a first-person shooter, others associate the term “MMO” with an impenetrably complex pastime. Fortunately, for ...

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Time for Something Different- Zeit2 Review

Admission into the pantheon of great shmups is typically accomplished with a single, compelling hook. From Galaxian‘s sweeping formations of falling foes, Raiden’s signature lock-on beam, or Ikaruga’s color-coded combat, the most beloved shooters have ...

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Podcast 5-8: Only as Old as Deagle Feels

In our first podcast of the new year, DesertEagle discusses House of Dead Ninjas, A Space Shooter for Two Dollars, Sky Fighters, and Hot Shot Shorties, while Samurage offers an discerning comparison between Limbo and ...

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Together, Forever- ilomilo Review

I wouldn’t be surprised if recent XBLA title ilomilo became a compulsory case study for first-year DigiPen students. By interweaving an absorbing game mechanic, quirky back story, along with safeguards to protect players from getting ...

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Bargain Ballistics- Operation 7

As the last days of the twentieth century drew near, most of my college classmates were becoming increasingly worried about the possibility of cataclysmic repercussions of the Y2K bug. With a healthy stock of Cup ...

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Dairojo! Samurai Defenders Review

With dual screens to articulate the wealth of visual information and a stylus-based interface, the Nintendo DS is a ideal platform for the tower defense genre. Supplementing the cartridge-based entries such as Desktop Tower Defense ...

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