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Podcast 5-9: Operation Negatron Rising

Hoping to rediscover recover the valor exhibited by the initial entries in Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon series, DesertEagle examines two divergent titles- Operation Flashpoint: Dragon Rising and the latest Wii iteration of Ghost Recon. Together with SeanNOLA and Samurage, the trio also explores the intricacies of LittleBigPlanet 2, Passage, and One Chance. We keep things flowing with our characteristic dose of game trivia as well as respond to reader mail.

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With over 35 years of gaming experience, Robert 'DesertEagle' Allen is Tech-Gaming's resident worrier/warrior who spends his days teaching at three colleges and his nights devoted to JRPGs.


  1. Yes! Cool pop-punk intro. I can’t understand the words, though.

  2. Deagle, LBP talk lost me. What the hell was he talking about- Frida Kahlo? Editors?

  3. Looks like a joystiq art piece.

  4. You guys its the Negativitron, not Negatron.

  5. I would have liked to hear more about the jumping in LBP2. Not every follows things are closely as you, NOLA.

  6. Sage, you’re a little quiet in this one so far. Don’t be afraid to speak up.

  7. I think he’s just going off the top of his head instead of using notes this week.

    Hong Kong Fooey is the jam.

  8. Easter Egg this week!

  9. Only an hour and 14 this week? And I don’t see an interview?


  10. Wow, that was one loudass sneeze.

  11. Keyboard Cat Lives

    There’s a hell of a lot of Deagle this week. He talks by himself for at least 5 minutes at times. Not bad, but not great either.

  12. World of Porncraft

    If you ask me, it should have been a bit shorter and a whole lot funnier.

    Otherwise good show, and plenty of info. I’ll probably grab LBP2 sometime.

  13. What does the pic have to do with Worms?

  14. You used “Joystiq” and “art” in the same sentence.


  15. Desert’s got his finger on the pulse of the industry:

    I don’t heard PCS mentioned for years, then I see this.

  16. What does the pic have to do with Worms?

  17. Look at the tank’s round. The enemy tank isn’t that far, but the shell is way off the mark.

    At least that’s what I’m assuming.

  18. no foreplay this week, you guys just jump right into it!

  19. Saying people have “stupid usernames” makes you sound real douchey. Lose the attitude.

  20. Party in my Pants

    Wow, NOLA seemed bitter this show. Especially when he mentioned the CAGcast thing.

  21. Going to pick up LBP2, I’ll listen to the show on the way there.

  22. Deagle and his names…

  23. Going to pick up LBP2, I’ll listen to the show on the way there.

  24. Not much from NOLA this week. What happened?

  25. Gorgeous Waste of Time

    Kind of a short shot this week, but still a good one.

  26. Just a coincidence, I’m sure.

  27. Just a coincidence, I’m sure.

  28. Why is everyone posting twice? Why is everyone posting twice 🙂

    Good show, glad you found a FPS you like Desert.

  29. Great show this week. I know there haven’t been a lot of new releases coming out lately, but your talk about One Change and Deagle’s gushing over Flashpoint were great.

  30. Stretch Caddy Daddy

    I heard Ship, Wombat and Cheapy give the shout out. You should have one of them on the show, and Deagle you should get on the CAGcast.

  31. I don’t get the joke.

  32. DEagle said he’s give the show a listen. He doesn’t even listen to the CAGcast? Jeez, that’s a bit ungrateful 😉

  33. It’s the Speed Racer song, duh!

  34. DEagle said he’s give the show a listen. He doesn’t even listen to the CAGcast? Jeez, that’s a bit ungrateful 😉

  35. It’s the Speed Racer song, duh!

  36. Hey guys, sorry Nola and I were a bit quiet this week. it’s a slow time in the video game year and all, so thanks for your continued support 🙂 Maybe, since it’s that time of year, some of you could write in things you’d like to hear us talk about. Give us some proactive positive input. Cheers~! 🙂

  37. Just give Deagle a hard time about all those JRPGs he loves so much.

  38. I think it was a good show. I’d like to hear how Deagle does at trivia.

  39. Thanks! Good show this week.

  40. A interview with every show please!

  41. I love the tension between Negatron and the old man. Dont change a thing.

  42. SeanNOLA seem irritated with this show. Was something cut out that pissed him off?

  43. Refreshing NukeCola

    Keeping the comments in the forums coming, is always appreciated!

  44. Refreshing NukeCola

    Keeping the comments in the forums coming, is always appreciated!

  45. Agreed.

  46. Great show this week. Thanks, people!

  47. I’d I’d like to know more about NOLA’s PSPgo experience. Did you ever find a duplicate cable?

  48. I’m erasing my good comments for making fun of my name. Screw you guys. I hope you get nothing but 1 star reviews.

  49. On SNOLA’s behalf I THINK he was joking, but making fun of your listeners (even playfully) is not the way to be the next Giant Bombcast.

    Most of us on the site our nerds, we spend our days controlling images on a television screen and other geeky things. I think at one time or another, we’ll all caught flack for not going to bars, playing basketball, and doing otherwise “normal” activities. A good show should offer a positive vibe that says “that’s OK”, and not sound like my parents and say “that look/sounds/is stupid”

  50. 30 KB/s download speed? Whats up with that?

  51. yep, pretty slow here also.

  52. Yep, calling the one reader “all over the place” wasn’t cool either.

  53. I think it’s just NOLA’s sense of humor. I mean look at the title of the show.

  54. Looks like a hit to me.

  55. This week was all DEagle goddamn show.

  56. My e-mail was all over the place? I guess I’ll take your word for it. But on to more important matters…

    Sage, why are you talking shit about 2% milk? It’s delicious, it feel cooler than regular milk, and it goes great with cookies, something you can’t say about coconut milk. Girlfriend, stop being biased against the superior type of milk and end this cycle of hate. XD

  57. Fuggit- sage and Deagle should be more negative.

  58. Well I thought it was a good question- the only one who didn’t like it was Negatron.

    As for the milk debate- unless your a baby, adult humans don’t need milk. At one point in your life, you’ll probably grow lactose intolerant anyway.

  59. To be honest I thought Nola’s answer was totally subjective- there are a ton of people who get frustrated my MM 9 and 10’s difficulty. The game might have a wider audience it was wasn’t so dam hard.

    And Monster Hunter? Maybe it gets the balance right, I won’t know. I get bored by the second big battle and turned away from the slow swinging.

  60. Oh, don’t get me wrong: I loved the question! In fact, it’s going to make a return on this weeks episode, because I played (actually, finished) a game that expresses that frustration even better than any of the examples given. It was just a lot of information crammed into a quick paragraph. I was trying my best, in the time allotted, to parse it out to pacing, challenge and difficulty, and try to form the best answer.

  61. You still sounded like a jerk.

  62. One big complaint- if everybody has already talked about LBP jumping physics- then why did Weekend Confirmed do a whole segment on in this weeks show?

    (And Yes, I enjoyed hearing the talk!)

  63. There’s an old man on the show? Who edited him in? 😉

  64. Just a grumpy old man- the other guy.

  65. Quick questions listeners- should I cut back on the quantity (and time spent) on games I’ve been playing?

  66. spring roll panda

    Hell no! You always bring the new games. Talk about 8 or 9.

  67. Don’t cut back, just involve Sagurai and NOLAtron more.

  68. Whoever is telling you that needs to join TideGear in Japanese Indie heaven.

  69. It’s just such an easy thing to love. It’s like the fable 3 of milk. It’s nice and all, and it certainly delivers a quick and easy refreshment, but it could be doing a lot more with itself. I will end the cycle of hate though if you will try some coconut milk with cookies. Cuz it’s a dang good combo! Esp. with chocolate chippers. Cheers~!

  70. Deagle, why don’t you rotate and do a realease a person, then move to the next person?

    More is better.

  71. I kinda figured that’s what you meant. Don’t sweat it, I was just giving you crap. 😀

    I was really happy with the discussion and the length of the segment. I’m looking forward to hearing round 2.

  72. Okay, I’ll try some coconut milk with some cookies sometime…..I can make coconut milk by shoving frozen coconut and Almond Joy candy bars into a (late, great) Jack LaLane Power Juicer, right?

  73. hahahaha. I recommend the “so delicious” brand. It’s in cold milk section in places like whole foods.

  74. hahahaha. I recommend the “so delicious” brand. It’s in cold milk section in places like whole foods.

  75. Milk discussion FTW!

  76. More, not less from the elder gamer.

  77. More is always better! why cut back?? no need!