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Divinity: Original Sin: Enhanced Edition review

The Hyperdimension Neptunia series drew attention for offering anthropomorphized interpretations of game consoles. But what if role-playing games themselves were brought to life? Unmistakably, many contemporary efforts would make charming guests at mixers, whether Elder ...

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RPG Maker MV review

A growing body of software imparts an imperative message: game design can be even more gratifying than gameplay. From Minecraft, LittleBigPlanet, Disney Infinity, and most recently Super Mario Maker, there’s been a succession of diversions ...

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Tales of Zestiria review

Although many might assume turn-based battles dominate the realm of role-playing, action-driven combat has a resilient foothold on the genre. Long before Mass Effect and Kingdom Hearts married plotline with sections of energetic pugnaciousness, franchises ...

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Fairy Fencer F (PC) review

Synergy doesn’t automatically materialize when prodigious talent comes together. From Ocean’s Twelve disastrous attempt to recreate the energy of Steven Soderbergh’s first film to Enter the Matrix‘s tragic union of Shiny Entertainment,  Wachowski-penned mythos, and ...

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Kyn review

Scour the web for coverage on Kyn, and you’ll discover one ubiquitous detail: the ambitious action role-playing title was developed by a team of two coders. While it might be charitable to champion the developmental ...

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Lost Dimension review

For decades, role-playing games have drilled a very specific decree into our heads: our fellow adventurers are devoted, dependable friends. Allies are routinely our most valuable resource, endowed with traits such as a capacity for ...

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