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Ghost Recon: Future Soldier Review

Over its decade long legacy, the Ghost Recon franchise has endured a succession of substantial changes. Once a taut, tactics-heavy simulation tasking players with managing multiple teams across vast battlefields, more recent entries in the series have gradually gravitated toward visceral action, echoing the more intimate firefights popularized by other consoles shooters. The recent release of Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon: Future Soldier for the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 finds the title emulating the trajectory of sister series Splinter Cell. Much like Conviction, the operators from Delta Company bring in only the swiftest of strategic options in order to sustain a break-neck pace.

One of the virtues of the Ghost Recon series has been its collection of high-tech weaponry, all modeled after purported military prototype. Here Future Solider excels, bestowing everything from sensor grenades capable of discerning foes to magnetic vision that is used to identify armed personnel amidst situations of limited visibility. Although optical camouflage may sound like preposterous science-fiction, as it provides Ghosts with a fluctuating chameleon-like appearance- the device is depicted with a convincing set of limitations. Moving too fast, too close, or instigating a muzzle flash will quickly alert any enemies to your position. From performing drone-enabled recon to overpowering combatants with a massive, cover-creating mech, Future Solider understands that having the technological upper-hand is unswervingly mesmerizing.

While skulking about clandestinely and exploiting the weaknesses of outmatched enemies of fun, the game rarely conveys the sensation that players are behind the battlefield brainstorming. Habitually, Future Soldier’s restricted pathways and automatic fail conditions force gamers to play by the title’s prescribed set of tactics, instead of providing an open-ended sandbox of variable strategies. Ideally, Ghost Recon wouldn’t abruptly end the game for a triggered alarm- instead forcing players into a formidable firefight against an empowered enemy.

Despite this fault, the game’s core campaign has a number of notable potencies. Future Soldier’s ally AI is a step above its peers, with teammates acting autonomously, by healing downed Ghosts and gunning down aggressors. Alternatively, CPU-controlled players know how to restrain their trigger finger, generally acting like well-trained soldiers instead of fresh out of boot camp rookies. When the opportunity to engage multiple hostiles presents itself, players are able to mark multiple targets, triggering a breathtaking display of coordination, as all four Ghosts send a quartet of foes slumping lifelessly to the ground, recalling Conviction’s invigorating Mark and Execute mechanic. Playing the game’s campaign cooperatively with a group of online participants, Future Soldier’s ambiance is radically changed, with the game cultivating a nice sense of camaraderie as players creep along, dispatching antagonists like a coldly efficient killing machine.

Although Tom Clancy titles traditionally shuttle players across the obligatory geo-political hotshots, Future Soldier is especially fluid. Flinging players across the globe into divergent locales like arid Nigerian deserts, Russian forests, and Norwegian tundra, each of the game’s twelve stages offer engaging set-pieces such as a fierce engagement in the middle on an obscuring dust storm. Woefully, the game’s finale delivers a firefight which overstays its welcome, abandoning Ghost Recon’s more strategic and signature concepts for far too long.

Beyond the title’s eleven hour campaign are two additional time sinks: the cooperative wave-based Guerilla Mode as well as a robust multiplayer component. The former is Future Soldier’s version of Modern Warfare 3’s Spec Ops supplement, challenging group of players to withstand an onslaught of increasingly abundant and powerful enemies. While playable by a single participant, success beyond a handful of stages requires a team, as the mode typically requires players to defend an area against a throng of flanking foes. Building on the recent beta, Ghost Recon’s multiplayer nicely carves its own niche, offering a selection of well-scrutinized maps filled brimming with cover. Coupled with the fragility of soldiers, victory on the online battlefield demands precision and patience, endowing the online arenas with a district vibe. The spoils of war are quite pleasing; triumph rewards the players with the ability to modify their arsenal in the game’s compelling enchanting Gunsmith module. With options for a variety of optics, magazines, stocks, muzzles, grips, and side rail devices, playing virtual armorer is undeniably engaging.

The evolution of the Ghost Recon franchise from uncompromising simulation to a widely accessible shooter was enviable. Following the disbandment of Zipper Interactive as well as Codemaster’s Operation Flashpoint team, the audience for hardnosed military verisimilitude seems to have all but disappeared. Pleasingly, Ubisoft’s Red Storm, Paris, and Romania teams have streamlined just enough tactical elements into Ghost Recon: Future Solider to distinguish the game from its action-oriented contemporaries. As with most Tom Clancy titles, the ability to toy with tomorrow’s tech will prove to be an irresistible temptation and one that’s ultimately worth a full-price purchase for those with a fetish for firearms and associated gear.

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  1. Deagle, I have to trust your review on this one! You’re in your element on this one.

  2. Wow, really good review. Much more fair than the 7.0 from Vox and Gamespot.

    • Ugh. Didn’t like Arthur Gies reviews for IGN and he hasn’t changed at Polygon. His review are just a long list of complaints that barely mention what the game does RIGHT. Someone pour some Xanax in the guy’s coffee, please.

  3. Thanks Des, I was mainly interested in the SP game and couldn’t find how long/how many levels there were anywhere.

    SO each stage is about an hour long?

  4. Really good review. I don’t see too many complaint coming from this one.

    Funny thing is I downloaded the beta but never got in on time. I heard once they got the matchmaking fixed, it was really funny.

  5. thanks for the info, DEagle. Have you played Arma II and it’s expansions? I’m thinking you’d like that.

    As for GR:FS, how the difficulty. Too easy, too hard?

  6. The name of the game is TOM CLANCY’S Ghost Recon:Future Soldier.

    • Why not just call it Ubisoft presents Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon: Future Soldier powered by Kinect?

  7. I’m hoping this comes in the mail today. Why so slow, Amazon (non prime). In the meantime, I’m reading the review.

  8. Take this review with a grain of salt. It’s a known fact that DesertEagle faps to Guns n’ Ammo. 😉

  9. Good review, Deagle. A could have used a bit more MP talk, but then we would have heard “it’s too long”

  10. All the HUD stuff looks cool in screenshots, but the circles around guns and writing in the air and all that is distracting. I wish there was a way to turn it all off.

  11. How many maps are in Guerilla mode and multiplayer?

  12. Got it with a free Redbox rental and really liked it. SP and MP are both pretty good. Managed to get through 3 missions.

  13. Great write-up, I enjoyed reading every word.

    I’d love to write for your site and think I’m pretty good at reviewing. What’s the best way to contact the editor?

  14. Love the review. Especially the part about how missions just end, which seems unrealistic. Tried playing Guerrilla on my own and got schooled by wave 10. You didn’t mention in game challenges that give rewards.

  15. Just waiting for Rainbox Six. I always like that series more.

  16. I’ll probably pick this up today. About the review- doesn’t BF3 and MW3 have things like UAV’s and AC-130? That’s kind of strategic…

  17. GR deserves nothing less than a “A”/100.

  18. I rented from Redbox and I immediately loved it, which I didn’t expect. Totally buying this tomorrow! Great review 🙂

    Who wants to play some MP?

  19. Might have to grab it this weekend.

  20. game looks good. will pick it up soon.

  21. What I’ve seen of the multiplayer kind of reminded me of SOCOM, which is very good in my book.

  22. I also downloaded the beta demo and never got around to trying it out. I think I may have to correct that now.

  23. Jared Z (@Darklurkr23)

    I played the demo it looked kind of fun. I hope they up the health in the real game cause you die in like 1 shot and I hate taht in games, but I’d still love to win it!

  24. Was gonna skip gettin this game but your reviews makin me think twice lol

  25. wildbillhickcock

    i am a huge fan of the series and thanks for the review/contest

  26. Ghost Recon FTW!

  27. Was kinda hoping that the main campaign was split-screen co-op-able so I could play it with the misses, but I’ve always enjoyed the Tom Clancy tactical shooters anyway. Thanks for the contest!

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    Thanks for the contest!

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    Thanks for the contest!

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  41. Game looks great.My only complain would be the Uplay pass.I hate,HATE how games are doing this.Some games I like to rent before I Buy and if I ilke the game I usually buy it to support the dev.But now,If i rented this game I would not be able to play Co-op and only able to get to level 5 in multiplayer.The multiplayer doesn’t bother me that much,but blocking me from trying out co-op with a friend makes me mad..


  43. Nice Review. I have to say I miss the more open simulation aspects of the original Ghost Recon. I’d love to see Ubisoft make a Ghost game with large open maps and all the advanced toys and tell the players just to go hunting.

  44. Like the review thank for being honest since i have gotten lots of mixed reviews on GR FS graphics and gameplay

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    It’s about time people see and read the entire review and not only see the score at the end as that is hardly worth anything if a person skips the entire content.

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  54. Great review! I have a friend who’s really into the series and wants to check this one out. I played the beta a while back came in not knowing much about the game and loved it. I played better on this than COD and Battlefield online. Also looking forward to the Kinect features too. Still need to get one though. Glad this game isn’t a disappoint and looking forward to it.

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    Your review could use a few more pictures

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  61. Master ChiefZ08

    My Bro just picked this up for the PS3, which kinda bummed me out, but I still look forward to trying it for the 360, wink wink ^_^

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    check out my music at

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  82. WilliamRLBaker

    Don’t know if I’ll be purchasing it I played the “”beta”” and it was a little iffy in my opinion.
    thanks for the contest by the way.

  83. Nice review.

    Thanks for the contest and best of luck to everyone.

  84. i waaaants me some future soldier! pick meeee son!

  85. I’m probably going to end up getting this game. I’ve always been a Battlefield fan, not so much Call of Duty. This game sounds like it might actually be more to my tastes than either of the other big competitors.

  86. The visual element is very beautiful, I like the idea that it is advanced but still in a realistic theme, I am a big fan WW1/2 games but I was blown away with modern fighting games, looking forward to playing this one.

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  88. Interesting that they would choose not to use an openbox sandbox element for campaign in this game. Automatic fail conditions are good in certain situations, but in a game that was marketed as one that focused on multiple tactics for completing objectives, it seems strange to have those in here.

    Awesome review, though ^_^

  89. Michael Garrett (@garrett0024)

    Great Review! I currently have it rented and can’t experience the online completely. But it’s so fun I keep playing even though I maxed out the rank without an online pass!

  90. Looks like a competent enough action game, the long development probably won’t help its overall sales though. Great review

  91. Based off of playing the Beta, I would say a ‘B’ is about right. It was definitely fun. I do hate the direction that they’re taking the series, though. =\

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