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Skylanders BattleCast review

Signs of ailment are evident across the Toys-to-Life genre. Next month, the ironically named Disney Infinity will cease production, after purported enjoying a substantial sales lead over the LEGO Dimensions and Skylanders franchises. Even Activision’s ...

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X-Tactics review

While there’s a healthy supply of solid turn-based strategy games for dedicated handhelds, Android and iOS users aren’t quite as lucky. A few titles like XCOM and Final Fantasy Tactics have attempted to make the ...

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Firefall Review

While the massively multiplayer online shooter certainly has its merits, the genre is habitually steeped in homogeneity. Plotlines and aesthetics might demonstrate variance, but blasting baddies until the next tier of perks gets unlocked can ...

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Best of E3: Hands-On With Hawken

Just beyond the bombast and booming bass of the E3 show floor, Hawken’s hyper-detailed takeoff mechanized combat was one of the most memorable experiences of the show. As a labor of love for a seven ...

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End of Nations Preview

As Ron Perlman’s elegiac narration for the Fallout series reminds us, “War never changes”. With its dystopian premise proclaimed by its title, End of Nations certainly seems to espouse the adage. Set in a post-apocalyptic ...

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