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We’re Giving Away 10 Copies of Ni no Kuni


To honor Ni no Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch’s VGX nominations for Best RPG and Best Soundtrack, we are collaborating with Spike and Radio Tag to give ten copies of the critically acclaimed PlayStation 3 game to our readers and podcast listeners. To enter the contest, simply leave a comment in this thread- either about the game or about the VGX broadcast. Please don’t forget to leave your email address in the second field, so we can contact the randomly chosen winners who will be notified on December 9th, 2013.

Will “Ni no Kuni:Wrath of the White Witch” win Best RPG and Best Soundtrack at VGX? The LIVE streaming binge begins Saturday December 7th at 6 eastern/3 pacific at Breaking news, awards, and world premieres of the biggest games.

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  1. Was going to pick it up at the $14.99 Black Friday sale at GS, but winning would be even better.

  2. I usually don’t watch the VGAs but the contest sounds cool.

  3. I missed the game last January. Now you guys can fix that.

  4. I want one! Thanks for the contest!

  5. I didn’t know it was nominated. Do it for JRPGs!

  6. Wow, thanks for doing the contest! You guys are awesome!

  7. Way to show love for JRPGs. You guys are officially my new best weeaboo friends.

  8. I already own the game. If I win give it to BlueSwim.

  9. Thanks for the contest! Hopefully, I’ll finally win something.

  10. Thanks for the chance, rented this game and really liked it. Had to return it quickly though =(

  11. I’ve been looking for a good JRPG to play, thanks for the chance!

  12. i wanted to get this game for a while but then forgot about it with all the stuff that’s been coming out recently. would love to win a copy!

  13. Giveaways are always good. And NnK is one of the better games in the PS3 library, from what I hear.

  14. Heard great things about this game but dont have it. Would be awesome if I can win a copy.

  15. I hope NnK wins. Thanks for the contest!

  16. RPG of the year category:

    Final Fantasy XIV Online: A Realm Reborn

    Fire Emblem: Awakening

    Ni no Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch

    Pokemon X/Y

    Sorry, but I’m pulling for Fire Emblem, even if the translation is a bit boring.

  17. Tales of Xillia deserves to be in the group.

    Who decides: gamers, reviewers?

    • The “advisory council” is:
      Andy McNamara
      (Editor in Chief, Game Informer Magazine)

      Ben Silverman
      (Yahoo Games)

      Brian Crecente
      (News Editor,

      Chris Grant

      Chris Kohler
      (Games Editor,

      Dale North
      (Editor in Chief, Destructoid)

      Darren Franich
      (Staff Writer, Entertainment Weekly)

      Francesca Reyes
      (Editor in Chief, Official Xbox Magazine)

      Geoff Keighley
      (Host / Executive Producer, SPIKETV)

      Jeff Gerstmann
      (Editor in Chief, Giant Bomb)

      Jeremy Parish
      (Editorial Director,

      Jerry Holkins
      (Co-Creator, Penny Arcade)

      Justin Calvert
      (Executive Editor, Gamespot)

      Logan Decker
      (Editor in Chief, PC Gamer)

      Lou Kesten

      Ludwig Kietzmann
      (Editor in Chief, Joystiq)

      Mike Krahulik
      (Co-Creator, Penny Arcade)

      Mike Snider
      (Entertainment Reporter, USA Today)

      Russ Frushtick
      (Senior Editor,

      Sophia Tong
      (Editor in Chief, GamesRadar)

      Stephen Totilo

      Tal Blevins
      (VP Games Content, IGN Entertainment)

      Tina Amini
      (Deputy Editor,

      • Watch Polygon change their mind after their pick is chosen, just like their review score.

        Pretty awful line-up. Wheres the independent sites? RPS anyone?

        Penny Arcade doesn’t even review games- WTF? Dale North isn’t EIC anymore.

      • Most of those reviewers I cant stand. Awful selection.

  18. Why is T-G running this (and a VGX ad) Are they making deals with the Dorito pope now?

  19. This game has interested me for a while but I’ve never pulled the trigger. For some reason I fell out of playing rpgs for a while. But I think it may be time to give several gems a try.

  20. Just bought myself a PS3 a week ago and am super excited to get caught up on all of the great exclusives, it would be amazing to win this!

  21. I just heard about this today and I’m all like “Awwwwwww yeah!!!!”.

  22. Id love to win the game.

  23. You guys have a newest cast link?

  24. Sweet Jesus, my body is ready for this contest! BRING IT!!!!!!!

  25. I loved this game, and id love to have another go at it

  26. I’m glad JRPGs are getting some time in the spotlight again. It’s been far too long!

  27. I’ll gladly take a copy off your hands.

  28. This was the best RPG in the last 10 years

  29. This game always seemed interesting to me but I always passed it up when I was ordering older games on amazon.

  30. I’d love to win a copy. Thanks for the contest!!!!

  31. let me win please! I really want this game. thanks for the chance

  32. Always want to try this after hearing so many people rave about it.

    Adding the podcast to my regular list that I listen to.

  33. Great contest!

  34. I think Ni no Kuni should win best RPG. The other games are good but Ni no Kuni is the best nominee.

  35. JRPGs finally made a slight comeback towards the end of the PS3 life-cycle. And this will only raise the awareness!

  36. If this was nominated for best rpg and soundtrack, i would definitely love to try this, since i’m not buying a ps4 any time soon

  37. I love Studio Ghibli and Level 5. Thanks for the contest!

  38. Glad to see great jrpgs come out this year and give hope for the new generation!..I would love to win this game and make all my friends jealous,or as the kids say “jelly” 🙂

  39. I’ve heard the game is awesome, so I hope I win!

  40. I’ve always been thinking about picking this one up…

  41. I think that Ni No Kuni is a shoe-in for best RPG. It’s an aesthetically stunning game and definitely the best crafted RPG that has come out this year, except for maybe one of the Shin Megami Tensei games. I can’t think of any games with a better soundtrack off the top of my head either. Hope I get to play it soon!

  42. I’ll throw my name in, I haven’t played an RPG since the Dreamcast era and I was seriously contemplating buying this after it dropped to 20 on the PSN store.

  43. I would like to win. This seems like cool game.

  44. Frankly, I was never really into RPGs in general. However, I’ve heard plenty of good things about Ni no Kuni, along with a lot of other JRPGs (e.g Persona 4 Golden) and western RPGs (The Witcher). Would be great if this game becomes my first RPG in forever, and perhaps even open the door to a renewed interest in the genre.

  45. Having Studio Ghibli contribute to NI No Kuni makes me hopeful for other game collabs.

  46. I finally bought a PS3, and Ni No Kuni is one of the games I plan on catching up with. It looks great, and from the nominations it received, it looks like its soundtrack is good, too. I love a good video game soundtrack.

  47. I’d like to be in with a chance to win ni no kuni please. Been on my list of games to play for a while!

  48. This is a game I have been meaning to get for a long time. The combination of Studio Gibli and Level 5 would obviously be spectacular.

  49. I’d love to win a copy.

  50. This is one game I rented and loved, but of course life got in the way and I never had enough time to invest in it to see it through to completion. Thanks for the chance of getting a copy gratis!

  51. I love RPG’s and have been wanting to try Ni No Kuni for awhile. Saving for a wedding is tough!

  52. Studio Ghibli + RPG? Ni No Kuni is a win!

  53. It is an Awesome Game!!!

  54. Ni No Kuni is quite possibly my favorite game of this console generation, and one of my favorite games of all time. It’s fantastic on every level.

  55. anime type jrpg?

  56. I always wanted this game.

  57. Aaah, it’s such a pretty game, I played a demo of it once, it was pretty good.

  58. Would love to be able to give this game a try- I’ve had my eye on it for months.

  59. Thanks for the chance to win this game. I have always wanted to play it.

  60. Gorgeous game. Hopefully a sequel is planned. Will be gifting a copy in the off chance I win!

  61. loved this game

  62. love JRPGS if i win i will play the heck out of it if not ill end up buying it when it goes on sale :3

  63. JRPG+Studio Ghibli = MAGIC

  64. Studio Ghibli deserves to win!

  65. I would love to win this game! I’ve watched all movies made by Ghibi and can’t wait to play this

  66. This looks like such a cool game for the xmas break

  67. Ooh… Shiny JRPG I haven’t played. Everyone needs JRPG goodness in their lives, throwing in Ghibli makes it even more awesomeness. :3

  68. Need a good JRPG to play during the cold weather

  69. This is from what I read one of those gaming gems that should be in any RPG fan’s collection. Its a bit embarrassing I don’t already own this. Would love a reason to fire up the PS3.

  70. Been wanting to pick up this game, but winning it would be awesome!

  71. Obligatory Entry Post! Hope I Win!

  72. Looks like a sweet game, count me in!

  73. Well that was fun. Good Guile opening

    I don’t understand the hate on the Xbox One though they changed so everything is cool now!
    And cut back on the Kawaii desu XD

    but true game consoles have NOT had enough commericials. I noticed Greatness awaits for about a week or two on like the same 3 channels. I have seen ONE xbox commercial .
    They should be on like EVERY channel and have 2-5 if people see 1 once they’re not going to want to watch again (casuals or parents)

    • They’re all about the “Kawaii desu ne”!!!!

      Well, except for Jeremy and Sean. But Robert and Eric and the worst. And buy worst I mean the best.

      Yeah, the Xbox hate was mainly from Sage.

  74. Frand of Sayturday

    Oooh, I do hope I get noticed on December 9th!

    (While it still could make sense, I assume you meant notified?)

  75. I watched my friend play this game and I absolutely loved it! I really wish I could play through it myself 🙂 <3 Miyazaki.

  76. The english cast for this game is pretty good. 🙂

  77. Borrowed this from a friend for a few days. LOVED it! This is one of the first RPGS in awhile that feels like living art to me. It’s just such a beautiful game.

  78. Ni no Kuni is one of the best games out there and it will a delight to win it.

  79. This is one that I always wanted to try, but wasn’t sure I’d love. Hopefully now I’ll get the chance. Definitely love the art style and design.

  80. hopefully this is a digital copy………
    but yeah I’d like a chance to win.

  81. Awesome game. Thanks for the chance!

  82. Awesome contest, I’m actually pretty hyped to watch the VGAs, they are always a lot of fun.

  83. I want BlueSwim to be jealous that I won. that game looks gorgeous.

  84. I hope Ni No Kuni wins the best RPG award. I look forward to playing this game.

  85. I love all the anime movies from Studio Ghibli and would love to play Ni No Kuni, as it captures their style so well. I haven’t watched too many gameplay videos, as not to spoil anything of the story, but my colleagues in the office said it’s really nice.

  86. I hope ni-no-kun wins best rpg.

  87. anything Studio Ghibli makes is an automatic win in my book. So hopefully Ni No Kuni wins best RPG! 🙂

  88. i played the demo and really liked it so i am hoping i can win a copy of Ni No Kuni really wanna play the full version

  89. I’d love to win the game. Please consider me for the contest.

  90. I don’t play on watching the VGAs this year, but I did vote for NnK for best RPG.

  91. I hope I win Ni No Kuni! 😀

  92. I’d love to win the contest. Never got around to picking up NnK.

  93. Hoping it wins best RPG. Thanks!

  94. Ni No Kuni is amazing! I’d love to win a copy. Thanks for the chance!

  95. I hope I win this!

  96. I don’t know much about Ni no Kuni, but it looks like a pretty good RPG for young gamers & even older gamers. Many sites are praising it and giving it good reviews, so I hope it wins “Best RPG”

  97. Been looking into Ni No Kuni for a while, would like to play it. Good luck everyone, hope I have better luck though.

  98. Awe yeah!

    Ni no Kuni has been on my radar for a while – just never got around to playing it.

    The art style in this one is tops in my book :).

  99. I think Ni no kuni has a possibility of winning this year as its only real competition is Pokemon X&Y

  100. I’ve heard nothing but great things about this game, hope I get the chance to finally play it!

  101. I’d love to win this.

  102. Never got to play Ni no Kuni, I’ve heard nothing but praise for the game.

  103. Well that really sucked, didn’t it. Someone please stop Geoff and Joel from ruining gaming.

  104. If you want your award show taken seriously lose Smosh and Pewdiepie.

    Still horrible reveals and a 3 hour runtime means its done.

  105. I think it’s a great game 😀