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EVE: Valkyrie review

Why do multiplayer-only games catch flak? They do because of grumps like me. Don’t get me wrong. I can love a unique multiplayer experience (the Splinter Cell series’ Mercs vs. Spies modes were incredible), but ...

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Final Approach VR review

I had some pretty cool toys as a little kid. Now that I’m a big kid, I still have some pretty cool toys, but those toys sitting on a shelf and looking cool doesn’t do ...

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John Wick Chronicles VR review

Games based on movies are generally viewed with much skepticism, and rightfully so. They’re often rushed onto shelves and never reach their potential. Occasionally, this topic has come up in conversation, and I’m always quick ...

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DEXED review

Oh, dear Tech-Gamers, it has been some time, eh? Since I’ve been gone, I’ve acquired a BrideGear, a Pride(-and-Joy)Gear, and a whole lot of happiness. I missed you all, however, so TG is back on ...

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What is Captain Forever?

On the Tech-Gaming Podcast, I’ve occasionally mentioned the Captain Forever series of games, but I’ve struggled to describe it adequately. I even devoted an entire episode of the Rockin’ Android Podcast to an interview with ...

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