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Sora review

Sora Header

Saving a war-torn world from the brink of obliteration is hardly a new impetus for the industry. But when salvation means battling bulky robots and evading deadly missiles, the efforts have traditionally been led by ...

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Primal Carnage: Extinction Review

Primal Carnage Extinction (1)

Thematically speaking, dinosaurs hold great gameplay potential. Regardless of whether players are expected to take the role of these primal killers or hunt them down, it’s clear this approach has remained largely unexplored since the ...

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Firefall Review

Firefall (0)

While the massively multiplayer online shooter certainly has its merits, the genre is habitually steeped in homogeneity. Plotlines and aesthetics might demonstrate variance, but blasting baddies until the next tier of perks gets unlocked can ...

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Sniper Elite 3 Review

Sniper Elite 3 (1)

Not long ago, the shooter was one of the most visceral and engaging genres around, consistently delivering frantic firefights that outmatched the best summer blockbusters. But over time, those once-invigorating action sequences began to lose ...

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Cloudbuilt Review

Cloudbuilt (1)

Every so often, a game come out which offers an experience that feels so fresh and engaging, it seems destined to inspire a slew of successors. 2008’s Mirror’s Edge is a prime example of that ...

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Lost Planet 3 Review: A Cold Day in Hell

Lost Planet 3 (1)

Game franchises typically follow an evolutionary trajectory, with each successive iteration gradually building on the strengths of its predecessor. Capcom’s Lost Planet series has followed a route filled with pervasive renovation. 2006’s Lost Planet: Extreme ...

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Dead Space 3 Review

Dead Space 3 (1)

Although survival is a pervasive theme in interactive entertainment, the first two entries in the Dead Space franchise provided a pair of remarkably engrossing depictions of the struggle for existence. Pitting protagonist Isaac Clark against ...

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