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Well Hatched Idea- Chick Chick Boom Review

Four years after the release of the Wii, developers are still struggling to create functional control schemes. Instead of playing to the Wiimote’s strengths, instances of superfluous waggle or convoluted gestures are all too common. Developer Tons of Bits seems to be acutely aware of the quandary. The studio’s recently released Chick Chick Boom could have easily required elaborate controller motions for its fiery fracases. Cleverly, the Wiiware title eludes convention, obliging players to draw each piece of hardware to use in the game’s turn-based battles.

Each variation of Chick Chick Boom tasks players with protecting a posse of poultry from a procession of life-threatening events. The hatchings don’t attack directly, instead they naively hop around a pen, awaiting misfortune. It’s up to gamers to launch several destructive devices over the fence of their color-coded rivals. Each turn, players may dispatch a beehive-looking bomb, falling anvil, or enormous Venus Chicken Trap by tracing a dot-to-dot outline. The quicker each weapon is drawn, the more powerful it is; particularly rapidly rendered items even give gamers an additional opportunity to augment their artillery.

Once each offensive device is released, the other player has the ability to protect themselves by drawing a countermeasure onscreen. From enclosing explosives to drawing an irresistible  stake for ravenous plants to ascend, each attack can be deflected with a properly-timed sketch mark. Depending on which stage a player choosing, additional elements complicate the proceeds. Ominous clouds conceal lightening, UFO’s can employ a tractor bean to abduct chicks; there’s even a corncob man which relinquished nourishing kernels when shot.

With players can take on Chick Chick Boom‘s CPU opponents in standard , timed or endless matches, the title lends itself to a competition with a adjacent competitor, as the upper level AI is relentlessly precise. Like Super Puzzle Fighter II Turbo, the game’s bouts are triumphantly jagged- with ample ‘last ditch effort’ wins, and a spirited, retaliatory drive. Regardless of which mode is being played, gamers can unlock a decently sized collection of headgear for the chicken’s top wear.

Visually, Chick Chick Boom is blissfully clean, the game’s stark white foreground complemented by deep hued scenery. Between the title’s chirpy music, rotund bouncing baby fowls, and cartoonish arsenal, the download conveys a pleasing sense of whimsy, making it a near-textbook title for Nintendo’s console. Unfortunately, WiiWare’s file size stipulation might have instigated the game’s sole flaw- both the death of  single player campaign and the game’s scope are comparatively small. Once you played for an hour, you’ve seen most of what the title has to offer.

Chick Chick Boom nimbly straddles the gap between heated action game and more cerebral, turn based affair. Fans of artillery-styled diversions like the Worms series should find enough enjoyment to warrant the game’s eight-dollar price. Hopefully, developer Tons of Bits will expand their efforts and bring their shrewd design decisions into full-sized, disk-based titles.

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  1. Th game matches the look of your site. No wonder why you like it.

  2. Sounds cool, but given Nintendo’s strategy with DLC (If you’re console breaks you have to rebuy it) I’ll probably never buy any WiiWare.

  3. Sounds like it might be fun. I heard Nintendo offers demos now. How about for this one?

  4. Seems very Worms-ish to me. That’s a good thing.

  5. I’ve never bought a single WiiWare or VC game? Does that make me odd?

  6. Reality's Fringe

    Do the Krrraaazee crabs do massive damage?

  7. I agree with you- I hate when developer put waggle in for no reason. DKCR, I’m looking at you!

  8. Cute looking game. Maybe they’ll make a Move version for PSN that does the game justice.

  9. Another great review, Deagle. Happy new year!

  10. Mister GoodStuff

    So you can just put hats on them, not change the way they look? Thanks kind of weak.

  11. Except for Mario Bros. 3, I haven’t bought much either. The lack of trials really hurt.

    I’m glad Nintendo is finally coming around and offering demos.

  12. Actually, if you write (or I assume call) Nintendo when you send your Wii in to be repaired, they make sure you get all of your the DLC, in the event that they give you a new system.

    Thats what happened to me. The downside? It took them three weeks to get the new console to me.

  13. No demo guys. Just ones for Frobot and some other stuff. One day, Nintendo will get on the ball. Anyways- good review.

  14. My Wii disk drive broke. I sent it in and then sent me back a new console. No WiiWare after I asked them. I spent obver $75.00 on game which I was told can’t be replaced.

  15. hmm, wasn’t this a flash game at one time? I swear I played it on a PC before.

  16. Never heard of this game. I guess I don’t follow or hear about WiiWare too much.

  17. Where’s the week’s new releases?

  18. I bought this last week. It’s pretty good, although the AI is damn near perfect on the top level.

  19. I buy a lot of WiiWare games. This is definitely one to get. Really fun.

  20. I haven’t bought much. All the VC stuff I can emulate via homebrew..

  21. Yep, I’d like to see something like this for the PS3 or even the DS. Seems like the writing part would work perfectly.

  22. I decided to take the plunge- pretty cool so far. I can draw the shapes pretty quick now.

  23. Seems like it might be fun in a SPFII sortt of way.

  24. Good review. You need to cover more WiiWare games, guys!

  25. These aren’t the type of chicks I like ordering around