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The Tech-Gaming Podcast, World 3-6

This week on the Tech-Gaming podcast, the crew finds gratification is both new (Transformers: War For Cybertron and Sin and Punishment: Star Successor) titles, as well as a few disks that have been rescued from cheerless confines of the backlog. With the release of Naval Assualt: The Killing Tide, we debate the merits of submarine simulations with more accessible military-themed titles. Additionally, we weigh in on Retro Memories selection- Chu Chu Rocket, as well as offer our customary portion of game trivia and reader mail.

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About Robert Allen

With over 35 years of gaming experience, Robert 'DesertEagle' Allen is Tech-Gaming's resident worrier/warrior who spends his days teaching at three colleges and his nights devoted to JRPGs.


  1. Almost two hours? I’ll take it?

    Does Deagle always write the trivia? It’s good but the other guys should step up once in a while.

  2. Two minues in, NOLA and Adam are going to make Desert pull a Wombat.

    Whats up with all the podcast drama? 🙂

  3. Awesome treat for the holiday weekend.

  4. Just in time for my ride home. Thanks guys!

  5. Now if Deagle blows up anything for the fourth, they have a record of it 😉

  6. Ha, he called Adam and Sean “fuckers”!

  7. What’s with NOLA and the yelling this week?

    He sounds like a crazy grandpa.

  8. Desert, post your computer specs.

  9. The theme is cool and all. But it time for a new one? Any seconders?

  10. Edible Entrail

    I’ll listen tonight! The trio rocks. Happy Fourth of July!

  11. Live By the Sword

    Why is TideGear eating the other two?

  12. I hope this is a good episode. First five minutes are strong.

  13. For the fourth, you should set fire to Naval Assault and put that on Youtube. Guaranteed 50 hits 😉

  14. I’ll listen later tonight. Thanks guys!

  15. Have an explosive Fourth, but be safe guys!

  16. Never played CCR until this week. Took me forever to find a copy but it was worth it.good call guys!

  17. In just before the weekend starts!

  18. Chu Chu Rocket is one of my favorite Dreamcast games. Well worth the $10 I paid for it.

  19. Great show.

  20. Please no talk of “killing Tide” 😉

  21. Yeah, I wouldn’t mind something new.

  22. RidetheLightening

    I’ll listen today. downloading now.

  23. +1 hardcore military sims. I’m with you Deagle.

  24. Any Easter eggs this show? Hint hint.

  25. Don’t let them punk you Deagle!

  26. Taking a long time to download.

  27. Have a great fourth guys.

  28. Just listened to last week’s. Thanks so much guys. You are amazing. Billy Barnsworth is honored to be the official T-G cat.

  29. Spoiler alert at 42:25. Someone forgot to bleep it out. Please don’t let this happen again guys.

  30. TideGear made me really want to get MGS:PW

  31. Calling AP a great game is a stretch even for NOLA.

  32. Yep, me too. Sub sim are great, not boring like NegaNOLA says.

  33. a war that may not have happened? WAT? whose saying that?

  34. Playing some CCR right now, with three friends who came over. Great MP game.

  35. Then Deagle lets the cat out of the bag on AP, not cool guys. Some of us haven’t played these game yet.

  36. Primal Ice Cream

    Great art again. I’ll listen today.

  37. Good show, you old chaps.

  38. Theres a CCR outro.

  39. Good healthy show. Got 3 out of 5 of the questions right.

  40. What’s a good price for CCR for GBA?

  41. How much should I pay for a used copy of Chu Chu Rocket? A place near me wants $12.

  42. You need to get a video carp DEagle!

  43. I agree with NOLA, forced morality is games still feels forced. that was the worst part of Infamous, which was others a good game.

  44. I always like the trivia section.

  45. Still want to rent Naval Assualt at least.

  46. Can you post a link to SeanNOLA’s pick?

  47. Depends on whether or not you get it complete. I would say that $5 is pretty common.

  48. The Last Spartan

    “with one magazine reporting an incident of veterans burning copies of the game.”

    Woah, this was the controversy you were taking about.

  49. I’m a bit suprized this wasn’t Desert’s pick. Did you like the series, Deagle?

  50. I just got took for $15, used with a cracked case and yellowed manual. disk shows signs of wear, too.

  51. I’m sure he’s tried to make sweet love to it. 🙂

  52. I’ve played (I think) every one and yep- I love the early titles. LAPD Future Cop was a good return to form- I wish EA would give up a downloadable sequel. A full game is TOO much to ask for, right?

  53. We knew this. Except for the LAPD part.

  54. How about a free Legal download?!?

    No reason not to play this.