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The Tech-Gaming Podcast, World 3-3

This week the Tech-Gaming Crew shirks the shackles of complacency by adding a new feature to the podcast- Retro Memories. Each week, DesertEagle, SeanNOLA, or TideGear will reach into the annals of gaming to choose of one their favorite titles for discussion on the following week. If you’d like to join in the fun, just hunt down Deagle’s preliminary pick- Rescue: The Embassy Mission.

Beyond our new addition, we still offer our usual dose of impressions, trivia, news, mailbag answers and tactless humor. Don’t forget to send your questions for ournext mailbag, and subscribe to the Tech-Gaming Podcast on iTunes.

Show Notes:
Gain Ground
Return Fire

About Robert Allen

With over 35 years of gaming experience, Robert 'DesertEagle' Allen is Tech-Gaming's resident worrier/warrior who spends his days teaching at three colleges and his nights devoted to JRPGs.


  1. Late night edition, huh?

  2. Desert doesn’t watch hockey. Wait didn’t he review NHL?

  3. I like the gentlemen who act like fools.

  4. Hmm, Deagle sounds different.

  5. What the hell was wrong with Desert in the intro….

  6. I think I have a copy of Rescue somewhere in the attic. No if I had a working NES…

  7. Cambodians dont like hockey.

  8. Link to AP developers remarks.

  9. at 12:44 TideGear does a teapot impression.

  10. It’s downloading as a .mov files for me. WTF?

  11. I’ll be listening today.

  12. Jackie Chancellor

    Listening now. NOLA’s already messing with Deagle…

  13. Ronald McDeath

    I’m liking the retro game idea.

  14. NOLA, try saying how ’bout that “Disgaea Infinite” next time. I bet you’ll get a long response 😉

    Maybe too long.

  15. New drinking game rule- Take a good sip whenever Desert talks about guns, ammo, and game that have them in it.

    Adam, what system are you playing the game on?

  16. NOLA, why do you hate Return Fire?

  17. Rescue is pretty crazy, you can see the game wanted to do more. They need a remake.

  18. Pauley Shore mention FTW. Long live the weasel.

  19. Better than last week, you guys are back on track. Adam’s my new favorite- he’s always the nicest guy of the bunch.

  20. Listen to the outro. He pulled a Deagle and got mixed up.

  21. NOLA talks about hockey during the NBA playoffs?

  22. Here’s the 1up Article talking about it, they have a link to the actual comment.

  23. Good show this week.

  24. A real team player right there!

  25. Yea, DEagle sent me a video from Return Fire to set me straight – it looks like the spiritual successor to Desert Strike, which has me pretty excited. Now if I only knew where I could get my hands on a 3DO…

  26. Its on PC (like Tide said) and PS1, also.

  27. Copy a copy of Rescue. hehehe

  28. Good show this week.

    Happy donut day guys.

  29. Yeah, TideGear brings the class. Three cheers for Adam!

  30. I’ll give the show a listen this weekend.

  31. GoddessWithinMe

    I might have to fir a bit of R:TEM into my schedule 🙂

  32. I hope this week you talk about NATAL, and your E3 appointments.

  33. DEagle, why didn’t you just pick Return Fire?

  34. My questions: How long does it take for you to write a review?

    How do you feel when someone attacks you or your review?

  35. Where’s the ending music from?

  36. GI Joe: The Arcade Game

  37. I have never fully lived, having not played this.

  38. No iphone love this week (again)???

  39. Stressless Jedi

    I like the retro game idea!

  40. We’re working on rolling the iPhone stuff into its own show. That way, we have more time to cover news and whatnot on regular show, and can talk about more iPhone games on that show. It’s a win-win for everyone!

  41. What stores still carry NES games?

  42. Thats awesome. Who will host the iphone show, though? Desert doesn’t seem to be into the apps like Tide. I haven’t heard you talk about the iphone at all.

  43. Haha, is that feud still going on?

  44. Adam will definitely host the iPhone Showstravaganza (working title) but that’s about all we know for now.

    I will probably not be making an appearance, on account of the fact that I don’t own an iPhone and pretty much just stick to Solitaire and Zenonia on my Android Phone.

    DEagle might be on, or he might not. I can never tell with that guy. Maybe Adam will put his girlfriend on the spot. Who knows?! The world is his oyster!

  45. Haha, I like to keep SeanNOLA guessing. Bob and weave, that’s my tactic 😉

  46. I hope desert is on. Adam’s great and all, but he needs someone who can egg him on now and again.

  47. Rescue get! Here I come…

  48. Great show guys! Love that TideGear!

  49. KKKKombo Breaker

    A hour and half will do nicely. Thats about the perfect length.

  50. Better than last weeks show.

  51. Fightin Aggies

    Man, getting your men into position is a BITCH in Rescue. Old school skills are needed.

  52. Brokeass Gamer

    Well I’m glad New Vegas sounds like it’s coming along well.

  53. Hi, have a nice day!
    Thank you very much

  54. Yeah, at least one of them gets popped in the later levels.

    Is this one of the first NES titles (I think Golgo 13 was another) to offer minigamess that fit together. Maybe Tron was the first, I dunno….

  55. ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^

    I guess there hoping you’ll get a copy of Rescue: Embassy Mission their way.

  56. Yeah, it’s a pretty cool game. Sounded like he wanted to pick that.

  57. Good show and I like the segment even if a few other podcast do a similar thing.

    One idea- what about a weekly roundup where each person give one thumbs up and one thumbs down to anything game rated (or beyond, like TV show, movies, etc). Just an idea.

  58. That’s a great idea, I second it!

  59. Could be a cool idea if the guys run with it.

  60. Krusty the Clown

    Third it. I want to hear NOLA’s give a thumbs down to Desert’s thumbs up.

  61. the fans have spoken!

  62. No it and I’ll review the podcast!

    Oh, and itunes show. Make it happen!

  63. I’ll run this past the guys today, and we’ll take a vote. I may even vote twice 😉

    What do you think of “Tech of the week” and “Wreck of the Week” monikers?

  64. Thanks, Deagle! Keep the reviews coming!

  65. Sounds like good names to me.