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The Tech-Gaming Podcast, World 3-2

On this week’s podcast, the Tech-Gaming crew discusses the futility of plastic firearm accessories , the German Dog Police , and wainscoting. Since we also enjoy that terribly addictive pastime , the trio offers impressions on a handful of titles, and answers several game-related queries from the mailbag. As always, we have a hearty serving of trivia guaranteed to confound all but the most consummate players.

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About Robert Allen

With over 35 years of gaming experience, Robert 'DesertEagle' Allen is Tech-Gaming's resident worrier/warrior who spends his days teaching at three colleges and his nights devoted to JRPGs.


  1. First!

    Ah hour? You guys need to play this and talk more.

  2. Shot, forgot to brag I was first by putting my name in.


  3. As long s there’s trivia, it’s ok that the show 1:06.

  4. Have you guys ever consider adding another segment to the show? No offense, but except for trvia, your podcast is like every other video games show, jsut with slighly different personalities.

  5. Downloading now, I hope you EARN that explicit tag.

  6. Not up on itunes yet….

  7. Tech-Gaming, I hope you talking about your debate with Robert Bowling on twitter.

    I see both sides of the argument.

  8. pr0n discussion??? Don’t let me down!

  9. Well they do cover indie and have some retro talk, which not too many people place in their ‘main’ show.

  10. London Calling

    I though the outro was Flash Gordon at first.

  11. Milky Way Walker

    MAR TRIVIA please!!!

  12. I’m hoping for some poop jokes.

  13. Fiendly Fragger

    what happened?

  14. So far so good?

  15. is anyone else guilty of scrubbing the podcast for trivia?

  16. A lot of desert giggling so far. He’s stealing Justin’s shtick.

  17. nope, I listen little by little, when I can in order.

  18. moving is a bitch.

  19. LOL at Adam looking into Desert’s eyes.

  20. Freudian slip at 7:40 😉

  21. New podcast for the 3 day weekend? Yes! (In a Marv Albert voice)

  22. I’ll download now and listen later.

  23. so far not so good. Mentioned you are all ‘laggy’ doesn’t help the energy level. You never heard guys on the radio complain about being tired.

  24. Screech Powers

    so what’s the story with the 40K podcast? Anyone have a link?

  25. What a piece of crap that rifle is. I’d rather buy an airsoft and a new dualshock.

  26. Adam, are you really going to lowcrawl to the MS booth?!? Make it happen. You guys will be bigger than Mega64 if you get that on video.

    The drama starts at episode 77, then after episode 78, they received the letter(s) in question and shut it down. You can kinda watch it unfold on the homepage. It’s really quite sad.

  28. Thanks, for the link.

  29. Not one of the best episodes, but still good enough.

  30. I’ll listen over the weekend. Have a good 3 dayer guys!

  31. If he doesn’t, I will!

  32. Desert seems drunk in the second half of the show.

  33. That’s awesome!

  34. Thanks guys, I’ll listen later.

  35. Just curious, do you guys actually edit anything out?

  36. When do you guys record the podcast?

  37. The main part is recorded on Monday nights. The iPhone segment is usually recorded whenever Adam has time.

  38. Not really. Occasionally I’ll cut something that sounds funny, or if there is a lot of irritating laughter, but we never drop content.

  39. Bu irritating laughter you mean Deagle?

  40. Not one of the better episodes, I cant really tell you why. Still liked the trivia, and NOLA as always.

  41. Man that article is so full of shit its not funny.

  42. Listening right now.

  43. Can I recommend trying to get it sooner, if that’s possible? That way your discussion can be extra timely.

  44. Deagle's Explosive Eye

    LOL, I missed that.

  45. Yep, everyone seemed tired for this one.

  46. Something was missing this week, for sure. Get some rest guys.

  47. Thats some f-ed up shit!