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The Tech-Gaming Podcast, World 2-3

To offset the chill of March’s glacial temperatures, we heat things up this week with a discussion of removed Yakuza 3 mechanics, Twitter spoilerbots, and a consensual disdain for “The Tester”. Additionally, we interview Aubrey Norris from SouthPeak Games, offer some iPhone chatter, and have some tantalizing trivia for may perplex the most erudite gaming geek. Don’t forget to send your questions for our next mailbag, and subscribe to the Tech-Gaming Podcast on iTunes.

About Robert Allen

With over 35 years of gaming experience, Robert 'DesertEagle' Allen is Tech-Gaming's resident worrier/warrior who spends his days teaching at three colleges and his nights devoted to JRPGs.


  1. Yeah, I see the explicit tag!

  2. Ok, one suggestion. The intro seems too laid back. Save this stuff for the end of the show.

  3. Who the hell says “Disparaging” ?

    Just kidding Deagle! I love you!

  4. Pocket Pocket Racer was closer to a Kart Racer that Bumpin’ was Deagle.

  5. WHERE’S KARVOV said TideGear.

  6. It has begun!

  7. Yep, I played Sneak King on my Xbox, and then when I got a 360 I was able to play with the same disk.

    It’s funny because it wasn’t just backwards compatable.

  8. NOLA called them “boobies” LOL.

  9. Will download later, but It’s not up on iTunes yet.

  10. Desert sounds like a seal when he laughs around the 12:50 mark. Give him a fish, guys.

    Good so far, I have to agree- move the ad lib causal stuff to the end, of just use a single line or two.

  11. Needs moar “ooki kookie kabookie” mentions.

    Great job guys.

  12. LOL at Adam’s “I never got stuck comment”. It would have been hilarious if you actually did edit that in.

  13. Oh, podcast where are you on iTunes?

  14. NOLA keeps trying to catch DesertEagle. So far he’s 0-2 by my count!

  15. Needs ‘moar’ LA NOIRE’ talk since you guys live in freaking LA.

  16. I like the way Tide says “Rocking Android” every chance he gets. That is awesome. Desert should charge him $5 every time.

  17. I loved SeanNOLA’s description of “The Tester”

  18. Mad scratching going on at 28:21. Whose getting their mixing on or giving their nuts a little love?

  19. Sorry, Deagle Guild is awesome. Problem was you jumped in late.

  20. Listen more, he gives DE the guilt trip.

  21. Adam, how about getting Battle Moon Wars in english?!?!

    Rock on Android!

  22. Should have asked some questions about Section 8 for PS3.

  23. Aubrey seems very cool. I’m glad to hear PR people are like that. It’s probably best for the industry.

  24. Yeah, my question got asked. Am I famous yet?

  25. A videogame themed wedding? Gawd, Desert that sounds awful.

  26. Good show guys, I’d love to have more guests!

  27. Wheres all the music from, guys?

  28. Up on itunes for me.

  29. Great work, buys. Keep it up.

  30. Cool guest. She seems cool, even if Southpeak’s games aren’t the best.

  31. I have to agree it’s lame. I can’t stand it. Thanks for taking a stand on it.

  32. I need to watch the Tester to see how bad it really is. I’ve heard no good things about it.

  33. I’m starting to listen right now.

  34. Whiskey for breakfast

    The interview with the SP girl just kinda starts, I was surprised by that. First girl on the show?

  35. Darth Vader cameo at the end of the show.

  36. Good show so far, but not as good as the one where Tide sang.

  37. Really the best part is the game trivia. Keep it shorter guys.

  38. You should have asked Southpeak when they plan on making a good game.

  39. Good but the start and the end seemed boring.

  40. Good show. You should allow your readers to be guests for a day.

  41. Will listen tomorrow.

  42. Mystic Defender

    The show is still 2-2 in itunes.

  43. Try to keep it shorter, please. I don’t have time for 5 2 hour podcasts in a week.

  44. Hobbes the Tiger

    How come NOLA wasn’t part of the interview?

  45. NinjaTown and Section 8 say, “hi!”

    Seriously, altough they dont put out AAA title, a lot of their game are pretty good. Risen is a lot of fun for Western RPG fans.

  46. Yep, you guys should put a list of the music, if you’re going to rip it off at least 😛

  47. Yur Huckleberry

    Lumines is a great puzzle game. I can’t believe you guys dissed it.

  48. How many people really care about Yakuza 3? I doubt more than 75,000 will buy the game, but it seems like people are mahing a huge deal about it.

  49. If the Yakuza 3 parts that were left out because they were broken that’s one thing. If they were left out to make the game come out alongside FFXIII that’s another.

  50. I’m surprised you guys didn’t say/think that releasing Y3 alongside FFXIII was suicide.

  51. Am I the only one slightly disappointed with the Yakuza 3 demo. I expected more from the PS3.

  52. Yakuza 4 demo is up on the Japanese PSN store. Maybe you’ll enjoy that more.

    I do agree with Deagle, give Americans something else instead of the hostess club, like extended tattoo customization.

  53. If we have more than 3 people on the show, the call quality drops significantly. Adam was in charge of recording this week, and the interviews are DEagle’s babies, so I opted to sit out and eat some delicious KyoChon Chicken while they talked to Aubrey.

  54. Well, it looked great a year ago, but since then Uncharted 2, God of War III and Heavy Rain have come out and raised the bar. Y4 is a much more “contemporary” example.

  55. We recorded the interview before the show, and wanted to insert the show in the middle, but forgot to say “alright, let’s cut to the interview” so I just had to find a point where we paused the conversation. Next time, we’ll make a less awkward transition. We’re still learning…

  56. The interview music was the Intermission music from Metal Gear Ac!d. The intro/outro is the same theme we always use. TideGear found that one, so I don’t know anything about it.

  57. Is that a Korean dish?

    I don’t want to think of DEagle’s babies!

  58. Sounds a little ‘pornish’. Kojima must have personally selected that song.

  59. As a gamer, I refuse to waste my time on either the Guild or The Tester.

  60. Did you play Y4? Is it worth created a japanese PSN account for?

  61. I suppose it’s worth it if you’re a Yakuza fan. It has the same problem that the Japanese Y3 demo had (vis-a-vis: 5-minutes into the demo, you don’t know what you’re supposed to be doing). I can think of several better reasons to get a Japanese PSN account (like Einhander, MegaMan 2 and Rokugaki Showtime).

  62. KyoChon is a new Korean Chicken franchise in Southern California. They have Soy Garlic chicken wings, which are pretty much the most perfect food item ever created. If you are ever in Glendale, I strongly urge you to swing by the mall and check it out. (this post is not affiliated by KyoChon USA 😉

  63. I know I wont be getting the neutered ‘culturally edited’ version of the Yakuza 3.

  64. No mention/discussion of FFXIII makes me sad.

  65. Ha, I didn’t even notice. I’m glad to listen to the comments though!

  66. Desert, when the Battlefield 2 review going up?

  67. Well played SeanNOLA!

  68. Tonight or tomorrow morn.

  69. The current rate is $10, as these podcasting mics don’t buy themselves.

  70. LOL. I had fish tacos for lunch, which would be quite hard to hold if I had flipper-hands.

  71. Can’t wait. I’m thinking about buying it.

  72. I’m in for the Monster Hunter demo. Thanks for the info, NOLA.

  73. This the same Aubrey they mentioned on the CAGcast this week?