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Wrath: Aeon of Ruin (Early Access) Impressions

Popularized in the early nineties, first-person shooters have enjoyed an immense technological evolution. Visual developments, spearheaded by titles like 2007’s Crysis have led to environments routinely rendered in rich detail. Well-tuned netcode has made it ...

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Killsquad impressions

Despite lacking a few fundamental elements, the Early Access release of Killsquad shows promise. Crafted by Barcelona-based Novarama, the studio who partnered with Sony for the Invizimals franchise, the title shares little with their kid-friendly, ...

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Early Access Impressions with Descenders

During the 1990s, the extreme sports genre was pervasive, with a multitude of games offering virtual skateboarding, snowboarding, surfing, rollerblading and BMX biking. But after the start of the new millennium, the thrills began to ...

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Scaling Valhalla Hills

Games have taught us three things about the Vikings: they were ferocious fighters, passionate mead drinkers, and were only mildly industrious. The Early Access release of Funatics Software’s Valhalla Hills confirms these purported characteristics, extended ...

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