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Storming and Platforming- Klonoa Reviewed

Klonoa for the Nintendo Wii. Developer: Namco, Publisher: Namco-Bandai

It’s quite rare that a week passes in which Tech-Gaming doesn’t get an accusatory missive. These letters charge us of being overly nostalgic and often state that we artificially inflate the scores of remakes or retro-influenced titles. Recent Nintendo Wii release, Klonoa, looks to perpetuate that steady stream of electronic correspondence. The game manages to capture the zeitgeist of the late 90’s platformer, albeit with a graphical makeover that doesn’t obstruct the titles charming simplicity. Bottom line- it is a remake that has aged exceptionally well, and remains thoroughly enjoyable, and looks downright picturesque.

1997’s Klonoa: Door to Phantomile for the Playstation One represented a remarkable transition in the platforming genre. For years, gamers were captivated by Bonk, Mario, and Sonic’s 2D hop and bop escapades. With the release of Sony’s first console, a critical shift was made from flat bit-maps, to a three dimensional, polygonal aesthetic. Door to Phantomile was a stopgap compromise, offering players instinctual platforming that weaved in and out of a voluminous playfield.

2009’s Klonoa– stripped of its superfluous subtitle, should be used as a model for future remakes. The game remains perfectly loyal to its original two button control configuration, if played with the Classic Controller, Gamecube pad, or horizontally situated Wiimote. Offering a Wiimote and Nunchuck scheme introduces physicality to the game, for players seeking additional diversion. Unlike most platformers, which offers success based on level memorization and player reflexes, Klonoa offers a slight cerebral challenge. Players navigate through each stage by jumping, and once an enemy is procured, double-jumping is possible. Amassing each jewel and collectable in a level requires players to strategize, and gives the title its unique feel.

The title’s only shortcomings stem from its decade-old roots. Although the player has a liberal health bar composed of hearts, falls into an abyss spell instant death for the helpless protagonist. Fortunately, the game never becomes excessively difficult, and incorporates a reasonable learning curve. Although the game is being released at a very reasonable price- $30, some may find the adventure ending a bit prematurely. I finished the games fifteen levels in a little more than five hours; unlocking a mirror mode in the process.

Klonoa’s largest improvement over its Playstation predecessor comes in its graphical delivery. Employing a rich color palette, a bevy of effects, and some intricate texture work, the title is quite impressive. Bloom-lit horizons, inverted waterfalls, and a flourishing tree village are just a few examples of the game’s accomplished visual backdrops.  While Namco didn’t have to include cinematics, their insertion indicates the developers longed for Klonoa to be more than a mere port. The title masterfully substitutes modeled polygons for the original’s sprite-based characters, which along with the solid framerate, makes the title seem incredibly fluid. 

There’s a reason why some players are nostalgic about ‘retro’ games. They typical offer uncomplicated play control and straightforward objectives. Klonoa marvelously presents those attributes, along with a level of graphic polish that in uncommon for a Wii title. If you’re a fan of the original or merely a platforming enthusiast, I highly recommend Klonoa. It’s a timeless classic that will likely be relevant in another decade.

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