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Rubi Red- WET Review

WET for the Xbox 360 and Playstation 3. Developer: A2M, Publisher: Bethesda Softworks ESRB: M

Something sinister is going on at the Artificial Mind and Movement production labs. It seems the ominously named developers have found a way to clandestinely scan my mind. Their latest diversion draws from a laundry list of my favorite games, movies, and music genres. During thirty years of gaming, I’ve never played a title that seemed so accurately tailored to my tastes as WET. I have a sneaking suspicion that other Generation X’ers, may feel likewise.

In less capable hands, the game’s potpourri of influences that encompass Desperado, Kill Bill, Total Overdose, Tomb Raider, along with a driving rockabilly soundtrack might have seemed like a calculated marketing ploy designed to appeal to the Tarentino set. Yet, WET’s skillful hybridization evokes a sense of fanboy authenticity, evident even in the game’s modest quirks. You’d be hard-pressed to find a game that’s as genuinely hip at this one.

WET’s narrative is steeped in the archetypical grindhouse fundamentals. Assassin for hire, Rubi Malone travels the globe, seeking revenge on a former employer. While the retribution plotline isn’t original, it offers enough momentum to keep the architecture changing and the bullets flowing. As Malone jumps, slides, or scoots alongside walls she invokes a slow-motion mechanic that allows her to fill any nearby enemies with a lethal dose of lead. This time-slowing technique isn’t just a hip gimmick- it allows Rubi to blast multiple adversaries at once. As players progress through the game they receive Style points for each elegant extermination. An end of level storefront allows the gamer to upgrade Rubi’s abilities or augment her loadout.

As Strangehold demonstrated, merely offering players an incessant shooting gallery can lead to monotony. The developers of WET strive to offset fatigue by adding several gameplay variations, which range from pedestrian quick-time events to environment navigation. For the latter, Rubi borrows heavily from Ms. Croft deeds, as she navigates ledges, scales walls, and offers a cocked head to indicate a potential precipitance that can hold her weight. Absent are Tomb Raider’s architectural puzzles, as WET keeps the exploration swift by allowing Rubi to ‘see’ where the next traversable zone is.

Sporadically, WET’s exuberance will be temporarily terminated by some awkward design decisions. As Rubi climbs a wall outside an enemy compound, flaming barrels are abruptly released, catching players off-guard. In another instance, a bridge unexpectedly explodes, requiring the player to instantly acclimate to a Crash Bandicoot-like perspective where Rubi had to run toward the foreground. These game-ending occurrences happen at intervals sporadic enough to disorient gamers, and result in a brief pause while the last checkpoint is reloaded. Hopefully, a sequel would add one additional bit of homage to WET’s catalog- the Prince of Persia’s indispensable time-reversal mechanic.

Between the title’s sepia-tinged color palette, addition of film grain, and end of level celluloid combustion, WET’s looks like it’s emanating from a decrepit drive-in movie projector. The game’s other central visual effect commences after a cinematic shows Rubi shooting an enemy at close range. With her face covered in blood, the title employs a stylistic filter that coats the screen in a crimson tinge, transforming enemies into cartoonish forms. Although WET’s framerate is generally steady, some instances of lag occur when Rubi is surrounded by foes. The game’s soundtrack complements the on-screen action exceptionally; arena battles are accompanied by lively psychobilly ditties.

There are moments when WET will inevitably frustrate gamers; off-centered jumps and unexpected obstacles mean an instantaneous death for the game’s protagonist. However, the title’s rapturous slow-motion ballistic ballets, skillfully choreographed cutscenes, and R-rated charms are powerful enough to overcome those shortcomings. Like some of the exploitation films that served as WET’s inspiration, the title’s deliciously low-brow panache has the power to captivate open-minded gamers. 

                                                                     WET was reviewed on retail Playstation 3 code.

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  1. first!

    My friend tried the demo, he said it kinda sucked.

  2. When retail 360 games sell for less than $60 bucks out the door, I’m always skeptical

  3. Why is it called WET, cheesy sexual reference?

  4. good review DE,I expected this game to get in between an A-B rating.Can’t wait to play it tomma and try it out for myself.

  5. How sweet is Eliza Dushku’s voice? Does she do a good job?

  6. No thanks. I played the demo and the control were crap. I couldn’t shoot shit.

  7. You know, I really wanted to give the game a B+, but the little sloppy parts in the game prohibited me.

  8. You know, I tried the demo and was pretty unimpressed. Even though the full game isn’t radically different, it’s a much more cohesive experience.

    I really suggest renting the game if you like 3rd person shooters. I had a hard time putting the game down at times.

  9. Hmm, seems like a perfect weekend rental.

  10. About the controls, and first I thought they were bad. I didn’t get the whole ‘lock on to a second enemy’ thing. After plying the demo 3 times, It became very natural.

  11. I bought it today, for no other reason than I love Bethesda’s stuff. I was afraid to open it, but it seems like I will tonight.

  12. I think the title sequence explains. Play the demo.

  13. I’m gonna get wet this weekend. and I don’t mean in the shower. I really liked the demo.

  14. The game doesn’t have an original bone in it’s body, just like Tarantino.

    Sorry, but a $60 rip-off of Tomb Raider and shooting games sounds weak to me.

  15. DE gives any game with guns in it a better grade. Its a fact. Look it up.

  16. These games are fun, but not $60 worth. I wait until they are $20 and have a cheap blast.

  17. Mother Nature is a MILF

    im one of those wierdos who loved the demo and will probably buy the game at full price. Different stroke, I guess.

  18. Good review. First time I have seen “Psychobilly” used in a game review. LOL!

  19. Wasn’t there an old N64 game called Wet?

  20. When I see that red screen, all I can think about is KILLER 7 😉

  21. All style and no substance, she is.

  22. Great review. I’ll get this when a deal occurs.

  23. Thanks for the review. I was a bit uncertain about this one.

  24. Agreed.

  25. They just published it, you know. They didn’t develop it.

  26. I got this today fun s hell. But what’s up with those little monkey guys? Why am I collecting them?

  27. Wow, this game totally looks and sounds like Kill Bill.

  28. Any differences in the two consoles graphics?

  29. Nice review. I haven’t even downloaded the demo, but it sounds pretty damn fun.

  30. No multiplayer at all?!?!

  31. Nope, it’s SP only. Sorry, dude.

  32. Ok, I just played the demo again, and read the aiming information. The crosshair is on the guy you are shooting automatically.

  33. I’m glad I’m not the only one who remembers Total Overdose.

  34. If I liked Stranglehold then I should almost love this it seems. Well see.

  35. Nice looking graphics. I really like the top pic.

  36. I also got the feeling the took all my favorites and put them in a blender. Great review.

  37. Liked the demo fine enough, but not enough to spend $60 on this.

  38. I thought the demo was trying WWWWAAAAYYYY to hard. Maybe they just should have got Uma Thurman to voice the main character. Maybe they might have got sued.

  39. What changes are there in the full game?

  40. I’ve heard they are pretty much the same. Neither is going to floor you with it’s amazing graphics.

  41. Even tho this is getting alot of hate, I liked the demo. I thought the car sequence was bad-ass.

  42. I love the game’s music. Is there a soundtrack available?

  43. Totally C- material.

  44. Did Shipwreck, NOLA or Tide play this one? What do they think?

  45. Despite all the hate comments this game got. I really enjoyed it! I have beaten it and now just play the challange mode, wich is just hella fun when you are in the mood to shoot up a place or for venting out real life anger. I never played the demo so I don’t know what it was like, but the game, itself, was worth the $60 to me. Despite the frusrating deaths.

    Great review, I pretty much felt the same way about it too.