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Renegade Ops Review

What’s the concept? Taking a cue from the 1991’s coin-op classic Total Carnage, Renegade Ops is a twin-stick shooter which shirks the concept of sniping abstract shapes, allowing players to execute a full-auto assault on battlefields filled with enemy tanks, turrets, LAVs, copters, and personnel. Unlike most entries in the genre, the player’s vehicle isn’t just an inertia-free reticle. Instead, Renegade delivers a robust physics engine, allowing players to perform precarious drifts over canyon corners or send their vehicle end-over-end through an enemy building- collapsing the structure and disarming any hostiles inside. The title also rises above its contemporaries through pure spectacle- typically, conflicts result in some of the most satisfying and sumptuous fireworks seen this generation.

Augmenting the game’s intense action are two light-role playing components. Not only can players choose from four protagonists who each have their own varied vehicle and special ability, but the game also gives each character their own tech-tree. Experience for each hero in tallied separately, encouraging multiple play-throughs. For some Renegade Ops’ combat is gratifying enough to make revisiting the game’s nine levels not seem like a chore. Other may want to return to the game’s twenty-minute missions with a split-screen partner, or via the game’s four-play online mode.

What are the game’s strengths? Visually, Renegade Ops’ 2GB size means that the overhead shooter rivals the fidelity and variety of many disk-based titles. Using a vehicle’s flamethrower (one of the game’s secondary weapons, along with an armor-piercing railgun and formidable rocket launcher), produces a pleasing incendiary effect, as damage points peel off fiery foes. From dusty trails left by rushing vehicles, sparks which emanate from scrapes from environmental scrapes to depth of field effects which enhance a disparity in elevation, Renegade delivers a bevy of attractive visual effects. While the title’s single-player framerate is consistently rock-solid, regretfully there’s a bit of stutter in cooperative games.

Smartly, Renegade Ops’ complements its compulsory missions with an agreeable amount of optional side missions. With pointers for main and secondary assignments as well as a toggleable map, developers Avalanche Studios don’t permit players to get lost, wisely dispensing firefights at a regular frequency. Together, the pace and potency of battles produce a wonderfully intense experience capable to evoking a vice-like grip around the controller. If I blinked during the game’s final stages, I didn’t notice.

What could have been improved? Taking over an enemy stronghold tasks players with a button-mashing quick-time event, which when measured against the superiority of Renegade’s scoot-and-shoot action, is uninspired. The game could have used more sequences like the bit where players transport a fragile warhead on their back of their vehicle- smashing through checkpoints and running over enemy soldiers with wild abandon. While some might not enjoy the comic-paneled storyline and campy dialog, at least a few of the game’s voice-overs are bound to elicit a giggle.

Is it worth the money? Capable of cultivating a refreshingly cathartic experience, Renegade Ops’ on-screen action is a throwback to when titles like Robotron:2084 and Smash T.V. would bewitch gamers. By keeping the ammo unlimited and the adversaries persistent, Renegade’s capability to absorb players justly warrants its fifteen-dollar price, providing revitalizing relief for any gamer with an itchy trigger finger.

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  1. Thanks, I downloaded the demo and really liked it. I just wanted to know how many levels the full game has.

  2. I saw on the menu there’s hooks for DLC, do you know what kind of stuff they’re going to add to the game?

  3. That second screen is sure porn. Downloading now.

  4. Can you blow up everything?

    Good review. I like the format. Quick and easy to read.

  5. Reminds me of Jackel for the NES. Anyone remember that game?

  6. Is this the one that Deagle mentioned was so good on the podcast?

    Looks cool like a game I would like.

  7. I’d be a bit skeptical of the A- but I saw Giant Bomb gave it a perfect score.

  8. The demo is on my hard drive. I just need time to actually play the game.

    I’ve heard most reviewers aren’t liking the story. But who plays a shooter for the story anyway?

  9. Nice review, deagle. May have to scout out a point card now.

  10. There’s helicopters too? Is it anything like Desert Strike, then? Thats was one of my favorite Genesis games.

  11. So it’s about 4 hours long? I might have to wait for a PSN sale.

  12. I though the demo wasn’t anything special. Just another shooter with nice explosions. Not worth $15 for sure.

  13. Too bad the online is so laggy. I hope they’ll fix it. After playing the SP, you won’t want to play an online game.

  14. no gamer should skip these great games on psn, like renegade ops.
    one review and a gameplay video were enought to make me buy it.

    i’m on level 4 right now, and i’m really enjoying it.great buy.

    before renegade ops, i got Dead nation, which i finished, great game too.

    and dont forget lara croft and the guardian of light, great game.

    these games provide you 6-7-8-10 hours of gameplay, and the price: for a 1/4 or 1/5 of a boxed game. and if you have several systems, you can download them on second / third system.

    when i finish renegade ops, i think i will continue Microbot, also bought on psn. played 1 hour, so far, really cool game. and then, i will get limbo. this game got excellent reviews, i think it’s a must have game.

    ok guys, let’s get back to renegade. 5 different guys, each with different weapons. experience points let you level health, weapons, tactic. one boss or level is too hard ? let’s try another guy and weapons. i think, when i finish it, i will play with another guy, maybe the first girl.

    so, come one guys, just buy this little gem, or, at least, download the demo and give it a try.

    • I agree RO is great, but I really don’t think I could play Microbot after this. I just didn’t care for that game that much.

  15. Good review, as for myself I’d give the game an A+ Kickass graphics and play.

  16. I need to try this one out.

  17. I really liked Just Cause 2 so ill be checking it out.

  18. One of the better games I’ve played lately. Great action.

  19. One of the better games I’ve played lately. Great action.

  20. This is also on Steam? Any advantage to the PC version?

  21. Is there a PSN+ discount on this right now?

  22. Are you always a vehicle or go you ever get on and explore on foot?