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Red Faction Beta Now Recruiting

Shooter fans suffering from game-fatigue, might want to
examine the Red Faction: Guerilla multiplayer beta that is available for 360
owners with an IGN or FilePlanet account and a gold subscription. If you are at
least eighteen years of age, and have some experience with first and
third-person shooters, you should qualify.

If you took the third-person camera and open environments from
Lost Planet, added the experience ranking system of Call of Duty 4, threw in a
dash of Team Fortress occupations, the recipe for Red Faction:Guerilla
multiplayer could surely be found. The multiplayer beta featured quick,
painless matchmaking through two modes- a team deathmatch, (here called ‘Team Anarchy’)
and ‘Damage Control’. The latter playtype was the more interesting of the two;
inviting opposing teams to destroy enemy structures with a sledgehammer, and then
rebuild friendly buildings with a device that looked like a flame thrower. The radial
map is a near perfect size and design; players are always close to an objective
and there’s plenty of areas to seek cover.

One interesting wrinkle in gameplay are the small backpack
stations littered across the battlefield. By pressing the ‘Y’ button, players
can access one of five performance-enhancing abilities, ranging from super
speed, enhanced firepower, and a jet pack. Players can activate these powers
with the left bumper, while the right bumper in conjunction with the face
button used to choose between weapons, the sledgehammer, and the building

While we enjoyed a number of heated, engaging battles while
playing the Red Faction beta, we hope the multiplayer is not the main focus of next
year’s title. As it stands, the title feels too derivative of other 360
mutiplayer titles, with almost no new innovative, defining feature. Hopefully,
a strong single-player campaign in addition to a competent multiplayer element will
convince players that joining this Red Faction is a worthwhile cause. 

Tidegear Says:

To start off, I won’t claim to be an expert on shooters or a professional at online play… far from it. I tend to prefer a solid single player or coop experience over a chaotic multiplayer free-for-all. I am, however, fairly familiar with the genre, what’s new and what isn’t and some of what makes multiplayer shooters great. The Red Faction: Guerilla beta had a few surprises that I didn’t expect yet was intuitive enough that it wasn’t long before I was figuring out how to utilize the various backpacks and weapons. This yielded a few fun moments and kills.

Unfortunately, I don’t find myself wanting very much to continuing playing. Although, the few matches I played all took place in only one of the beta’s maps, it felt far too flat and unremarkable. This was only increased by the tendency of structures to become leveled by damage inflicted upon them. I also had trouble keeping track of where was partly because of the maps blatant sameness.

The 3rd person view is limiting and it’s a bit I odd to have to look around just so I can see past myself. I see little point in a 3rd person view when there is no sticking-to-cover system like Rainbow Six: Vegas or Gears of War.

The matches I played all ended up being “Team Anarchy” which is essentially team deathmatch. I was wishing the beta would switch things up a lot more. The mildly innovative backpack powerup system and the destructible environments just aren’t enough to pull me in. Aside from those two factors, this game feels a lot like any other online shooter. Even the weapons I toyed with yielded fairly boring results but they seemed to at least work well. Here’s hoping for a much better single player experience and much improved multiplayer for the game’s retail release.

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  1. Thanks, Tech-gaming. Signed up and got access!

  2. Great guys. I am d/l now!!!

  3. Might try this out.

  4. Jet Packs? Hell yeah! That alone is worth my attention, and maybe my $60 bucks. When is the game coming out?

  5. Hotsex! You guys are GREAT. I never get into betas

  6. Weapons seem nerfed. I shotgunned an enemy from a few feet away and we walked away.

    Single player better kick all kinds of ass.

  7. Not interested.

    Thanks, though.

  8. Beta get! Thanx dudez!

  9. There’s blood? I’ll give it a whirl!

  10. Nice- I like free.

  11. Excellent. I’ll try it.

  12. Tried it and found it ok, boring after a while. I agree this games need to bring it with a great 1 player game.

  13. Recruited!

  14. Thanks. Site bookmarked.

  15. Sounds interesting.

  16. Thanks. I am playing NOW.

  17. Great coverage guys.

  18. After playing it myself, tide was a bit harsh. I think DE nailed it.

  19. I’ll be honest, I have no comment about this article, I just want the free SCIV.

  20. I have a one word review- shite.

  21. Tahnks TG, but this didn’t impress me at all.

  22. Can you destroy the surroundings like the old Red Faction games?

  23. I actually like it.

  24. I’m not really interested in the RF beta…but these screens make me interested.

    It looks cool, at least…now let’s wait for the verdict on the gameplay.

  25. For some reason the site says I don’t live in the US/Canada.. but I live in the US. Wont let me sign up. Oh well, wasn’t all that interested in it in the first place.

  26. Not half bad; you guys were too harsh!

  27. Tide, why didn’t you play Damage control? it’s the game type DE played.

    I think its much better than team DM.

  28. Bored after 20 minutes. Just another shooter, this time in third person.

  29. Downloading the beta is taking too long!

  30. I would really encourage everyone to try the game out. According to the developers, the 3rd player style was used to help prevent players from being crushed under the buildings they destroy. It allows a better perspective, and allows people to get out when they see the tower falling apart.

  31. TideGear (Adam Milecki)

    You sure can, but it seemed to be only structures and not terrain. I could be mistaken.

    This isn’t Collette of Destructoid is it?

  32. TideGear (Adam Milecki)

    Perhaps I was to harsh? I actually tend to be quite fair and optimistic when it comes to games and life in general and as I implied I’m not typically a huge multiplayer shooter fan. I fully concede I haven’t given the game a full examination but then again this is my impressions and not a full review.

  33. TideGear (Adam Milecki)

    You may be right. See my reply above.

  34. TideGear (Adam Milecki)

    I don’t mind the 3rd person view when you can switch to 1st (I dig Metal Gear Online!) but I don’t believe RF:G currently allows you to. The keyword is “currently”. It is a beta after all.

  35. TideGear (Adam Milecki)

    The game kept putting me in Team Anarchy matches. Did I miss a way to choose?

  36. I’m still too busy blastin’ fools on GTA to sign up for another shooter.

  37. I don’t mind the 3rd person view either.