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Random Number Generator Weekly Roundup

Two Dead Rising Games? It seems Capcom has filed a complaint with the MKR Group, owner of the Dawn of the Dead film copyright. The publisher is claiming that “humans battling zombies in a shopping mall” is a wholly unprotectable idea. Why else would Capcom take this preemptive step against the MRK unless they were planning on bringing out a second entry. No word on ID Software seeking litigation against James Cameron for using ‘space marines battling sinister Aliens in an outer space setting.’

Three new demos from Sony this week. The Playstation Store now has Patapon and MLB 08: The Show trials for the PSP and MLB 08: The Show for PS3. Word to the wise: use headphones to play Patapon or suffer the wrath of friends, neighbors, and fellow train patrons.

Seventeen percent growth was
experienced by Gamestop in the fourth quarter on 2007. Offering low
trade-in prices while maintaining high used prices is clearly a
profitable business model.

Three new Rock Band songs available for download this Tuesday.  Selections include Sex Type Thing by Stone Temple Pilots, El Scorcho by Weezer, and Why Do You Love Me by Garbage.

One HD format to be carried by Wal-Mart. The chain has decided to drop HD-DVD in favor of carrying Blu-Ray exclusively. Wal-mart seems to be following the lead set by Best Buy and Netflix.

Sixteen percent of Xbox 360’s fail according to Square Trade, a retail-warranty provider. CEO Steve Abernethy indicated the estimate could be conservative, while showing a three percent failure rate for PS3s and Wiis.

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  1. FOUR good insights- I don’t think the first one in necessarily true. They could be covering their asses on the first one. I did read there was some letters sent by MKR.

    Someone should sue the makers of the Land of the Dead game; worst FPS ever. I can’t believe what a POS that title was.

  2. Sucks about HD, it was the better format. I bought one for my 360, now it will be a dead format.

  3. is that a newer Garbage song? Rock Bands DLC content is going to push GH to do likewise.

  4. RIP HD. 16% is way too low. Ive been through four systems. Shortest life for one was 5 days before 3RR.

  5. Dead Rising will be back, it was a huge hit for Capcom. Thats a ‘duh’ statement. Expect it for Chistmas 2008.

  6. More like a 16% alive rate after two years .

  7. I don’t see what the fuss is about Patapon. Sure the graphics are nice, but you just enter 4 different button combos over and over again. $20 may be a bit much for this one. I got bored before the end of the demo.

  8. As always, funny pic.

  9. You can’t possibly trademark a scenario…you can’t even register a title! That’s why you see movies that take titles from older films. It has to be a lot more specific. I doubt Capcom is sweating it.

  10. 16% over what time frame? Maybe over one year. Over three years,I’m sure it triples.

  11. Would Capcorn go after MKR if they made a game about terroists?

  12. Cool concept, using numb3rs. Man, Gamestop is always increasing profits!!!

  13. Just tried MLB 08 Demo for the PS3; very nice game! Day one purchase for me!!!

  14. Good Roundup. on a scape from 1-10, I’d give it a 3.14159