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Podcast 9-8: La Dolce Vita?

With less than a month from the U.S. launch, the crew spearheads a Sony Vita roundtable, offering a hands-on analysis of the hardware and launch line-up. Additionally, the team offers impressions of Pushmo, Zen Pinball 3D, Oddworld: Stranger’s Wrath HD, StarHawk, Z.H.P. Unlosing Ranger Vs. Darkdeath Evilman as well as Lego Pirates of the Caribbean for the 3DS. Before venturing off for our customary dosage of game trivia and answers to reader mail, we also sit down with inXile Entertainment’s Jairo Silva to discuss Choplifter HD’s expedition onto now-gen consoles.

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With over 35 years of gaming experience, Robert 'DesertEagle' Allen is Tech-Gaming's resident worrier/warrior who spends his days teaching at three colleges and his nights devoted to JRPGs.


  1. Is that Sofia Loren? Man, she was a hottie.

    Downloading now.

  2. So the message your saying is Vita is best at playing artsy french films and the launch library is just PS3 titles?

    That’s my guess before listening to the show.

    • La Dulce Vita is a 1960 Italian film, not French. But points for referring to it as a “film” and not a “movie”. 😉

      • I’m curious as to who decided on that image. Too tasteful for Deagle and maybe Blue. A little too obscure for NOLA, maybe.

        Must be Sage.

      • It makes sense. Watched this movie as my pretentious film friends said it was “soooo good.”

        The movie is filled with these good looking but weird acting and ditzy women which now I think about it, reminds me of an anime, JRPG…

        I have solved the puzzle!

  3. …Z.H.P. Unlosing Ranger Vs. Darkdeath Evilman…

    Just how much does NIS pay you to CONSTANTLY plug their games?

    • They don’t (have you picked up Disgaea 4: A Promise Unforgotten) pay me much at (ClaDun 2- get it!) all! lol.

    • We actually lose money every time I groan after someone mentions Disgaea.

    • Whatever it is, it’s not enough, right?

    • Bad time for me to mention that I ordered Disgaea 2?

      • The UMD? Why didn’t you download the game? It’s 50% off this week, dood!

        • I was seriously considering getting the digital versions of both Disgaea one (for the third time) and two (for the first). The problem is that the two would have completely filled my 2GB Memory Stick. The money I’d save on the digital versions would end up going right out the window due to having to buy a larger Memory Stick. >_<

          • Wait, why have D1 and D2 on the memory stick at the same time?

            Also, the price of sticks have dropped drastically. You can get 8GB for $17 now-

            If you want to carry more than a few PSP games around at once, I recommend buying one.

          • First Sage complaining about her mic, then Blue 2GB memory stick, Deagle need to stop being a slave driver!

          • @Strongman22: I’m just picky like that. If I buy something digitally, it needs to be there at a moment’s notice. If I get a hankering to play Disgaea 2 out of the blue, the last thing I want to do is spend time clearing out space and then re-downloading it. With my attention span, I’d lose interest in playing it before even deleting anything. XD

            8GBs for $17? That’s not bad at all. I’ll remember that when it comes time to upgrade. Thanks! 😀

            @Abbazabba: LOL! If he was a slave driver, my last classic game column wouldn’t have cobwebs on it. XD

            Speaking of which, my next column will be up in a couple of days. 😀

  4. Much better sound than last week. My only complaint is that Sage sounds a bit “tinny”. Maybe she’s robotic.

  5. I like the way NOLA listens to feedback and pounds a RedBull for the show. Sacrifice the body for the art!

  6. Deagle, you nailed it with the VITA roundtable. Great job. Sage you did a great job hosting. And Sean and Blue, excellent as always (though no Tablet/WWE talk????)

  7. From what I listened to so far, it seems like you guys took all the criticisms last week to heart and really stepped the show up.

    Hats off guys. Especially Deagle. For not being the host, you’re heading up the Vita talk in a big way. Very fair, just what I wanted to hear from at least one podcast.

  8. Move finger to the left about two inches. Thats the power of a touch screen!

  9. I have to catch up on a few shows, but from the note and feedback, I’ll start with this one.

  10. Deagle, where’s the full reviews for Pushmo and Stranger’s Wrath?

  11. Excellent show. Made me forget all about last week’s sound quality.


  12. You guys COULD have called the show, “VITA Dead Before it Lands” and got a gazillion hits, instead you kept it classy and honest.

    Keep that up and you’ll never be as popular as Kotaku.

    • I’m waiting for the Kotaku headline that says, “Sony is pro choice, decides to abort Vita in US”

    • If anyone wins a PS Vita from Taco Bell and doesn’t want it, can I have it? I promise I’ll talk about it on the podcast! XD

  13. You’re forgetting: for people who didn’t own a PS3, the Vita’s library is full of great games. If people can shake their Xbox love for a bit, they’ll enjoy the most powerful portable the world has ever seen.

  14. Thanks for the straight Vita talk that doesn’t reek of Fox news slanting.

    Great show. Keep it up!

  15. All-around great show but I still want to know why Sage’s sound quality is the lowest. NM internet is tin cans and string or what?

  16. LOLed at the Sony circle jerk remark.

    My Vita is preordered and almost paid off. I can’t wait until 2/22/12.

  17. I saw this on N4G earlier today and its rating was 180. A few hours later I went back to find it and it dropped to 140. I didn’t things dropped in rating, I thought they went up.

    • If you’re reading N4G that might be the problem there.

      Seriously, the mods push their own sites and if another outside site is getting too hot, they put the ice of them. Dirty, dirty stuff.

  18. The wind-down stage? Does that mean Sean has to leave?

    I want to know what got cut from this week’s show!

  19. Thanks for the support for my hosting, all! Very Sorry about the sound quality; I’ve complained to the NM sound board and tin-can commission. I’ll try to do something about the sound quality.

  20. Great show! One of the top 5 of all time!

  21. Bellatrix Lestrange

    I will download the show tonight and listen.

  22. Man, those BK games sucked. Who was the developer? I hope their out of business and not filthy rich.

    • Blitz Games is alive and well, turning out treasures like Michael Phelps: Push the Limit and Bratz Girlz Really Rock.

  23. Just finished listening. Pretty good, not too naughty, and excellent Vita talk.

  24. Your Vita discussion did not disappoint, but I did notice some similarities to the CAGcast (going over the names of all the launch titles, saying it’s PS3 ports, etc).

    Sean, I could have used a deeper Blitz discussion from you.

  25. I’m not in love with Pushmo the way the rest of the world is.

    It’s a novel idea, it’s fun, and well thought out (you can skip levels you’re stuck on) but it just doesn’t require really creative thinking. I dunno, maybe Portal 2 spoiled me. I have a hard time enjoying puzzle games based on a single hook now.

  26. Great job everyone!

  27. Agree with both of you guys. No UMD program is going to happen at this point. We are almost two weeks before launch and no mention of it (or PS1 BC) makes me feel this isn’t going to happen.

    Deagle’s right though- Sony’s first purchasers are the hardcore who read about what going on in Japan and know what’s going on. Really bad handling of this.

    You have to wonder in all the Vita hate is Sony’s own fault.

  28. Ok, here’s my ultimatum. Get TideGear on within the next month, or I will stop listening.

    This is not a threat. (well, not too much)

  29. So exactly why did you never review Wappy Dog for the DS?

  30. For the next show, I’d like to hear NOLA’s thoughts on what comic properties would make good games.

  31. So what you you think about the entire IGN and G4 staff making an appearance in the next Dragon Age?

    • I’d expect Deagle to raise a fuss, but he’d be the first to sell out if he was in a Disgaea or Harvest Moon game. NOLA would do frontflips to be in Monster Hunter.

      Still, I think the worry here is that Jessica Chobot wrote the ME3 preview for IGN and just now we hear she’s in the game. They couldn’t get someone else to do it and avoid the whole “conflict of interest” backlash?

      • This give me hope that Jeff Gerstman, Ryan Davis, and Jim Sterling will be cast in the Three Dirty Dwarves remake.

    • I’m hurt we weren’t invited. My hair is video game epic!

  32. Deagle and Blue take their ZHP pretty damn seriously.

  33. Guys to quote LedZep, “Its been a long time…”

    When do we get a new show?

  34. Question for next show:

    Bot AI can be though of on a scale from zero to human. (in simulating lifelike decisions)

    When do you think games will be able to have intelligence and behavior that is indistinguishable from humans for their drones?

    • My Question-

      Everywhere I look I’m seeing Mass Effect 3 promotion, news, and nonsense. It’s all over twitter, facebook, news sites are lit up with Chobot talk. At what point does media saturation occur? Can you think of any other campaigns that were this annoying?

  35. OMG. Just heard CheapyD say he was coming on the show. Where the hell is this episode?