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Podcast 8-7: When Virtual and Real Worlds Collide

Between getting caught leering at pixelated breasts on a PSP screen or succumbing to the intimidation of a Soul Caliber tournament announcer, the life of a podcast personality often exists in the nebulous space between virtual and physical realities. Fortunately, this week we shirk the real to bring you impressions of Super Mario 3D Land, Mario Kart 7, Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword, Kirby’s Return to Dreamland as well the European-only release of White Knight Chronicles: Origins. After breaking to interview Justin Korthof of Robot Entertainment about Orcs Must Die, we reconvene for our typical serving of gaming trivia and responses to reader mail.

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To win a copy of either FIFA Soccer 12 or NHL 12 for the Xbox 360 along with a t-shirt of your preference from 604Republic, simply 1) list your favorite soccer (football, if you prefer) or hockey athlete in the thread and follow 604Republic on Twitter, or like them on Facebook.

This week’s musical selections are from Soul Caliber, proving the soul still burns (and grooves).

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With over 35 years of gaming experience, Robert 'DesertEagle' Allen is Tech-Gaming's resident worrier/warrior who spends his days teaching at three colleges and his nights devoted to JRPGs.


  1. E Honda pic is awesome. Glad to see the site is back up. What happened guys? Anon attack?

  2. Thsi thread need some E-Hon cosplay with manboobs that might just be NSFW.

  3. Pele!

    Show sounds cool. Downloading now!

  4. Do you have a list a hockey player to win NHL and a soccer player for FIFA?

    Mario Lemieux for NHL!

  5. Hey, Honda, that’s my car!!!

  6. The soul still burns for you guys!

    Blue’s voice never ceases to amuse me.

  7. You played Skyward Sword? I’m so jealous. Looking forward to listening to the show.

  8. so WTF happened to the sword, NOLA? No one won it? What a rip off…

    Desert’s Tekken confusion was pretty damn funny. What was he doing?

  9. NOLA’s stories are always pretty good. Second permahost status.

  10. Gordie Howe for the contest. (thanks for having it BTW)

    Lots of Nintendo talk. Finally! You guys seem to favor the PS3 slightly. Please balance it out with 3DS and Wii impressions occasionally.

  11. Question for next show: Why do you think Spiderman: Edge of Time is getting such low review scores? It’s a pretty good game.

    BTW- Why haven’t you reviewed it?

  12. Thanks for the info for all the Nintendo games Deagle. I can’t wait to play Super Mario 3D Land now.

  13. Thanks for doing a interview this week!

  14. Wow, the Burnout Crash talk just fizzled out. What happened?

  15. Saw your tweet about the DWP guy you probably scared shitless Deagle. Story next week, please.

  16. Fearless Bystander

    Good one this week, but the music breaks could have been a bit longer. SC’s crescendo ends right as the interview starts.

  17. How come I’m hearing the last show in the RSS feed?

  18. I’m with whoever said “Bridgett”???

  19. The moment of silence for Jobs was a nice touch. But I could see NOLA’s reasoning.

  20. From last week’s show.

    How do you feel about DLC now? It used to be that a game would offer a ton of content to encourage sales. Now they deliver the bare minimum (4-5 hour single player experiences are the norm)and charge for the rest. Effectively, they’re raised the price of games.

  21. Can’t really say I was a Jobs fan. Guy was a great businessman, but like Sage alluded to he liked controlling speech and his products a bit too much. Twist my arm and I’ll tell you the story about a friend who reviewed Apple TV poorly…

  22. Good work this week, liked the interview.

  23. Yep, 8-6 on itunes.

  24. Gretsky !

    Will listen tomorrow. Hope there’s some sage!

  25. Good one this week. I bet Sean really regrets not getting that sword.

  26. Fearless Bystander

    Blue, please lose the Snake voice, like yesterday.

  27. R. I. P. Steve Jobs but long live IOS 5.0

  28. iTunes is giving me 8-7 unlike some people.

    Ok show this week, just not as professional as you usually are. Deagle and Blue are a bit all over the place at the end of the show.

  29. Vinnie Jones!

    Good show this week, yeah there were some gaps of energy- but it’s still better (and has more stuff) than most game podcasts.

  30. Steffan Cronwall (Tor)

    So far pretty good show. I like the stories of gamings past and tournaments lost. =D

  31. Good interview this week. I also can’t figure out why Microsoft has killed some perfectly good studios. Realtime was another one.

  32. I really liked the trivia this week. Good questions!

  33. Here’s my question. You better not forget to mention my name:

    What abilities to you think we’ll see with the next generation of consoles?

  34. Oh and Jonas Hiller for the contest. (NOLA better pick me)

  35. Downloading now. If I don’t get at least one mention, I’ll be very disappointed this week.

  36. You guys were as funny as you usually are this week. Might I suggest some alcohol for the next show?

    Don’t make me send a bottle over, 4 Guys 1Up style.

  37. I like Des as host, but he always does the interviews. So having him host makes it seem like the DesertEagle’s Goddamn Show.

  38. Wayne Gretzky!

    Good interview. I really liked Orcs Must Die one of my favorite DLC games of the year.

  39. Hope Solo, baby!

    Listened to about half, I’ll finish up tomorrow.

  40. Good show this week, but a bit too clean.

  41. When are we getting the next podcast? I want to hear my question!

  42. BlueSwim +1

  43. I want to know NOLA (and the rest of the crews) thoughts on Phoenix Jones and other real-life super heroes.

  44. Brett Hull.

    Question for next week’s how: How you feel about store exclusive DLC? I’m confused about where to buy Batman:AC (as are you from the picks). I know where ever I’ll get it I’ll still be missing out on something. Seems like a bad way of doing things. Instead of rewarding preorders, they’re punishing people who didn’t buy from a certain store.

    • well, although it’s somewhat lame to charge money for pre-order stuff, Gamestop’s solution is to give you all their stuff when you pre-order and then allow you to purchase robin/nightwing for an additional 6.99 at the store (which is the only thing best buy is offering). That’s what i’m doing.

      • Wait, what did Gamestop do?

        I still haven’t picked up Batman yet!

        • Gamestop you got the key for the Gotham movie, an extra joker challange map, and a skin that is the original batman from the animated series. And you can buy Robin and Nightwing for when they come out in Nov.

          • I got took at GS. When I preordered, the employee promised the Robin code would come with the game. Now I have to pay for it 🙁

  45. David Beckham.

    Thanks for the contest.

  46. My ears are burning for a new podcast, people!

  47. Yeah its time for a new show. I need my trivia and impressions.

  48. My question for the next show…

    If each of you could have a one-night fling with a game character, who would it be?

  49. Rumor is that the Wii U will not be BC for Gamecube titles. Please discuss and analyze on the next show.

  50. Jack Johnson

    Hope it’s not too late for the contest!

  51. Lionel Messi. Some cool T-shirt designs there.

  52. Sidney Crosby.

    Wheres the new podcast people?

    • We all got busy.

      Robert got a bit too hooked on Batman: Arkham City and tried diving into someone’s apartment on a steel cable while wearing a batsuit. He should be out of traction soon.

      Sean is out of town, possibly pulling a Lupin the 3rd-like scheme involving those giant Monster Hunter statues.

      Sage got two week’s detention for shouting “OBJECTION!” in the middle of her law school class.

      And I’m camped out in front of Hot Topic waiting for the men’s Sailor Moon tee to come in.

      • HAHA! Brilliant!

        But questions:

        1) Was Deagle wearing his catwoman skin? Was he trying to break into Anne Hathaways’s place?

        2) Were the hell are these statues? I promise to crumple them then use the pieces for armor!

        3) Can she claim she caught super tourette syndrome from hanging with you potty mouths?

        4) Someone hasn’t made Sailor Moon Tee’s in the US before?

        • Sadly, my NEW copy of Arkham City didn’t have a Catwoman code inside. I haven’t had time to jump through WB’s loopholes.

          Despite that, a little podcast tease…although I’m not a huge fan of Batman (the character), the game gave me chills at least once.

          • According to WB you are less than 1/2 of a percent affected. Consider yourself lucky!

          • That’s a corporate estimate. Remember Microsft’s estimation of the number of 360’s that had red-ringed was less than 5%?

            If I sound angry that’s because I didn’t get the Catwoman nor Robin codes I was promised. Without the code, (I now found out) you don’t seem some cinematics which explain parts of the story. Now, as a full-price $60 purchaser, I got screwed.

            My question for the next podcast- How do you guys think Catwoman was handled?

          • Yeah, I second a podcast discussion.

          • Looking forward to the next show. When will it go live, guys?

            Question sent in case you haven’t recorded it yet…

      • I better not see 1-800-SAMURAGE commercials anytime soon, with our podcast hosting “fighting for us”

  53. Scott Niedermayer.

    Pick me!

  54. Wayne Gretsky

    Nice show. Good group of hosts.

  55. Wayne Gretsky

    Nice show. Good group of hosts.

  56. Gordie Howe!

  57. I hope you guys answer the what game character would you have a one night stand with question.

  58. when are you guys recording a new podcast.

  59. Your post is really amazing