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Podcast 8-5: Tribulations of a Tekken Teacher

This week, DesertEagle, SeanNOLA and BlueSwim offer impressions on Ratchet and Clank: All 4 One, The Gunstringer, NHL 12, White Knight Chronicles 2, and Soul Caliber’s translation to the portable screen before bemoan the collapse of the coin-op coaching vocation. We also get some hands on time with the LG Thrill 3D phone- a device which seems poised to challenge the Nintendo 3DS as well as invite Erica Lenard of Majesco to discuss the recent release of Camping Mama. Before the show concludes, we offer answers to reader mail and offer an EX edition of trivia certain to please gamers.

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Music Selections

Intro:  YTCracker, The Legend
Interlude one: DarkSim, Mario Golf- Fore on the Floor
Interlude two: Parn, Gradius- Perfect Selection
Outro: YTCracker, Meganerd

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With over 35 years of gaming experience, Robert 'DesertEagle' Allen is Tech-Gaming's resident worrier/warrior who spends his days teaching at three colleges and his nights devoted to JRPGs.


  1. I get to say it- First!

  2. Hey, I didn’t get an email notification of this weeks show. Just happened to check the site. What happened?

  3. Damn, I love that opening intro music- “finished Contra with only one life!!!” hahaha

    Thanks for the link.

    • That was pretty good.

      How come I haven’t heard of this guy before? His deliver is pretty good, even if he boast raps like it’s 1997.

  4. Downloading now while I stare at Wonderwoman’s tatas.

    • Just don’t click on them, there’s no ComicCon cos play gallery to be found. I’m suing Deagle for false advertisement and will repo his NIS collection 😉

  5. If you guys don’t rip on All 4 One, your gaming cred may be lowered.

    I swear this feels like a first time developer making a R&C game. No plot, levels that restart- it doesn’t even feel like a Insomniac game at all.

    • If the interview (which by that I mean Desert) doesn’t ask about Babysitting Mama I will be disappointed. What exactly were they thinking with that creepy doll. Everytime I go to GS, there’s 2-3 that just stare at me.

    • We’re glad our cred is no longer in jeopardy!

  6. 23 KB/sec?

    Time for a new server, people!

    I noticed Sage isn’t on this show. Don’t expect Sector to listen, then.

  7. good artwork this week- that’s two in a row. I hope the podcast is just as funny.

  8. The actual title is Camping Mama: Outdoor Adventures not just “Camping Mama”

    What do I win for noticing?

  9. Did Deagle just thank “Dido”? DIDO? C’mon man, turn off the reruns of One Tree Hill, Dawson’s Creek, and Roswell and playing some games a man might enjoy! hahaha

  10. No Samurage? WTF?

    Hopeless guy can write in Japanese? He might be good then. I’ll look for him at the next EVO tourney 😉

  11. Good show so far.

    Can I admit I like the first two Cooking Mama games? For some reason, trying to get gold on each recipe was addictive. Plus the wife likes the game.

  12. Good sound quality this week. Desert’s voice goes from booming to nerdy.

    R&C: All4One seems like a huge misstep for the series. Offer online co-op for two players but changing the game for four people make it seem like a different game. I’m glad you guys tore it up.

  13. Downloading and starting listening.

    Sean how far did you get into WKC? Also, I didn’t quite understand the problem with using points to spec out your character for the second game? What would have been a good alternative?

    Deagle- I can’t believe you like the Gunstringer. I played the demo and sure enough it’s another game that would have been better with a controller. I wish they at least included the option. For me, firing doesn’t always work, which can suck when the enemies throw things at you.

    • I don’t really know that there IS a better way of handling it. In the Japanese version, you actually can’t start the second game without finishing the first, so if you buy WKC2 without having played the original, you’re forced to play through 30 hours of gameplay to get to the new content.
      The US version let’s you skip straight to part 2, but it’s jarring, there is no tutorial, specing out a level 35 character from scratch takes forever (partly because the menus are cumbersome) and the intro only gives enough background to remind veterans of the most basic plot points. It doesn’t even really reintroduce the characters – it just assumes you already know who they are.
      Part of me wants to be a jerk and say the Japanese version had it right. The game is essentially an expansion, and it doesn’t really make sense to jump to the end. At the same time, I’m glad the option is there for people (like me) who suffered YLoD’s and lost their original save files.

  14. SNOLA, are talking about Leavenworth, Kansas? Skyway Lanes or Our Place?

    • Yep. But the arcade in question was the Aladdin’s Castle in the strip mall next to the WalMart (the one with the movie theater and the fiberglass bears)

      Keep in mind, that story is circa 2000, so chances are good that it’s been gone for a while.

      P.S. Go Big Blue!

  15. LOL at Deagle’s and NOLA’s hoarse voices at the end of the cast. Were you guys talking all day or what?

  16. Thanks for the WKC info, NOLA. One question how is the second part beyond trophies and character creation, though?

  17. Not a lot of BlueSwim this week and no Sage at all. Not even a cameo 🙁

  18. a little boring this week. You guys were way too clean. I didn’t even hear a single f-word.

  19. I noticed a slight loss of energy after trivia. I can tell because you guys respond a little slower than at the beginning of the show.

    Still, a good show. I liked the NHL discussion and the phone review.

    BTW- I don’t think NHL will ever totally go free to play. EA counts on that profit every year and changing to free to play might not mean the same amount of money for a few years at least. (I doubt the average amount spend per player would be close to $60)

  20. A Promise Unforgotten, right Deagle?

  21. I’m sure you want to find out who unfriended you on Facebook. Here’s how:

    All you have to do after enabling Timeline on your Facebook account is pick a random year and scroll down until you find a “Friends” box.

    Once you’ve found one of those boxes, click on the “Made [some number] New Friends” text.

    You’ll see a little pop-up with a list of the friends you made at that particular point in time. If you’re still friends with a person, the button next to his or her name will say “Friends.” But if you’re not? Then the button will say “Add Friend” instead.

    Of course it’s worth noting that the people who have an “Add Friend” button might not have unfriended you — instead they might’ve been the victims of your friend list purge.

    • thats kind of random.

      In real life, I know who exactly who my friends are and aren’t. Who care if someone unfriends you?

  22. I expected a longer story about the Tekken guy, but then I wondered do I really need to know more. When arcades disappeared I’m sure he moved on….

  23. Hey Deagle, do you send all your old stuff to Shipwreck? (heard the shoutout) I saw he review Pucca and the Snowball this weekend.

  24. Started strong but kind of hobbled across the finish line. Still a decent one this week.

  25. Good show. I really want to bear my Kirby talk next week. You’re been slacking on the Nintendo front.

  26. TO all those of you who missed me, I’m honored. I’ll be back next week, and with some Kirby talk to share. Thanks for the love!!

  27. and maybe some solatorobo talk, too…

  28. You guys were too clean this week. What happened ?

  29. Even though Sage wasn’t here, the gang convinced me to track down VChron!

  30. Oh something nice about Rob:

    Man, dude you write so many good reviews its amaz-ing!

    • Whiskey for breakfast

      Here’s something nice:

      Deagle, you’re my favorite T-G personality. Who else playing FPS and niche JRPGs and likes them both?

      No one!

    • Something nice about Robert and my fellow podcasters: They make recording the podcast the highlight of my week. I look forward to doing the show every week. I’m grateful that Robert wanted me to contribute to Tech-Gaming. I’ve told my Twitter followers once that they “mean more to me than they know”, and the same applies to Tech-Gaming and its community. Thank you all!!!

      • Jeez, Blue you are making me blush! Thanks so much to my cohosts and the listeners. You’re the reason I work so hard.

  31. Great show, T-G Crew.

    Was thinking about picking up that LG Thrill.

  32. Can I just say something about the whole gang? Ther’re great. All around good show almost every week.

  33. Am I the only one who didn’t think the DoA movie was that bad? C’mon Blue, I know you’re with me!

    • It’ll never replace Street Fighter: The Movie in my heart, but, I love that piece of Devlin (anyone get that movie reference?). I’m not sure that “not that bad” is the best way to describe it, though. It’s more like “it’s watchable because it’s cheesy”. Another movie that gets that distinction is the Hulk Hogan classic, Suburban Commando. BEST. MOVIE. EVER!

      QUESTION: What’s everyone’s favorite and least-favorite video game movies?

      • Favorite: Mortal Kombat?prince of Persia

        OK: Street Fighter: The Legend of Chun-Li

        Worst: Mario Bros.

        • Best- Sakura Wars: The Movie and the Pokemon movies.

          Bad- Bloodrayne, In the Name of the King.

          Worst- House of the Dead.

  34. “Brotha, can you spare a token?”

    • Truth time: My girlfriend, an adult, watches the Disney Channel while she studies for the AREs. Someone said “Brother, can you spare a token” on one of the shows last night.

      PLEASE tell me that you got that quote from “Good Luck Charlie,” so I don’t feel like I’m the only person who suffers through it. Please?

  35. You know, “tight combat”….could mean so many things…

    • I was in some tight combat over the weekend with Lady Luck. I kept putting it in, but nothing ever came out. The slots are so tight that it was like some kind of torture. Ultimately, every dollar I had on me ended up in those slots. That’s the last time I go to that casino.

      ……What did you think I was talking about?

  36. Just listened to the 8-4 cast. Sounded like your Sonic Generations talk months ago. Frame rate problems, level design wonkiness, etc.

  37. Is there an official day that the show come out on?

    Just asking.