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Podcast 8-4: Put It In

Although this week’s show commences with convention, as hosts DesertEagle, SeanNOLA, and BlueSwim offer their impressions of Dead Island, Resistance 3, Renegade Ops, Space Marine, and Persona 3 Portable, when Samurage joins the discussion, all hell breaks loose. Luckily, we manage to steer away from the hentai talk long enough to deliver an elimination round of gaming trivia, answers to reader mail, and even find time to give away five Ratchet and Clack: All 4 One beta codes. Before the show wraps, we also welcome Aileen from Aksys Games as well as Alex from Gaijin Games to discuss the recent launch and development of Bit.Trip Complete.

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With over 35 years of gaming experience, Robert 'DesertEagle' Allen is Tech-Gaming's resident worrier/warrior who spends his days teaching at three colleges and his nights devoted to JRPGs.


  1. refresh….refresh…new podcast?!?! Yes!

  2. is that pic from Deagle’s car?

  3. Have you ever thought about bring back Adam?

  4. With the Sailor Moon intro, I can safely assume that Blue is editing the show and the inmates are running the asylum 😉

  5. With a title like this I expect to laugh. I hope the crew doesn’t let me down.

  6. Can I just say the podcast is about 5x better with NOLA back?

  7. Thanks for the contest!

  8. It took me a few seconds to ‘get’ the art this week.

    I’m glad Deagle gave DI a spin. I’m liking the game so far. And like NOLA said, most reviewers didn’t seem to do a very good job covering it. I think Joystiq really let me down with that one.

  9. Thanks for delivering before the weekend!

  10. Capt. Quirk!

  11. 1. Awesome show so far.
    2. The robot from Lost in Space
    3. Put It In.

  12. Deagle, when you encounter players like that on SOCOM what do you do back?

    NOLA- Great stories this week!

  13. I expect to do some during the ‘hentai talk’.

  14. Ok, “wait for the hatch to open” had me crying.

    memories of Saucerer.

  15. I think the funniest part of your show is hearing you trying to avoid the immature jokes. It’s like the fight of the mind against the body going on right in my earholes.

    Yeah, I went there.

  16. I notice you guys try to create a catch phrase for each show. Is this on purpose or is it just an accident.

    Pii (Put It in!)

  17. Where you don’t want to know.

    • He’s a big boy and those buckets aren’t strong. I’ve cracked a couple sitting on them.

      Sounds like a good show.

  18. Put in in where?

    I’m glad Sage made it, even though she missed the intro…

  19. I’d like to read/hear more about Pucca Power-up Deagle.

  20. Great pic to go with the show. Top notch, guys.

  21. What’s “fookoo” slang for? I mean I think I know, but still.

  22. Downloading right now. Good topics.

  23. Great show this week, TGers! NOLA Is back with a vengeance.

  24. Oh shit you guys were on this week. Some funny comments and stories. Love the hentei one.

  25. Whatcha complaining about Resistance 3 for? The game is all around great.

  26. Not bad this week. R2D2 fTW!

  27. OK Sage, please explain why the Wii is better than the Move next time.

  28. WTF Deagle, you tell me you bought the Fight, Socom 4, and MLB 11 and don’t offer a single sentence about them. Remember you’re a review site!

    Ok, rant off 😉 All else was good and funny. Like sitting around with a bunch of my best gamer friends.

  29. It’s ironic that the dirtiest part of the show is reading Socom talk and movie lines. Saying “put it in” 20x was funny but not really as smutty as I thought the show would be. Especially when I saw the word “hentei”- I expect the show to go off the deep end.

    Don’t get me wrong, this is praise not a complaint.

  30. Ok, I hate to sound like a noob, but could someone explain the podcast pic this week? Night Driver, radio, Philco?

  31. Ok, beyond a show titled “put it in” opening with the Sailor Moon song, all was good this week.

    Sage you should explain why Wii>Move.

  32. Good one this week. Moar hentei talk!!!

    And Deagle did you take Sage up on her offer?

  33. Fear the boxbot

  34. Fear the boxbot

  35. Nola (and maybe DE) I am depending on your White Knight Chronicle 2 impressions. YOu guys seems liek the only site that will give the game a fair shake. I know most outlets will probably “wierd little JRPG, alot of content” and 7.5 it, but I know (or hope) you’ll give me something else.

  36. SNOLA, what did you think of the canned Avengers FPS footage?

  37. Not really that much hentai talk. Next time actually play some of the games and report back.

  38. Pretty good one this week. Deagle was quite during the Evengelion talk.

    Did you guys heard about the death threats? Supposedly those were part of the equation as well.

  39. Brother? I draw the line at incest hentai! Sickos 😉

  40. I came across your podcast because it’s in the top spot of N4G. Nice show, good hosts, variety, but just a bit of echo to the sound mix.

  41. NO TGS talk=fail.

    • Hey, I talked about Monster Hunter 4 on 3DS! Or maybe that was in the last episode…either way, that was pretty much the only “news” that came out of TGS that caught my eye, and I was pretty disappointed in the QTEs they are adding.

  42. Ok, one more before we jump the shark.

  43. I hope I’m not the only one bothered by humor that offers only violence toward women. The bottom pic has violence, killing and rape as the only available options. I know this is the Japanese culture we’re talking about but that doesn’t make a discussion by Americans (and maybe some Europeans) any less creepy.

    • If it makes you feel better, the situations they’re parodying in Excel Saga always end in failure, even though the games are sold entirely for the purpose of letting the user see naked anime girls.
      Most of the games will offer conversational situations with 3 or 4 possible responses, one of which is always a “direct to sex” option, which always stops the game.
      But yea, that last one wasn’t from Excel Saga sooooo…I can’t really speak for it.

  44. My question for the next show:

    I was looking through the recent Game Informer and they have 15 reviews this month written by at least twelve people.

    Of those 15 games, Deagle has reviewed or discussed in length 10.

    How is this even possible?