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Podcast 8-2: Smitten By the Kitten

This week, DesertEagle, Samurage, and BlueSwim discuss the death of the Hero franchise, games which nurture personal narratives, and the merits of Anne Hathaway’s Cat Woman. We also offer impressions of Rock of Ages, Mayhem 3D, and Bodycount as well as revisit the worlds of Chrono Trigger and Scribblenauts. Returning guest Mel Kirk of Zen Studios drops by to discuss the future of Pinball FX2 before the crew offers a dose of trivia and responses to reader mail.

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Music Selections:

Intro: Crush Electrotherapy Remixed by: djpretzel
Interlude One:
Return All Robots! ‘Will Rock’ Remixed by: WillRock
Interlude Two:
SF2- Memories of a Master Remixed by: Captain Hogan
Persona 4: Pursuing My True Self Performed by Shihoko Hirata

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With over 35 years of gaming experience, Robert 'DesertEagle' Allen is Tech-Gaming's resident worrier/warrior who spends his days teaching at three colleges and his nights devoted to JRPGs.


  1. Wow, new show before the weekend?

    Thanks people!

  2. Man, that pic reminds me of my ex.. (sigh)

    I’m download this now. Nice speed.

  3. There’s a typo in the MP3, unless BluWSmim is the name of your latest host.

  4. Yellow and Black Attack

    Sound quality is much improved from last week. Good work to whoever did the engineering this week. The one thing you might want to do is try to get rid of the background noise late in the show.

  5. Halle Berry>Anne Hathaway> Michelle Pfeiffer.

    Good show so far. I’ll listen to the rest later.

    Defragmentation for the contest.

  6. I think the DS version of Chrono Trigger has a revamped Dimensional Distortion dungeon. Not a huge change, but still..

  7. Any show with a Cutie Honey reference is a winner in my eyes.

    • *Leaping high-five for getting one of the obscure references I always pepper into each episode of the show* :D:D:D

      Anyone know of any U.S.-released movies similar to the live-action Cutey Honey movie? You know, with Power Ranger-like (take a drink) costumes and cheesy special effects?

  8. What happened with the Zen interview. About two questions in and the sound turns bad (real bad). After the break it gets better.

  9. Holiday weekend confirmed!

    BTW: Tech-Gamers, not everyone uses Twiitter. Expressing yourself in 140 characters or less is like communicating with 5 different grunts.

  10. From the title, I expected things to be dirtier.

  11. Meow!

    I love Anne’s big eyes and hair. Perfect Catwoman I think.

  12. Wow, someone else bought Mayhem 3D?!?

    I’m curious Deagle, did you try out the game with the 3D glasses?

    BTW- I never use Twitter either.

  13. nice Easter Egg this week, but things got a bit too off topic IMO.

    Let’s Celebrate Deagle Sucks Night! Woohoo! 😉

  14. A little too much “like” and stuttering from Blue, but a good show otherwise.

  15. Pretty clean episode this week. Good except for Blue thinking about getting a PSP went on for way too long.

  16. I….I brought the show down this week? 🙁

    *Cries into Mountain Lightning*

  17. Can’t wait for Samurage’s show next week! Deagle, you better keep your vow.

  18. What are you smoking

    Anne Hathaway is hot, but can she pull off Catwoman. She needs to be dangerous, elegant, and pass for a high-end thief.

    Hopefully, the movie won’t disappoint. But I’m keeping my hopes low.

  19. Good show this week. Liked the pinball talk with Mel. Nice scoop on the 3DS version of Pinball FX.

  20. Good show this week. Liked the pinball talk with Mel. Nice scoop on the 3DS version of Pinball FX.

  21. Just downloaded now. Good sound quality this week, but a slight echo on the show.

  22. I’ll be honest. I haven’t listened in a while. You guys are much better now that you were four months ago.

  23. Suda’s quote has me rolling, and I’ll never thing of a “twin stick shooter” the same way again.

  24. The Official Tech-Gaming Drink Game 1.00

    1) Start with the beverage of your choice- beer, wine, and for the truly hardcore- hard alcohol.

    2) Take a drink when you hear any of the following:

    Deagle say, “nuance”, “vibe” or “mechanic” or giggle.

    BlueSwim say “you know”, reference a game from the 16 bit era, and sing/hum/or beat box any kind of music.

    Samurage ask for trivia question clarification.

    Any host say “anyway” or “moving on”

    Finish your drink if you get a trivia question correct.

    3) repeat until you pass out.

  25. And here I thought Sage was going to avoid adding to the whole Jewish lawyer stereotype. No harm, I couldn’t escape it either.

    Thomas Cooley graduate here. Sure laugh it up, but I found work three days after find out I passed the Michigan Bar.

    • Wow…. thanks for the encouragement and good news! I do feel better hearing about someone who didn’t go for years without a solid job.

      • It all depends on your location is the US. I have friends who moved to parts of the country who have enjoyed steady, stable work. Others haven’t been as lucky.

  26. So is next week’s super Sage show going to be all Sage-a-riffic?

    Does she pick the music, trivia questions, and all that? I’m excited for it!

  27. Good show this week! Better sound quality.

  28. Good show, even if you kept it a bit too clean this week.

  29. My question for next weeks show: 🙂

    If you could ONLY play games from one territory (US, Europe, Japan) which would it be?

  30. Junk cleaner. (for the contest)

  31. Great show.

    Registry cleaner FTW!

  32. Hard Drive Defragger

  33. Privacy Cleaner

  34. One of System Mechanics functions is a Program Accelerator.

  35. System Mechanic just keeps getting better and better. I especially like their Active Care choices

  36. For no apparent reason, I listened to this show again today. It’s still good even if I don’t understand Deagle’s Hathaway lust.

    (She’s got some big ole eyes)