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Podcast 8-1: Hotter Than Hell’s Kitchen

This week, DesertEagle, Samurage, and BlueSwim offer impressions of Call of Juarez: The Cartel, Disgaea 4: A Promise Unforgotten, Chase Ace: Off-World Leagues, as well as a slew of Android diversions. Despite momentarily lapse where a Gordon Ramsey-smitten crew member contemplates the virtues of Hell’s Kitchen for the Nintendo DS, we venture further into the realm of gaming by hosting Certain Affinity’s Tom Potter, who talks about upcoming XBLA title, Crimson Alliance.  Of course, it wouldn’t be an episode of the Tech-Gaming podcast with trivia, responses to reader mail, and a dose of sophomoric humor.

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Music Selections:

Opening: Castlevania SOTN: The Devil Inside Remixed By: AkumajoBelmont
Interlude One: Kirby Super Star Ska Buffet Remixed by: The OverClocked Plaid Muffins
Interlude Two: Sonic The Hedgehog Shifting Islands Remixed by: Insixfour, PROTO·DOME, halc
Closing:  Final Fantasy 7 Light and Flakey Remixed by: Heath Morris

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With over 35 years of gaming experience, Robert 'DesertEagle' Allen is Tech-Gaming's resident worrier/warrior who spends his days teaching at three colleges and his nights devoted to JRPGs.


  1. Nice countdown this week. Deagle, your voice has too much bass this week, because the show sounds a bit muffled.

  2. I’m in for the Disgaea 4: A Promise Unforgotten talk. Nice score, guys.

  3. Nice. A mid-week show. Thanks, guys!

  4. Deagle, you’re wrong, GTA spray painting was automatic.

    • I’m surprised he didn’t know that.

      Only 90 minutes this week?

      Oh,m and when is everyone’s favorite grump and indie scatterbrain returning? (SeanNOLA and Adam)

  5. Let me guess who is going to talk about Disgaea…

    Sounds like a good one. It’s going to be tough to top last week.

  6. Devourer of Time

    Good show so far. Seems like someone wanted to keep it clean this week. WHO? Did you get complaints?

  7. Sounds like a good show. Blue’s Lunar singing was pretty amazing.

  8. I just want to know WTF Gordon Ramsey is this week’s pic. Kind of random.

  9. EasyTeather lite isn’t really available anymore. The full version won’t work for anything but computers, but you have to download client software. Also, it doesn’t work on all phones, so be prepared to spend $10 for nothing.

    • The lite version is still available to my knowledge, my friend just dled it, you just have to search for it right. The full version let’s you access all sites and lets you tether for gaming systems. And if it doesn’t work on your phone you can get a refund.
      Let me know if you have any problems.

  10. Deagle, Sage, and Blue have you check out Dungeons of Dredmor:

  11. edit: Forgot to add a pic.

    • Thanks, blancmage. I’ll be sure to try to check it out as soon as my house is back in order (I’m on forced AFK because the floors are getting redone in my house). Hopefully they’re done by this week)

  12. Sage, please do yourself a favor and steer clear of Hell’s Kitchen. Its a poorly programed cash-in game.

  13. Little Boy Blue is getting better with each show 😉

    Glad to hear you’re liking Disgaea.

  14. Not quite as good as last week’s show, but that would have been hard to top.

    Keep the Android talk coming. And “F@ck that demon pitcher!”

  15. Zombie Quarterback

    I’ll probably buy Disgaea 4, don’t really care about the figurines.

  16. No Jerry Rice & Nitus’ Dog Football chatter makes me sad. I hope Blue and Desert don’t neglect the game.

  17. All this time I thought the show was going to be about summer heat. BTW- Sage, yep, there is something about Chef Ramsey.

  18. NO IGN casts or CAGcast in two weeks. I’m glad you delivered.

  19. Pretty good d/l speed for the show this week, I’m getting 300 kb/s. Did you upgrade your server or something?

  20. Yep, Call of Juarez: The Cartel was all around crap. I really don’t think Dead Island will be that great.

  21. Not quite as good as last weeks, but still good enough.

    I like Blue’s trivia. Hopefully he’ll bring more questions one week.

    Also CA interview was good. I didn’t know anything about the game.

  22. PSP 3000 is the US=$129.99. In EU with no Wifi it would be 141.00 at the current exchange rate.

    I don’t get it.

  23. Kind of a so-so podcast. Too much Microsoft hate (again) and not enough funny.

  24. The first point about the Dead Island trailer was that it was a trailer? WTF? Did I miss something??

  25. Was it just me or was the beginning of Blues Lunar talk cut? I’m guessing it’s was Lunar.

  26. Crazy like a Bjork

    Grats on getting as many comments at the CAGcast, even though you’re sound quality is worse. Why do you guys still rock the mono?

  27. Pretty good show, but the sound quality was a bit lacking compared to other shows.

  28. Man, too many podcast on one day. I’ll try to listen this weekend. I hope you answered my questions this week.

  29. Pretty good show this week. Not quite as good as last week’s show, though.

  30. Pretty good show this week. Not quite as good as last week’s show, though.

  31. Thanks, blancmage. I’ll be sure to try to check it out as soon as my house is back in order (I’m on forced AFK because the floors are getting redone in my house). Hopefully they’re done by this week)

  32. Have fun at law school. Hopefully you still be able to do the show.

  33. Good review, I have play it just now. It’s very fun. hope you can review more good games. thanks!