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Podcast 7-9: Blame It (On the Smurfohol)

This week, DesertEagle, Samurage, BlueSwim and special guest Aaron from GameEnthus offer impressions on Catherine, From Dust, UFC Personal Trainer, and well as SNK recently released selection of PlayStation Minis. Greg Kasavin, creator director of Supergiant Games comes on the show to discuss Bastion‘s development decisions, before we wrap things with our usual dose of gaming trivia and answers to reader questions. Somehow, me manage to squeeze in talk about the 3DS price drop, Droid phones, and Metroid: Other M.

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Music Selections

Intro: Ghost ‘N Goblins ‘Wanka Factory’ Remixed by: Shael Riley
Interlude One: Castlevania: SOTN ‘Nothing But a Pile…’ Remixed by: NoppZ
Interlude Two: Double Dragon ‘Enter the Guru’ Remixed by: Nintendo Guru
Outro: Contra ‘AMEN Reflux’ Remixed by: djpretzel

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With over 35 years of gaming experience, Robert 'DesertEagle' Allen is Tech-Gaming's resident worrier/warrior who spends his days teaching at three colleges and his nights devoted to JRPGs.


  1. The smurfs? You’re kidding me, right?

  2. at the 26 second mark, someone won a free game of pinball?

  3. Wow, Blue is mad!

    I bought a 3DS at $250 also. I wish I had waited, but what can you do?

    I do wish Nintendo would send out one cartridge in the mail instead on 20 old ass games.

  4. Cool you got Supergiant to come on the show. You sticking with your promise for more indie devs and getting a game that I know you guys love.

  5. Cool you got Supergiant to come on the show. You sticking with your promise for more indie devs and getting a game that I know you guys love.

  6. Spongebob Nopants

    Desert’s deep voice throne has been stolen. No far so good, maybe a little too much volume this week.

  7. Downloading right now. Glad Sumurage is back to keep you jokers in check.

  8. My iphone skipped ahead to the part where Deagle, Samurage, Blue and Aaron are talking and wow, Arron really fits into the lineup well. You should have him over more often.

  9. Blankas Electric Anus

    BlueRage was pretty damn funny. He’s the next angry video game nerd…

  10. Blue (and even Deagle) seems a little scatter-brained this week.

    • Yeah, I wasn’t on my game this week. My connection dropped out mid-show again and my dog flipped out at one point. I was trying to keep him calm while talking about Metroid. I’m sorry, I’ll do better next time.

  11. Deagle, if you’re 6-5 and 230, you’re not fat you’re a beast. Now if you were 5-2 that would be a different story.

  12. So far so good. Haven’t heard any Smurf talk yet.

  13. ExprezzoNextGen

    I really need to get Bastion now. Thanks for keeping the talk spoiler free.


    I’m so pissed about the 3DS price drop. I just bought one last week. I’m going to try to return it today.

  15. Sounds like another great one from you guys. BTW- how long does it take you to create each show?

  16. Cute title, but I like 8-4 Play’s best “169.99”

  17. Wired said the Dead Island trailer was the second best trailer they’ve ever seen. Agree or disagree? Any trailers that you guys and girls liked?

    • I agree and disagree. The trailer is really awesome, and one of the best looking/designed trailers I’ve seen. However, it’s also one of the more misleading trailers out there. Someone from the creative department asked for footage to make the trailer the amazing piece of work it is, but it’s not representative of either the game play or the game content. And having observed the game in action at E3, it looks like a pretty crummy zombie game. Not as bad as trapped dead, but definitely nowhere near as impressive as the trailer.

  18. Have you guys been watching Retro Game Master on Kotaku? It seems liek something you’d like or even love.

  19. Thanks for the shoutouts! I will have to get that number if Sage doesn’t make an episode! no FAping though, she’s just very cool.

  20. Pretty good one this week. Glad you talked 3DS drop.

  21. On my iPhone, the player button is kind of wonky.

  22. Great job, Aaron.

  23. Yep, you should get AAron by more often. Cool Easter Egg BTW.

  24. Good show overall.

    – Aaron was a good pick for cohost.
    – Sound was louder, maybe a bit too much, as there was some distortion.
    – Blue was a little off (as noted)
    – Sage was great (as usual)
    – Desert was fine, great interview but tricky trivia.

  25. A kids games with an alcohol or rather ‘Smurfohol’ reference would be funny.

  26. But even better would be that old song…

    I want to Smurf you up.

    By you know… Color Me Blue

  27. Blame it on SNES, Blame in on the Genny,

    Blame in on the Virtual Boy, got you feelin’ dizzy!

  28. I’ll listen tomorrow. Sounds like some good topics. Really want to hear the Bastion interview.

  29. Great interview. I heard a few with Greg and this one had the best questions.

  30. Sounds like Ind1fference wasn’t so crazy about Catherine. I’m surprised Deagle let him on the show.

  31. I’m with ya Bluey! I spent $250 on a 3DS and the damn thing drops almost a third in price before it even gets a must have game?

    BULLSHIT, I say. Take you Ice Climbers and shove it with a icicle up your arse, Nintendo.

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