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Podcast 7-5: On the Road to E3

This week DesertEagle hits the field, visiting SEGA’s Pre-E3 showcase, bring back impressions on Shinobi, CRUSH3D, Sonic Generation, Mario and Sonic London 2012 Olypic Games, Renegade Ops, Guardian Heroes, and SEGA Rally Online Arcade. On the homefront, TideGear extols the thoughtful virtues of Space Chem and SeanNOLA discusses Robotek, Zenonia, and the upcoming PSP Remaster of Monster Hunter. In anticipation of the upcoming Electronic Entertainment Expo, we offer a special E3 trivia segment as well as share our expectations, aspiration, and aggravations. .

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With over 35 years of gaming experience, Robert 'DesertEagle' Allen is Tech-Gaming's resident worrier/warrior who spends his days teaching at three colleges and his nights devoted to JRPGs.


  1. Not showing up on itunes for me.

  2. Two freaking hours, or is that an error?

    Giant Bombcast, move over. T-G is bringing the epic.

  3. Listning to SeanNOLA talk to himself and inpersonate Sage is like listening to a special kid play with dolls.

  4. So who is who for the Wizard of Oz?

    I mean Dorthy is Sage but without a mohawk, but whose the rest.

    • New Zen Master

      I’m thinking Desert is the softy Lion, NOLA is the cold hearted tin-man, but Karnov’s no scarecrow….

  5. Looking forward to the Memorial Day listen! Thanks guys.

  6. Our iTunes feed isn’t currently working. Hopefully, I’ll have it up by the end of the day. Until then, you can always download the show!

  7. Have fun on the yellow brick road, guys!

  8. Sounds like an epic show!

  9. Deagle with the Fbomb to kick off the show. New theme?

  10. You guys should open the outline up like they did on the CAGCast.

  11. Damnbtwo hours?!? But no Sage…Sector won’t be listening.

  12. ElectricRelaxation

    Fix that iTunes feed, guys.

    Otherwise good show. What are your E3 coverage plans?

  13. Looked at a Space Chem video. Sorry, I’m with Desert, the game looks a bit boring.

  14. I can’t listen on my iPhone anymore.

  15. The Game Grouch

    I heard on another podcast Shinobi was a big disappointment. Maybe they’ll fix it before release.

  16. I’m so happy that Karnov is on this week, and even happier that he has no idea that Kung Fu Panda 2 is a real game.

    • Yeah, Karnov is back!

      Deagle- Sonic kissed Elise, so he cheated on Amy. This can’t be real.

  17. Sean gets most improved honors this week.

    “Titless” is a game?!

  18. Sorry, Karnov, I’m with Dirty Deagle on Space Chem, I watched the trailer for Space Chem, and thought it was pretty boring looking.

  19. Mecha T. Koopa

    SeanNOLA, anyone can write for the Examiner. It’s like a blog site for individual cities. One writer (I won’t say where stole three of my news stories), I wrote to tell them (a few times, at that) and they never responded. Just saying.

    Desert- You come across at a Microsoft hater just because you didn’t get invited to their press event. Just saying… The Skype joke was funny. I don’t think they’ll show a console.

    • Ive heard that too.

      By the way, here’s a breakdown from Tech-Crunch:

      The is not what it appears to be. It is not the online outlet for the Examiner newspapers (the San Francisco Examiner,Baltimore Examiner, and Washington, D.C. Examiner) owned by billionaire Philip Anschutz. It is, however, owned by the same Anschutz-backed company that owns those newspapers, the Clarity Media Group in Denver. That’s how it got the URL.

      But the has no use for professional journalists. It is instead an experiment in pure citizen journalism. Right now Examiner sites have officially launched in beta for five cities—San Francisco, Chicago, Baltimore, Denver, and Seattle. Although other cities like New York are coming along. The sites have been live for a couple months without any promotion, and collectively are already attracting 1.3 million visitors a month in the U.S., according to comScore (which is nearly double from July). CEO Michael Sherrod says the internal numbers show 3 million monthly uniques.

      Each site offers up hyper-local news written by contributors called “examiners.” Sherrod, who used to run worldwide communities for AOL and was with Digital Cities in the mid-1990s, has already recruited 800 examiners and wants to get to 1,000 by the end of the year. These examiners might have their own blogs, but the Examiner offers them a bigger platform to get their voice heard. The point, though, is not to write about themselves, but rather about what is happening in their communities.

      “We are not looking for people who are inwardly focused,” says Sherrod. Rather, he wants people who are experts in their field, whether that is real estate, restaurants, parenting, sports, technology, or business.

      These writers are vetted and paid based on how many pageviews and advertising clicks their articles can produce. The pay is not a lot. It starts at a $2.50 for every thousand pageviews. The median amount each examiner s making right now is $25 a month, although Sherrod has written a check for as high as $1,700. Anschutz is bank-rolling the whole project. He is the only investor (the amount is not being disclosed).

      • Good show this week.

        I’ll saying it…Good length and pretty satisfying…

        (Cue up, “Thats what she said” soundclip)

  20. The red button bit was golden.

    Who put that clip in?!?

  21. Great show, from all four of the crew.

    (Spoiler: Sage joins the show late)

  22. Alright who is the wiseguy (or wisegirl) posting under my name?!?

  23. I have a question for next week’s show.

    Sage, have you ever encounter any tension from being a female gamer? Does the rest of the crew treat you any differently?

  24. NotDesertEagle

    Sorry for being a Microsoft hater. I’m just trying to make SeanNOLA not hate me.

  25. NotDesertEagle

    Enjoy listening to SeanNOLA this one last time. Next week he’ll be fired for telling me that he hates me.

    • HAHA, Why not keep him around until Disgaea comes out. I want to hear that discussion.

  26. I want to know who this notDeaertEagle is. Maybe someone will make a fake Twitter account.

  27. Good show. I’ll have to listen to the rest over the next few days.

  28. I hope you fix the itunes thing- it’s next to impossible to get a .MP3 on an iphone 🙁

    • I’d put this episode in the Charlie Sheen’s ‘winning’ column, even with the trivia.

  29. Some funny bits in this week’s show.

  30. So Deagle, you’re pulling for Sont just because you didn’t get admitted to Microsft’s little party? That’s petty.

    • I doubt MS will show anything special. Last year what was there Slim 360s and Kinect? You won’t be missing much.

  31. Col. Killspree

    No, he’s pulling for Sony because he’s gone though a ton of red-ringed 360 (4 or 5?), hates Kinect (mentioned in this week’s show, and because it sounds like Microsoft isn’t offering much this year.

    Besides, Sony’s an underdog.

  32. I wish I could go to E3. You lucky bastards.

  33. According to Wiki, in the Archie comics, Sonic knocked up princess Sally Acorn. That’s right, a hedgehog impregnated a squirrel.

  34. Your E3 predictions are pretty close to Giant Bombs. These also debated if Sony was going to mention the downtime.

    • I doubt MS has a console.

    • I know, I just listened to that, and Pachter made an excellent point – if Sony mentions the downtime, it will come from Kevin Butler. That might be the weak link in my lunch bet.

      • The bet should have been loser must eat at the resturant of the winner’s choice. LA has some nasty-ass cockroach dives.

  35. NOLA isn’t all Topher Cantler this week? What’s going on?

  36. Uh, no new E3 podcast? Whats up with that?!?

    • Yep, 2 measly articles from Deagle 1 from SNOLA 1 non E3 one for Adam and nothing from Samurage. And no podcast at all ?

      🙁 🙁 🙁

  37. Well, they aren’t really a news site. I come here for the reviews.