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Podcast 7-1: Post-Goal Grinding

Battling the temptations of maturity, the crew discusses Play With Birds‘ ‘stool’ pigeon and Pro Evolution Soccer 2011 3D‘s bumping and grinding athletes before covering Pilotwings Resort, Rayman 3D, SuperChime, and Fallout: New Vegas. After offering a special edition of Mortal Kombat trivia, we talk to Mark Yetter, one of the Section 8: Prejudice‘s designers, and round out the show with reader mail. Yes, no one aims to entertain like the triple threat of DesertEagle, SeanNOLA, and Samurage!

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This week’s music is provided by Teamteamwork.

About Robert Allen

With over 35 years of gaming experience, Robert 'DesertEagle' Allen is Tech-Gaming's resident worrier/warrior who spends his days teaching at three colleges and his nights devoted to JRPGs.


  1. Late night post! I’ll be listening on my way to work tomorrow.

  2. Hitman 5, I’m with Deagle!

  3. That SF song is my new workout jam!

  4. ok, who the hell slipped in Fallout: New Vegas to the Karnov’s Korner segment?

  5. thanks people. Hoping that the Pro Evolution Soccer 2011 3D talk goes into detail.

  6. Why the hell is Cyrax in the art, and why isn’t my girl Sage in the top billing spot? 😉

  7. Good show so far. Some great stuff fro Deagle this week.

  8. I think I heard Deagle’s heartbreak during the Play with Birds discussion. LOL.

  9. Hey TGers- whats up with BARELY mentioning the PSN outage? This is news!

  10. oh it does…it really does.

  11. Deagle, you take the ‘train’ is Los Angeles? I thought no one take public transportation in LA?

  12. Why is everyone hating on SuperChime? (off the site) Its one of my favorite PSN puzzle games.

  13. Love this week’s music! TeamTeamwork FTW!

  14. I was sure the title was about an JRPG- man was I wrong- hilarious!

  15. Pilotwings for 3DS is much better than most people are saying. The 4-5 completion time doesn’t really do the game justice.

  16. Hilarious show this week. It had a nice offbeat flow and good energy.

  17. Why is Cyrax a roomba?

  18. I wanted a two hour Portal 2 show this week.

  19. No Conduit 2 chatter, Desert?

  20. Tried the new Section 8 game and really liked it. Usually the $60 game for $15 hype is just hype.

  21. Lots of laughs. People were looking at me funny as I was listening and laughing to myself.

  22. great show this week. You are now in my top 5 podcasts.

  23. How come the information is missing on my ipod this week?

  24. Ok, how about some info on how Karnov is doing or what he is up to? He can’t spare like 5-10 minutes to come on the show?

  25. Yeah, Blacklight anyone? Good game, but no way would that have sold for $60 bucks.

  26. because your little brother was looking for pr0n on it? Just a guess.

  27. he cleans houses for extra money when he’s not killing.

  28. Downloading now.

  29. How cone Deagle sounds different on the show and with the interview? Was it live?

    Section 8 is pretty good. I really liked the demo.

  30. How cone Deagle sounds different on the show and with the interview? Was it live?

    Section 8 is pretty good. I really liked the demo.

  31. Good episode! I liked the interview. You should have one with each episode.

  32. Deagle loves the word awesome…

    What do you thinknare the long term prospects for the 3DS? It hasnt exactly took the world by storm?

  33. What do you think of the difference between critics and gamers on things like the 3DS and Portal 2.

  34. Funny just heard Garnett say it on Weaksauce Confirmed.

  35. Rock the Hawk! We all love you guys!

  36. Jeez, Sage was cooking on trivia!

  37. I didn’t hear the stress in Deagle’s voice!?!

  38. NOLA, I bet you’ll be disappointed by MML3Prototype!

    LOL’ed at Deagle’s one-level demo comment. I think it will be two.

  39. Yeah- haven’t you been affected?

  40. Catch up time this week on your podcasts.

    A few weeks ago (Deagle I think) you mentioned one-sentence reviews in Game Informer. I have to admit I took you guys to task and looked it up to see if your were exaggerating/joking. You weren’t.

    Turned out it was written by Phillip Kollar, you used to write good stuff for 1Up. Now he just sucks.

    My question- is there a gaming magazine that doesn’t suck ass? I can’t even look at GI anymore- they’re reviews are months old by the time they go to print and they’re writing isn’t that good. OPM and Nintendo Power are a joke now.

    Maybe I just got older, but today’s magazines are a waste of paper.

  41. That mature part had me going!

  42. I heard SuperChime has 5 new levels and online co-op. NOLA and Deagle- you two suck.

  43. I have a question for next week. Discuss- Chobot, real journalist who deserves to be at E3 or just a hostess that should that back in the office.

  44. Deagle- I’ve been getting patches with PSN down. Go figure.

  45. Bigs Smalls outro was pretty awesome, as was the easter egg.

  46. Ass-teroids?!?

  47. I agree! Discuss it!

  48. Jessica Chobot a journalist? You’re kidding right?

  49. Maybe we should get some fund raising going to start our own. Any ideas?

  50. Alright Lance, first 20 mins of this week’s podcast is for you.

  51. You just made a ninja’s week right there.


  52. WOW! Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  53. Have you tried getting an investor?

  54. WTF was that?

  55. Question for next podcast:

    Could having a two week breakdown, data theft, and the loss of the PSN store for a month be a turning point for Sony?

    What are the odds of Sony rebounding from this? Still having the NGP unveiling at E3?

    Do you think gamers will really forgive and forget with a download game and PSN+ for 30 days?

  56. Princess Skittles

    How about an E3 winner prediction?

    Sony has some significant problems and Microsoft doesn’t seem to know what to do with Kintect or First-party titles, leaving Nintendo….

  57. How cone you guys never covered dragon Age 2 or portal 2?

  58. OxymoronicSavant

    Q: if is wasn’t for gaming would you guys ever talk? To what extent has gaming influenced you socially?

  59. Brutus Buttkickus

    good show this week.

    My question: Overall do you think that this E3 will be worse better or the same as last year? Do you think that limiting the number of people going will have an affect on the web.

  60. that was awful. I couldn’t stomach more than 60 seconds. Did Deagle write those jokes?

    No, they were even worse that that.

    What do you guys think of the IGN/UGO merger.

  61. Question for next show:

    Deagle and NOLA: how come you don’t review family/children’s game anymore?

    I liked your Bakugan and Toy Story 3 reviews very much. Please don’t stop covering the ones I can play with my family.

  62. Question!

    Patrick Klepic mend from nasal-voivced geek to cool baritone after joining the podcast- would would happen if NOLA and Deagle were on the show?

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