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Podcast 5-3: Eat ‘Em and Beat ‘Em

After nursing the bruises sustained by busting doors on Black Friday, the beloved trio returns to offer impressions on Disney Epic Mickey, The Sly Collection, Sky Fighter, Tempura of the Dead and the Gummy Bears: Minigolf. After our discussion of games with edible characters, we satisfy ravenous appetites with a Thanksgiving-sized portion of gaming trivia, interview Namco-Bandai’s Ted and Nick about Pac-Man Championship Edition DX, as well as answer questions from the beloved mailbag.

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About Robert Allen

With over 35 years of gaming experience, Robert 'DesertEagle' Allen is Tech-Gaming's resident worrier/warrior who spends his days teaching at three colleges and his nights devoted to JRPGs.


  1. New podcast. WooHoo.

    First, suckers.

  2. You can’t quite break that 90 minute mark can you?

  3. More Pacman? How much is Namco paying you guys?

  4. Nice, you can see Pac-man’s power pullet because his shorts are so tight.

  5. Man, some of the that old artwork is pure retro gold. Pac-Man wearing a picture of himself on his shirt? Floating dots…

  6. Stretch Caddy Daddy

    Tell me Gummy Bears: Minigolf is a joke.

  7. Halfman Halfhorse

    I accidentally listened ahead. Easter Egg this week.

  8. dude, why are you looking? Please seek some kind of professional help at once.

  9. Can I offer one suggestion?

    Giant Bomb opens with a real enthusiastic radio-style intro. You guys are more Retronauts. Maybe you can try to put a bit more energy in.

  10. Arrata and FAQ?

  11. NOLA- so what were you thinking when you talked about the Wii MH instead of the new PSP game/demo.

    How did you get the game already if it just came out in Japan?

  12. “Does this one have lock-on?” is my favorite question of all time.

  13. Sound quality during Pac-Man discussion sounded like a bad call-in show.

  14. @NOLA the bomber doesn’t take up half the screen in Sky Fighter. I don’t know if you were trying to be funny, but you failed on that remark.

  15. I wanted more Playstation Home talk (if you can believe it)

  16. Addict of the Stick

    Surprisingly, my favorite part so far was NOLA’s Home discussion.

  17. @Adam

    Here’s your Hazaa!!!

  18. Nobama FTW!

  19. @Adam

    My advice for this is to just change the maze visuals before every time you
    play. The graphical style of the game can be changed from the same menu that
    allows you to change the difficult and alter other options, right before a
    game is started. All you need to do is to complete any maze using the eight
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  20. Now I see where the title comes in.

  21. it gets better later, though.

  22. Did Tide really ask Desert why he bought Mana Khemia twice? Duh…

  23. You know I think its time for more contests!

  24. Power pullet? Is that some new word for junk?

  25. I got a shout out? THANKS!

  26. Yep, I thought so too. Except for the trivia.

  27. I liked ripping on Gummy Bears.

  28. I’ll listen later today.

  29. I brought up the Wii demo, and started to compare the two, but then just ended up describing the Wii demo. It was a brianfart – I didn’t even realize I had done it until editing.

    I don’t have the game, just the demo. To get the demo, all I had to do as sign up for CapcomMobile Japan from an iPhone and I was sent a download code. Pretty simple. I know of some people here in the US who have the game already, so importers have been pretty lucky about getting it day-in-date.

    I don’t think I’ll be getting a Japanese copy. I think I can wait for the US version (unless there is overwhelming reader support for a preview).

  30. Blame it on the alalalalcohol…

  31. Why does Tide call Desert poopjoke if he doesn’t make any poop jokes.

  32. Didn’t he buy Knights in the Nightmare on DS and PSP?!?!

  33. So did you guys buy anything for BF/CM?

  34. Good show, just work on that sound quality!

  35. How many old ladies were trampled to bust them doors.

  36. Rolls eyes at “everyone likes to go Home for Thanksgiving” Deagle where do you come up with that?

  37. I would have like to hear some GT talk from you guys.

  38. Good show guys. Could have used a shoutout as I’m female.

  39. Ok I bought Pacman on your recommendation. This better be good.

  40. Ir’s just called the Sly Collection, not Cooper.

    Have a great day!

  41. Shame on NOLA,

    Interrupting Desert’s Epic Mickey talk with some lame joke sucks.

  42. I want to know what Steamboating a Willie means also.

  43. Why do people do this?

    Great show. Sounds like you had a good time.

  44. Good show this week. Lotsa laughs.

  45. You’ll eat anything that gives you more than an eight. Lol.

  46. Yes, there is at least one female listener!

  47. Where’s the DKCR talk?

  48. Funny one this week.

  49. Hey Tech-Gaming these are mandatory!

  50. HA!, I knew it! Validation!

  51. Deagle, where’s the Rune Factory 3 impressions? I heard Rebel FM talk about it.

  52. If there’s an Internet site that I trust impressions of RF its this one.

  53. TideGear - Adam Milecki


  54. Make that two!

  55. Not a problem.

  56. Rolling Thunder rules!

  57. I liked the interview this week.