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Podcast 5-2: Pac-Man, Sex, and Other Drugs

This week, the trio offers impressions of Assassin’s Creed: Brotherhood, FlingSmash, Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit, Knights in the Nightmare, Monster Hunter 3 Freedom, as well as draw comparisons between Pac-Man Championship Edition DX and sex. If the thought of finding similarities between the dot-munching and bumping and grinding is just too nerdy for you, you might be able to take solace in our weekly trivia and answers to reader mail.

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With over 35 years of gaming experience, Robert 'DesertEagle' Allen is Tech-Gaming's resident worrier/warrior who spends his days teaching at three colleges and his nights devoted to JRPGs.


  1. Spoiler Alert:

    TideGears back for this one!

  2. it’s official NOLA’s new name is Tokobot.

  3. Desert, you’re opening game worried me. Thank god you played 12 more this week.

  4. Black Friday show?!?! Hoozah!

  5. “Japaneezing the name”

    Really NOLA? I expected more from you. I think you just like to pick on NIS for any reason you can find. But the name of a game seems like a small reason…

  6. So no one going to at least review on-live? You’re going to dismiss it based on the concept.

  7. Way to kick Grin when they are down and out.

  8. LOL at Desert’s Menorah comment. Way to represent!

  9. For me the obsessive art of gaming is getting as many cheevios as possible from games. I’ve even rented games I know are easy target. (Avatar)

  10. Did NOLA really tell everyone who didn’t like Alpha Protocal to screw themselves?

    How did you really make it through the combat NOLA?

  11. “To put it in, turn to page 62”


  12. Hey guys, I was listening to old shows (3-4)- why does the show time read 0:00???

  13. Something to listen to as I wait in line today.

  14. @DC

    He was joking. I thought that was fairly obvious.

    Different strokes, dude.

  15. Not enough sex and drugs talk. Just the right amount of Pac-Man.

  16. I’ll listen later today.

  17. Stretch Caddy Daddy

    Not enough sexy talk! LOL.

  18. Ive tried to uncover every last bit of game from GTA 3.

  19. I just want to know if you guys resisted buying anything for BF…

  20. Borat- is that you?

    Good show this week. I see the TideGear petition worked.

  21. another good one!

  22. No, it’s grumpybot.

  23. Are any of you guys going to see The Warriors Way?

  24. Some tough trivia this week.

  25. Adam’s back for two straight weeks. I can’t believe it.

  26. Why wasn’t my question answered. I’m sending it again for next week.

  27. AP was awful. I cant believe I wasted $59.99 on the game.

  28. I don’t think he’s a jew….


    Great show this week. Not much from NOLA besides a few funny remarks, tho.

  30. Whose responsible for the sites new look?

    I like it! Especially the girl at the top.

  31. I just have one question for each of you.

    What’s the last book you read for pleasure?

  32. Are you going to do a full FlingSmash review?

  33. I could have used a bit more Monster Hunter talk.

  34. Ive been busy shopping today, but I listen next week.

  35. Have I told you lately that I love you?

    I’ll talk more Monster Hunter next week, now that I’ve spent significant time with the demo. Plus, I need to correct some erroneous/misleading statements I made this week.

  36. Looking forward to it.

  37. Haha- not quite a dozen.

    I’m making up for the doldrums coming in December and January. The winter months looks like I’ll be catching up on my backlog. Is there anything I should be playing but haven’t mentioned?

  38. You’ve never been turned off my a name or cover art? I know I have.

    Who would have thought a game called “The Red Star” would be fun? Sounds like a bad communist newspaper.

  39. I’m late to the party on this one:

    Fooled by Randomness: The Hidden Role of Chance in the Markets and in Life.

    I’m less interested in playing the stock market (whose got money for that, right now?) than understanding how people like to make sense of things by imagining causality.

  40. Wait didn’t you read one of the Splinter Cell books before? I think you mentioned that in your review?

  41. How about DKCR and Flingsmash?

  42. Next week is your 40th show!

  43. Babysitting Mama and Sonic Colors.

  44. I gotta admit it looks pretty cool.

  45. about onLive or MH?

  46. Pretty good one this week, but no interview?

  47. Where’s our Rune Factory 3 review, Mr. Deagle?

  48. With the weekend, I haven’t had time to listen yet.

  49. Is Flingsmash really as bad as perople are saying?

  50. The Monster Hunter Demo. I realized after listening to the episode that I described to Wii demo, and completely dismissed the ACTUAL new demo, which is what I was supposed to be talking about in the first place.
    Don’t remember what I got wrong about Onlive. I stand by saying it is an okay idea with terrible, terrible execution.

  51. I’m enjoying FlingSmash so far, no control problems here.

  52. The Thunder in Paradise song rules all.


    “I can freeze their engines with a laser pulse cannon”

    “Disengage battle cloak”

    That show had everything, cute kids, T&A, and The HULKSTER!

  54. It’s taking me 10+ minutes to download 28.8MB- twice as slow at The GiantBombcast. Time for new servers.

  55. Hippie is the new put-down?

  56. Thats a remake. The original song wasn’t nearly as cool.

  57. Dude, get your shit straight. TideGear always gets it right, Desert admits when he doesn’t know something, but you give out a lot of bogus info.

    Until you get your shit together, consider me unsubscribed.

  58. Beyond him hating on Sonic 4 (Sorry buddy but the levels and music are different enough for me even if the bosses are reused) whats the misinfo?

  59. Thanks for assuming we listen to other podcasts for discussions. Serious fail.

  60. Need moar GT5 talk.