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Podcast 14-2: Leeks, Pickles, and a Dash of Irony

Podcast 14-2 Leeks, Pickles

Beyond offering impressions of Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor, Fluster Clunk, Skylanders: Trap Team, Hohokum, Escape Goat 2, Ingress, To the Moon, and Sherlock Holmes: Crimes and Punishments, the crew also tackles trivia, offers responses to reader mail, and even diverts to discuss a handful of must-see anime. Additionally, IndieOutlook highlights two titles that should be on your radar: the satirical Fat Chicken and achingly affecting Poncho.

Love Live! School Idol Project
The Devil is a Part Timer
My Little Monster
I Couldn’t Become a Hero, So I Reluctantly Decided to Get a Job

Street Fighter 2 Guile’s Theme (R.A.H. Mix), remixed by Rayza
Irony (feat. Hatsune Miku), Scop
The Melancholy of Literary Boy (feat. Hatsune Miku), Getsumen
Tenchu: Shadow Assassins ‘It’s Raining Zen’, remixed by AngelCityOutlaw, timaeus222

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  1. I’m really surprised Hatsune Miku hasn’t been in more show art.

  2. I’m happy for a 2 and 1/2 hour show. But I’d love to get an hour show every week.

  3. I just want to say I totally approve of the anime discussion. It would be great if you had one for each show.

  4. I think Jeremy’s new name should be “sexy pickle” then. Forget Lawman.

  5. Loved, loved, loved, the anime talk. Glad to hear everyone so excited for it.

    Also, Robert’s enthusiasm for Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor seemed unlikely. Love Live? not so much.

  6. I’m suing for defamation of character and infringement if Jeremy uses “sexy pickle” as his new name. Of course, I’ll drop the suit IF he can produce a birth certificate with the name.

    I’m hoping his parents were’t farmers.

    • Now I know how President Obama feels!

      I might have to look for other sexy things that have fermented in brine solution. “Sexy Pigs Feet” doesn’t have quite the same allure. 🙁

  7. Good show so far. I don’t know how everyone has time to listen as soon as the show is released. Pretty hardcore.

  8. I’ll probably listen during the week when I have more time. Glad to see a pick of anime talk!

  9. I’m in agreement with Deagle. Rain on most people’s wedding day would be ironic. Most girls like clear days (for the pictures) so most people marry in June through September.

  10. Blue, I really hope the Sly Collection drops like that again in price. What do think, Black Friday?

    • Sly Cooper Collection is prime Vita Black Friday material. I’d be surprised if it doesn’t drop down into the $10-$15 range at some point during the after-Thanksgiving sales. For some reason, the Sly Cooper games just don’t seem like they sell that well. Not sure why since they’re fun platforming games.

    • I hope it hits that price again too. I was flat broke when it hit the $10 mark. I have the PS3 version but it’s just not as convenient as my Vita.

      • There’s a PS3 version of the Sly Collection? I need to own this.

        • I believe you can actually buy all three Sly Cooper games piecemeal on the PS3. Sly 1 was a free game on PS + at one point. It’s also one of my only platinum trophies, since all you have to do is beat the game and collect every page.

          • Thanks, dude.

            Keyword being “ONLY” hahaha.

          • I only have 4 platinum trophies:
            Sly Cooper
            The Walking Dead: Season 1
            Sonic’s Ultimate Genesis Collection
            LEGO Marvel Super Heroes: Vita (no YOU shut up….it was a fun platinum)

            I also got 100% in After Burner Climax, but there is no platinum for that.

            Now that I’m looking at my list, though I’m kinda bummed about all the games that are sitting at 90+%. Not getting the last 2 trophies in Ys: Memories of Celceta is still one of my greatest shames.

          • To heck with all the hate achievements and trophies get online, I love ’em. They’ve kept me playing games I might have otherwise shelved once the credits rolled. So far, I’ve gotten five Platinums:

            Dead Or Alive 5: Ultimate (PS3)
            Gravity Rush (Vita)
            Hatsune Miku: Project DIVA F (PS3)
            Resistance: Burning Skies (Vita)
            WWE 2K14 (PS3)

            In addition to those, I’m not far off from platinum trophies for Tekken Tag 2, Spyhunter Vita, Sly 1, Hatsune Miku Vita, and the three Tomb Raider Trilogy games.

          • Some are lame though, like spending 10,000 hours playing Disgaea 4. I’ll never get that!

  11. “Stay away from the schoolyards, Blue” might have been my favorite moment of the show.

    But Robert should probably do the same.

  12. Pretty good sounderstanding quality this week. Not a bad show.

    • That’s good, cnote. Usually during recording we’re frantically IMing back and forth “OMG, is it just me who’s cutting out? Can anyone hear Blue? omg omg”

  13. Three episodes into The Devil is a Part Timer and I might just have to stick with it!

  14. Never really listen to Hatsune Miku, but I really like the music in thew show.

    Good show all around, but where’s the interviews. Oh, and Say, train those dogs to be quiet!

  15. Good episode. Thinking about giving the Fat Chickens a try.

  16. Halfman Halfhorse

    Pix the Cat is a straight up shameful ripoff, but hey it was free but I’ll forgive the developers this time.

    • Plus its on Vita and PS4, which doesn’t have PCEDX.

    • There are also 2 other game modes that AREN’T PacMan. People are forgetting that.

      • Are bootleg Centipede or what?

        • As I’m writing this, I’m blanking on what the 3rd mode is, but the 2nd mode (which you unlock by making it to like the 5th map in Arcade mode) is a sliding puzzle mode with a completely different art style. Not the most revolutionary thing in the world, but definitely not PacMan.

          I think the bummer thing about Pix The Cat is that Pix N Luv Rush for the PSP was SO much fun, and this one is just okay in comparison. I was really looking forward to another rad platformer with cool art and music.

  17. You forgot the Norigami link.

  18. Since Jeremy likes anime now can we call the episode “Castlevania: Lamont of Innocence”?

  19. Halfman Halfhorse

    Downloaded Ingress. Going to try the game out today.

  20. First time listener, now a subscriber.

  21. I’m really just leaving this comment to push Jeremy off the front-page comment thingy. I’m very disappointed that he stopped carrying my anime-hate torch. I guess I didn’t train him well enough 🙁

  22. So glad to hear a podcast that doesn’t harp on Japanese games being “too Japanese”.

  23. I’d like to hear more animé reviews from all of you.