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Podcast 13-3: Fleeing Fish and Perceptible Pantsu

Fleeing Fish and Perceptible Pantsu

After weighing in on next-generation’s launch line-up, upcoming Fall titles, and the Phil Fish meltdown, the crew offers impressions of Dragon’s Crown, Invizimals: The Lost Tribes, Tokyo Jungle Mobile, as well as revisits a few PSP role-playing titles. After offering another spirited installment of IndieOutlook and an interview with the developers of Cake Nana, the team gathers for another engrossing round of game trivia.

Show Notes

0:00-0:44            Fishing for Attention, Otaku Origins, DriveClub Me
0:44-1:59              Pantsu, The Return of Mate, Howl, Fade to Black,
2:00-2:15              Interview, Cake Nana developer 3 and a Half Samurai,
2:15-2:25              IndieOutlook Wyv and KeepELEMENT4L
2:26-2:34              Game Trivia

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With over 35 years of gaming experience, Robert 'DesertEagle' Allen is Tech-Gaming's resident worrier/warrior who spends his days teaching at three colleges and his nights devoted to JRPGs.


  1. About. Damn. Time.

    So is the schedule every three weeks now?

  2. I’m a bit surprised that you guys would put that attention whore in your podcast picture.

  3. Oh and for the Mamorukun Curse contest.

    Cute ’em Ups!

  4. Cheers for the Mamorukun Curse giveaway!

    Lolis and lasers!

  5. Wow, over two hours? I guess the two part experiment was a failure, then.

  6. Phil Fish seems like an unhappy individual. Hopefully, we can find another vocation which gives me satisfaction.

    Sad to see him go because he was obviously quite talented.

    For the contest: Schoolgirl Shmup

  7. Underage ’em ups!

    Sounds like a good show so far. Moving the mailbag section is a good idea.

  8. The contest kind of reminds me of a thread in the (don’t laugh) NIS forums:

  9. 2 hours and 34 minutes. All other podcasts will be crushed under the weight of this episode.

    Chiptune Bad Touch was perfect. I should have played in the background of TJM impressions.

  10. Jeremy calls anime “cartoons” and makes a slant joke.

    Why exactly is this guy on your podcast?

  11. Sean, can I be a “women” and live with my Walking Dead decisions? I don’t really want to be a men, other than that pee standing up privilege. 😉

    • Yes, you of course you can Wo-Man-Up and to deal with your Walking Dead decision! I was really just implying that reptiles can’t deal with tough choices. Every time they have to hit a button, they wipe the harddrive and start over.

      (I should probably just start using something more neutral, like “Geny Up” as my turn of phrase)

    • “Sack up” is the appropriate gender-neutral term.

      • So is asshat. Which you are.

      • Thanks for your response, Sean and Jeremy.

        Finding a response on a video game site that is condescending and snarky can be so difficult these days.

        • I think Jeremy likes to troll people. He seems to get off on it.

        • Hmmmm. I think the sarcasm is starting to fold in on itself. I can’t tell what’s genuine anymore.

          Well, I am genuinely apologetic for offending Maximini, and I was serious about switching to “Geny Up.” I stole that from Justin McElroy, since they were trying to find a gender-neutral way to convey the general idea behind “man up” “sack up” or “be a man” on MBMBaM.

          “Geny Up” is like “sack up” only it applies bravery to all genitalia. I suppose we could take that a step further and just say something like “be brave,” but I like “Geny Up,” and have already written a parody version of Yung Wun’s “Tear It Up” in my head.

  12. I enjoyed the interview with Cake Nana team. Especially when you broke down Nana in 5 different languages. Too bad all your guesses were a bit off.

  13. I’m glad to see you were able to carry on with Sage’s leadership and provide a pretty good show.

    Lots of good talk this week. I like Jeremy’s Tokyo Jungle and Robert’s Dragon’s Crown overview. IndieOutlook may have been the best. Great banter between those two.

    • Thank you, Sektor! It is always wonderful to read people do listen and enjoy it 🙂

      • Sektor is right, you two seem very natural and relaxed together. Not that the other presenters don’t, but the rest is slightly more structured while Indie Outlook is almost more like overhearing two friends chatting about games. It’s a nice dynamic.

  14. I like how Robert didn’t want to talk about Dragon’s Crown T&A and even said we wasn’t. Then enthusiasm shoots throw the roof when he does.

  15. You spent way too much talking about Fish. Wasting a single breath on that racist troll is too much.

    • I think it was worth talking about. Whatever you think about him personally, the video game community has some real problems interacting with one another in a civil manner.

      (Except here, on, bastion of good manners on the Internet!)

      He’s as good an object lesson as anyone else.

      • Jeremy sneaks in a plug for Bastion while promoting the site.

        Don’t take your eyes off this wizard.

      • If it provokes a strong reaction from people then there’s something there worth discussing, guaranteed. I think Phil Fish a particularly noteworthy case because he’s an example of the relatively recent phenomenon of game developer celebrity, and the even more recent indie developer celebrity. It’s such a new thing, and still in a state of flux. A discussion topic indeed.

    • I may not be sure but, I believe they did bring the situation into the podcast because emails were overflowing about it. I guess some listeners were curious what they’d think about it all.

      • Fry the Fish, I say!

        And he got a decent roasting on the show.

        • “Fry the Fish”, lol. My twitter feed is about 80% of people in the industry and the comments were less than pleasant – TG crew was somewhat kind compared to what I’ve read online, for sure.

  16. I think Cute ’em Ups is the best name for loli shooters.

  17. Listening now. Mailbag section is llllooooonnngggg.

  18. Tried Cake Nana today. Cool to hear from the developers, even through the game is a bit of a tap fest.

  19. I love NOLA. The guy doesn’t come on the show in 6 months, then when he does he talks about 6 year old PSP games.

  20. Just throwing it out there: IndieOutlook may be the best part the show. I’d love to hear Say telling Sean and Jeremy off (not just Robert).

    • Thank you, AzureDawn! I really love the support IndieOutlook brings and receives. Also, about the rest of your comment – Jeremy and I have had some interesting twitter exchange before, suffice to say I think it’s best to keep me away, lol.

  21. Enjoying a front row seat for the backlash.


  22. Robert, how could you lump in angry video game nerd with Marcus Beer and Assclown Joe? Sad face.

  23. Sounds like you recorded the show with the mono driver. Please patch your show.

    • Speaking of “mono” drivers, is anyone else concerned with the Xbox One? Microsoft seems to be changing things every month to compete with the PS4. With 3 months to launch this hoes not seem good.

      (Thinking about switching my preorder)

  24. I can tell you from working with hardware manufacturers that they’re making changes even after the first machines are boxed up. Look at how many minor changes were made to the PSX over it’s life – pre-release is not any different.

    Sony is revising their hardware every day, just like Microsoft, it’s just that the changes Microsoft has made are being reported more, because they’re much more noticeable and address issues that people are already worried about. If Sony decides to switch out their power supply or shift RAM allocation, they don’t really need to send out a press release. Microsoft feels like they do.

    PreOrder whichever console you’re most comfortable with. Or wait a few months.

  25. Ok, but why not release specs, then mention a slight speed boost. Makes no sense.

    • Keeping PR in the loop with the day-to-day workings of hardware manufacturing is dangerous and expensive. Imagine this scenario:

      Sony’s Foxconn factory is setup and starts manufacturing PS4s. They opted to use RAM “A” even though RAM “B” showed slightly better performance, because RAM “A” was more readily available when they started manufacturing. 100,000 units in, and the RAM “A” supplier has to jack up their prices, so Sony switches to the faster RAM “B”.

      You’d THINK this would be a great PR opportunity, because they are *technically* making the system faster, but what happens when Supplier “A” rebounds and is able to drop the price? Can Sony switch back without suffering from negative publicity? Also, what happens with those first 100,000 machines? Are consumers going to start checking serial numbers to make sure they get a RAM “B” PS4? Will that artificially deflate the value of a RAM “A” system? And if it does, how will that effect the stores that received early shipments? Will they have to drop their prices in order to clear that stock? And if they do that, then will the uninformed public devalue the PS4?

      Granted, that’s a “sky is falling” scenario, but we saw that with the Dreamcast – it didn’t take long for word to get out that Dreamcasts made before a certain date were more “valuable” than newer models because they had different parts, and that had a negative effect on the price.

      It’s in a company’s best interest to keep consumers in the dark about their production. It sounds sleezy, but they need to keep control of their hardware, or it will get away from them. Microsoft put themselves in a weird place, and it’s forcing them to give unprecedented access to users, but I wouldn’t expect the same from Sony.

      • Keeping consumers in the dark has it advantages. Microsoft should have never announced their DRM policy and then placed their foot in the mouth again and again after the initial message.

        But I can’t help but feel the awkward silence just a few months from release into exactly building hype. Of my 8 or so casual gaming friends, only 1 is interested (not preordered) a next gen machine. Now I’m sure TV ads will change all that, but in my circle, coming up with an extra $400 or $500 takes a few months of planning. Unless they act now, they’re going to miss the Xmas rush.

        • Even Activision mentioned that COD: Ghosts preorders weren’t doing well and blamed next-gen uncertainly.

          Things don’t look good.

          • Thinking consumers are just going to buy hardware because you flash snippets of a few games is bullshit. Or have the PS Vita and Wii U suddenly moved to the top of the NPDs?

      • Lets be real, pre-2000 DCs are more expensive because they play backups. Not because their parts are better.

        • That’s exactly what I was talking about. I worked in a game store toward the end of the Dreamcast’s life, and once that news hit the general public, post-2000 DCs became almost impossible to move. Not everyone who was loking for a launch DC even knew why they were better, they just knew that a friend of a friend said not to buy one if it came out after a certain date, and they didn’t want to feel like they were being short-changed.

          • I see that , but if consoles are functionally the same, meaning the play games equally (nothing like 60 GB PS3 being BC and more valuable), do people really care?

  26. I agree with Jeremy’s tin foil hat-theory on Fish, it seems like a grand bait n’ switch here. The guys twitter pic is of Kaufman after all, it feels like him and every big player on twitter who he argues with will be saying “Gotcha!” to us all. And in regards to Dragon Crown, who doesnt like some extra junk in the trunk? 😉

  27. Good show this week. Much better than this weeks CAGcast which put down almost every group imaginable from NeoGAF users and indie developers.

  28. Indie Outlook was awesome as always! Say <3

  29. Bullet Hell, Lolita Heaven.

  30. A name that encapsulates Bullet Hell games, lolis and Japan? OOOOOoooh I know!

    Kiss Kiss Bang Bang Neo Extreme!

    Tell me this doesn’t sound like a bullet hell shmup 😛

  31. Gonna listen to the podcast in a bit, but here’s my Lolishmup entry in the meanwhile:
    Chibi Sukeban Moe Moe Mecha 2: Tsundere and Lightni~nyo!!!

  32. Tsundere em ups.

  33. Shoo em ups.

  34. My entry is.
    Uguu Kawaii-Shooty-Chan.

  35. Suppa Eros no 18.

  36. Good show. I really liked Indie Outlook and hearing about Dragons Crown.

  37. Just finished listening. How about less Jeremy and more trivia and more indie look?

  38. My entry for the loli shmup contest is… “Humbert Humbert in… Pursuit of the Pirate Panties”

    I found a mock-up picture that I’m sure could be used for the cover or something.

  39. Deagleups.

  40. I was listening to an old podcast where you guys where Pachterizing. Where Nola thought the Wii U was a good idea (because of the need to share a TV screen) while Robert said that $60 ports of $20 Xbox games was a bad idea.

    Did any of you think the system would fail this hard?

  41. The podcast’s summer vacation is almost over with. Questions?

  42. Things I have learned from tonight’s podcast recording; I cannot fault Hatsune Miku’s photo mode for shutting off the character model if there’s pantsu without being a pervert. And there is your next podcast teaser.

    Also, you might want to watch this trailer:

    • So it was just you and Robert podcasting?

      • Actually, it was a pretty full house. Robert, Jeremy, Sage, Ryan, and yours truly, to be exact. Sean was going to be, too, but… Well, you’ll hear what happened on the podcast.