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Podcast 12-6: My Pretentiousness

12-6 My PretentiousThis week the crew offers impressions of Star Wars Pinball, F1 2012, The Cave, Urban Trial Freestyle, and The Guardians of Middle Earth. In addition to our conventional dose of gaming trivia and answers to reader mail, we welcome Ryan and Steve from NIS America, and well as welcome new co-host Say, who helps in the inauguration of Indie Outlook- the show’s latest addition. Don’t forget if you’d like to win a code for Cognition: Episode One or Super House of Dead Ninjas, please leave an appropriate comment. All winners will be announced during our next show.

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Show Notes:
Open letter from Amanita, Colibri and Daedalic regarding Lace Mamba Global
Cognition: An Erica Reed Thriller
Super House of Dead Ninjas
J.U.L.I.A. Enhanced Edition

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With over 35 years of gaming experience, Robert 'DesertEagle' Allen is Tech-Gaming's resident worrier/warrior who spends his days teaching at three colleges and his nights devoted to JRPGs.


  1. Yeah, new show! 2 hours? Man, you guys deliver.

    • Just don’t ask me to deliver pizza, or it will be half eaten by the time I ring your doorbell.

  2. Ninja Master Gara for the contest.

    Robert and Say, you two sound great together. I like the way she tries to trip you up.

  3. I miss Blue this week. It’s really not the same without him.

    NISA interview? Cool. How many times have they been on?

  4. So far I’m loving it, but I was really surprised by Robert calling Braid pretentious.

    Are you hopping on the bandwagon or do you really feel that way? Also, couldn’t your review be called the same thing?

    • Didn’t he claim he never watches TV? Robert, I like you and all, but that pot and kettle thing….

      • Yes, in hindsight I misspoke. Like Jeremy said, I had let Blow’s comments cloud my option of the game.

        However, I still stand behind the idea that Braid’s core hook isn’t that innovative. Blinx the Timesweeper had players playing around with time in similar ways long before Braid. The game’s narrative didn’t do too much for me. If my analysis if correct (the hero thought he was saving the princess, but was inadvertently harming her), then the meaning was a bit obscured. Even if Blow wanted a little ambiguity, it didn’t mesh with the game’s mechanics for me. Not to just pick on Braid- many of these criticisms could be leveled at Papo & Yo as well.

  5. Mai Shiranui is my favorite ninja.

    Great show. Get better, Blue!!!

  6. Gray Fox!

    Good show this week. Everyone seems to have a great energy level.

  7. Deagle, you need to play Forklift Truck Simulator for next week.

    For contest: Episode 4: ‘Tis In My Memory Locked

  8. Thank you Robert, for working so hard on all of this 🙂

    • It’s Robert Allen’s Damn show.

      Good one. Just needed Sean and Blue.

    • No, Thank you, Jeremy, Sage, and Blue for your contributions. If you can tolerate me droning on about games and 80’s films, it’s only because of my co-hosts. I may joke around, but it’s really their show. They each bring so much to the table.

  9. Robert needs to play this for the next show:

    I loved your F1 impressions. Very well done. And Jeremy, great as always!

    For Sage, KOTOR was awesome. I love your patch reports, they crack me up.

  10. Sound quality was better. Show quality was really good. Keep it up, guys and girls.

    Oh and Super House of Dead Ninjas is pretty damn awesome.

  11. Say you’re great and all, but will you only promote games you’re affiliated with?

    Also, Say where are you from? I like your accent. Seems Robert does even more.

    • If by affiliated you mean friends with developers, most likely yes – given I know their stories and I know what’s going on behind the production of the game which is what inspires me to promote then to begin with. I am not a CBE Software employee neither I am making one penny out of this whole IndieGogo thing.

  12. Garden Simulator 2010, play it love it, live it.

    I want this to be a new segment for the show.

  13. First Wombat makes a period joke, now Robert? C’mon guys keep it clASSy.

  14. Get better Blue and SeanNOLA, wherever you are…

    I liked Indie Outlook. It (and Say) is a keeper. Bought the Indie Debut bundle for Cloudphobia.

  15. I felt the same as you guys about The Cave. Maybe my expectations were too high, but I stopped playing after one play through.

  16. I like Ninja Gaiden. Oh and Super House of Dead Ninja is so f’ing amazing.

  17. Never trust a Lace Mamba.

  18. My favorite ninja is Sheena Fujibayashi.

  19. Joe Musashi is my favorite ninja.

  20. Ninja robots count, right?

    Sektor would be my pick then. Thanks for the shoutout again, guys.

  21. Ryu Hayabusa is my favorite ninja.

    Good show this week. Thanks, all.

  22. I really liked this show. Good interplay and discussion.

    I once thought that Sean and Sage hooked up. Now, I’m thinking either Jeremy and Robert or Robert and Say. hahaha. Just kidding guys.

  23. I like the ninja from Shinobi the best. I hope forgetting his name doesn’t exclude me from winning.

    Good show. I love Jeremy. So fanny, smart and charming. Listen carefully and you’ll hear me call Robert a name.

  24. I have zero interest in F1, but listening to you talk about it was really interesting. I really think that if Robert loves crazy sims he should play a new one every week.

  25. I like Ninja Gaiden myself.

    Sage, sometimes your voice would get very soft during the show. What happened?

    • We’re not sure if it’s my headset or my bandwidth. My mega beast computer is far away from the router, and i don’t have a separate mic from that gaming headset. Gonna try to work it out.

      • My guess? Sektor place a hidden toilet cam and its stealing bandwidth. hahaha

      • 1) Use wired connection.

        2) Grab a $20 wired mic and headset.

        3) Sound as clear as Jeremy, Robert, and (when he’s there) Blue.

        • Demon Dave–> Wired connection not an option, and I am using a wired mic and headset. its a really dang nice one too. 🙂 Any other suggestions?

  26. Great job Say! Missed Blue though 🙁

  27. Yep, as a “True Blue” fan, he was missed.

    I really like how Blue and Robert get along. The seem like kindred spirits.

  28. Whose doing the Monster Hunter review for you guys?

  29. American Ninja Michael Dudikoff!!!!

    I liked TSL’s first episode.

    Great show, I like Robert and Say.

    I promise not to mispronounce your name like he did.

  30. Good all around show except for Sage’s sound quality which was pretty bad.

  31. When is seanNOLA coming back? Did he ever buy another Vita?

  32. Jeremy I like you and all but give your hosts a moment to chime in and talk. You keep talking over your cohosts.

    • I like Jeremy’s discussion. Now create someone with Robert’s voice and Jeremy’s humor and we’d have the perfect host.

  33. Greetings from Istanbul. Thank you for making the show. I like listening to English language game podcasts to improve my language and learn about all the games I cannot afford to import or buy.

  34. Listening from Camp Leatherneck, Afghanistan!

  35. I’m my own favorite Ninja.

  36. Sound quality sucks ass.

  37. My eyelashes made a lens flare like effect today when I looked at the sun.

    also great show. my favorite Ninja is Chris Farley. oh, and nice blooper at the end.

  38. Great podcast. Thanks for having TWO intelligent, well-spoken women on the show. You have a new subscriber here.

  39. totally off topic.

    Came to the site after your tweet about IGN’s “bro” marketing, and just want to say I love your writing and style.

    RSS subscribed!

  40. Say sounds so different on this show then she did in the Phoenix interview. Much more confident. Congrats!

    Also, Mini Ninjas!