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Podcast 12-5: Pee Ess Fore!

Podcast 12-5 Pee Ess FourThis week, Robert, Jeremy, Eric and Sage offer their often-irrelevant analysis of the PlayStation 4 presser as well as impressions of Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance, Big Sky Infinity, Bentley’s Hack Pack, Aliens: Colonial Marines, Unfinished Swan, Assassin’s Creed III, and Cognition Episode 2. Before offering our usual offering of gaming trivia and responses to reader mail, we also speak with Senscapes’ Agustín Cordes, who is on hand to discuss Asylum, his recently Greenlit and Kickstarted adventure game.

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With over 35 years of gaming experience, Robert 'DesertEagle' Allen is Tech-Gaming's resident worrier/warrior who spends his days teaching at three colleges and his nights devoted to JRPGs.


  1. Wait 2 hours and 54 minutes. This is INSANITY!

  2. Seriously this might be the longest show I have ever downloaded.

  3. Looks good, sound fun, but sound quality definitely has to improve.

  4. Ok, Blue is on fire this week. Seriously, the guy is killing it.

    Best Eric ever.

    Also, vote against Rob Schneider.

  5. Jeremy’s blow by blow description of the PS4 event has more detail than Engadget and Kotaku’s live blogs combined. Robert is trying to be funny, but I’m not feeling it tonight.

    • Oh good, cuz it was mostly off the hip. Which also caused some inaccuracies, which have been pointed out further down the comments.

      Also I realized after we were done that I totally skipped over Blizzard and Destiny. Oops.

    • SoftTentacle, you’re not being soft enough. Thanks for listening. Advice heeded.

      BTW- Your moniker would suggest you’re USUALLY a fan of our sophomoric humor, right?

  6. Ramen, cosplay, and hobby store. I want to come on your ultimate weeabo outings. You guys are in LA, right? I’m in the OC.

  7. Jeremy, you’re way too high on the PS4.

    This pretty much encapsulated my feelings:

    – Sony’s FY 2012 financial results saw it swallow a $5.74 billion loss, with PS3, PSP and PS2 hardware sales all down. It’s all or nothing and this your final bet?

    – There was another Killzone, which looked pretty much like the others with better graphics. (and like Robert said, AI right out of a PS2 game)

    – Tech demos that failed to elicit much excitement.

    • Anyone see this?

      “A study, carried out by MyVoucherCodes, has found that 52 per cent of 949 self-confessed British gamers have been left feeling “disappointed” by the official PS4 unveiling, whilst just 31 per cent said they had been left impressed by what Sony had to show.”

      “According to the figures, 59 per cent of those disappointed by the PS4 have been deterred by the console’s lack of back compatibility meaning users will not be able to use the console to play PS3 games.”

      “Off those left disappointed by the console’s lack of native PS3 support, 61 per cent of gamers said the issue would put them off buying the console following the ‘holiday 2013’ launch, whilst 27 per cent said they would now consider jumping ship to Xbox.”

      Great job, Sony.

      • Yeah, I was really disappointed by the PS4 presser. No interest in a share button, streaming, or most of the ‘upgrades’.

        Look at the Vita, half the features (camera/GPS/rear touch) aren’t even used. It’s Sony throwing stuff at the wall hoping some will stick.

        • They show the killer apps at E3 and you’ll all want one. Trust me. My only worry is the price.

          And and Blue was on fire this week. Schneider was never funny.

        • That’s kind of what platform holders do, right? Give developers the tools they want (or, heck, may not have thought of) to make interesting software?

          I don’t see the problem with this.

          • Serious, Blue you brought the most funny this week. Great job. Robert seemed really upbeat and lively.

            And a downvote for Schneider/Too Human!

            Sage’s audio got low/noisy is parts, but I loved her thoughts on Aliens.

      • The backwards compatibility thing is once again a weird straw-man argument for people to convince themselves not to spend money. Okay, that’s fine.

        The thing that’s weird to me about backwards compatibility is that, corect me if I’m wrong, but we’ve been talking about it for months in advance. And now it’s a problem.

        Okay. 🙂

        • We’ve been speculating about it for months. Now we know our PSN purchases are tied to our PS3s.

          I like B/C because I have a limited amount of room. I don’t want to look at 6 consoles connected to my TV.

          • I definitely relate to that, Ernest. I’m out of HDMI connectors on my Big TV, and I only have one more to spare on my Big Surge Protector. Honestly, it’s been a slight deterrent to getting a Wii-U. 🙁

    • I guess the recording shows the truth, but my recollection of it was that I laid things out mostly as they were presented. The only thing I went out of my way to be positive about was the “sharing” functionality, and I laid out my reasons for that. And by “be positive” I mean that I said the words “I’m at least willing to listen.”

      But sure, I’m excited to see what they bring.

      Frankly, I don’t really find any of your negative points very convincing either, Griz. I guess we’ll have to wait and see until they actually show us something, hm?

    • Look at some of the stills for Killzone. They are unbelievable. Sony can take my goddamned money. What else am I going to use it for? Groceries? Rent?

    • Killzone was pure 1080p eye candy. But in hindsight, the AI did look like a PS2 game.

      Like Jeremy said it’s early.

  8. JM, the PS4 will be using a 8-core 64-bit x86 “Jaguar” CPU built by AMD. It’s not 32-bit.

  9. Did anyone really think the PS4 was going to push 4K Sony TVs. Ok, I did for a second.

    • I think there’s a consensus that 4k resolution in games would bloat budgets and storage, so it makes sense that it will only support movies and stuff, I guess. But did they even mention 4K? It doesn’t seem like it.

  10. I predict bad things for Sony. Between this and the Vita, they’re swallowed the cyanide. Time to watch them twitch and grow cold.

  11. Sony won’t announce a price until Microsoft shows their hand.

    • They still have a lot to talk about. A lot of questions to answer. Why spill all the beans up front when you can be a talking point all year long?

      I was surprised that it’s coming out so soon, this fall. Is that soon?

      • I think much of the problem with the press event was expectations. We want to know everything now. Its the way the internet works.

  12. Wow, Desert was pretty cynical on the PS4 reveal. This did show S-E on board. Wow so negative?

  13. What are Peloatas and why did Deagle get all giggles at the end of the interview.

    Great show, though.

  14. My thoughts: the dedicated gaming console is becoming a thing of the past, much like the gaming portable system. PS4 is going to be a set top box that’s designed for more than just conventional gaming.

    Example: sharing 5 minutes of video might be free, but you’ll have to be a PS+ member or pay to show longer clips. Obviously, they’ll monetize like YouTube and make you watch ads before the clips.

    • I think most people believe Sony (and MS, later on) are going to be making the argument for the continued existence of dedicated game consoles.

      I guess we’ll see!

  15. Great show. Listened to the whole damn thing.

  16. Had to download, not on RSS yet.

  17. You guys have it all wrong. I fap with two gloves, not one.

    I’m kidding! Great show, love that Sage is back.

  18. Please photobomb all E3 broadcasts with this shirt:

    You’ll be my heroes 4 lyfe.

  19. I think it’s going to take me a full week to listen. So far, pretty good. I like the Sony talk and the interview with Agustin.

  20. Schneider is not funny and doesn’t have talent. Perhaps he got in show business because he’s related to someone.

    Great job all around. Seriously, off all the PS4 coverage, you guys didn’t some of the best. Great vibe, I never heard Robert and Blue giggling so much.

  21. Thank you so much for picking up my question! lol, great podcast everyone. Looking forward for the next indie master piece “Scratchin’ Pelotas” :p

  22. Good to hear from Agustin, really looking forward to Asylum!

    And yay for the shoutout to Cognition, I’m currently working with those guys because I loved the game so much 😀

  23. Good show. Glad to hear that Asylum for funded. Viva Argentina.

    • I think we were all celebrating that day, it was indeed wonderful to see Asylum goal completed. Everyone worked SO hard for that, nothing but wishing them the very best on their game 🙂

  24. Schneider is kind of funny, a guilty pleasure.

    Great, epic show. I can’t believe how long it was this week. Great PS4 overview, interview, trivia. Could have used more musical selections, but oh well.

  25. Hearing R. Kelly pee jokes in 2013 is so funny.

  26. So much info this episode. I’m awaiting the first four hour podcast.


    Sean “SEANNOLA” Kirkland

  28. Why 2012? De’s been gone THAT long?

  29. He’s, not DE’s. Although DE probably needs to leave the country unless he hid the body well. 😉

  30. Great job, Robert, Jeremy, Blue, and Sage. Blue, you were particularly funny this week. Know that I was listening while eating, laughed, soda spilled from my mouth. Cute girl laughed AT me, not with me. I blame you for this. 😉

    Oh, Robert’s ‘glove’ comment. that sealed the deal.

    • If she saw you spit your soda laughing, that means she was looking at you, and I’m pretty THAT means sure she wants your D. XD

  31. From the language of your reviews, I’m surprised that any of you have watched a Rob Schneider movie.

  32. I picked up Bentley’s Hack Pack on your recommendation. I’m really liking it. Great deal for $2.99.

  33. Scratches is a great game. Like he said it’s on Steam, so you should play it if you like adventure games with atmosphere. I can’t wait for Asylum.

    The only thing you didn’t ask is when we get to play it if we backed it…

  34. LOLed at Blue Super Nintendo comment. So damn true. Man, you nailed it this week, Eric.

  35. The download lives up to the title, it’s a trickle.

  36. Good news, bad news time.

    The Bad News: I wasn’t feeling too good on podcast night this week, so I had to take a pass on recording.

    The Good News: Robert and I are doing another tag team review. Hint: It’s a download title… at least on XBLA and PSN, anyways. Commence speculating. 😉