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Podcast 12-3 Raiden Dirty

Podcast 12-3 Raiden DirtyBeyond offering impressions of Code of Princess, Puzzle and Dragons, PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale, Chonovolt, Hero Academy, and the PS Vita ports of Earth Defense Force 2017 and Oddworld: Stranger’s Wrath the crew also welcomes Michael Goslin of Rebel Entertainment who is on hand to discuss Dungeon Rampage. As always, we offer our usual dose of gaming trivia, responses to listener questions, as well as intersperse irrelevant references to tentacles.

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With over 35 years of gaming experience, Robert 'DesertEagle' Allen is Tech-Gaming's resident worrier/warrior who spends his days teaching at three colleges and his nights devoted to JRPGs.


  1. No Sean

    No Sage

    No Listen

    • Why Hoffbro, why?

      • I have to admin that Sage is probably my favorite part of the show, but between Robert, Jeremy, and Blue, there’s still a high chance for a great show.

        BTW- Need to buy Hero Academy! Thanks for the reminder Jeremy.

        • Aw, thank you!! Regrettably, my many faceted and law filled life sometimes makes it hard for me to make it. I will try harder not to miss though, after your kind words! 🙂

          • I can speak for both Sektor and myself by saying you were missed this episode. The guys just are too serious when you’re not around.

          • snakes4socks, thats so funny, I cant imagine why they’d be MORE serious when I’m not there. i can’t imagine them being serious at all, really. 🙂

      • No money.

        No parts.

        No deal.


    • Don’t hold your breath for a NOLA appearance any time soon:\
      My “real job” is going through some serious restructuring, and the result is that I am working late, travelling often, and working on things/with clients I’m not allowed to talk about. That’s leaving very little time for gaming and podcasting, and making talking to people generally no fun, since I have to make sure I don’t mention X, Y or Z (which is tough for me, because I have a big mouth). So what little time I HAVE had to play games, I’ve mostly been tackling my Saturn backlog or playing Chaos Rings, because I can play that on the bus/train/plane.
      HOPEFULLY, in the coming weeks/months things will settle down, and I can have my life back, but in the mean time, I’m taking a back seat. If you want, I can make a 30 second recording of me saying “I’m still playing Shining Force 3. It is still good. I also still like Monster Hunter” and Rob can play it at the beginning of “Whatchu Been Playin?” so you can pretend like I’m there.

  2. Some kickstart Blue making a Godzilla style movie with Maria Ozawa. I’ll pledge $20 toward the rubber suit costume!

  3. Energy level seems a bit low this week for Robert. What’s going on man? A case of the NOLAs?

    • I’m listening now. The only thing this show needs is a Karnov cameo.

      Seriously, when is Adam going to stop by again? And when is Sage ever going to finish reviewing Bunny Must Die! Chelsea and the 7 Devils?!?!

  4. Download now at a decent speed. Hooooray!

  5. I remember Des, I remember well the joys of Poy Poy

    I’d “put it in” the fighting camp. People seem to think that everything that doesn’t look like a 2D sprites on each side of the screen game is not a true fighter. Not so!

    • Shit, I now remember playing that! I listen to Retronauts all the time but they’re never mentioned Poy Poy. Between that and Camaltry, you should do a retro spin-off show.

  6. Troll Alert!!!!

    There’s no way I’m believing that Robert didn’t know how to get on the PlayStation mobile store. I’m calling bullshit and maybe he was trying to be amusing, but it came across like a fart in smartcar.

  7. Who’s got a 3DS? Why have you guys not played Paper Mario: Sticker Star?

  8. Good show this week. Sounds like you guys are fans of the Monkey Balls.

  9. Also got a download speed of 700+ KB/s. Wow- very nice improvement!

  10. Jeremy was a little too forgiving of Kotaku. They are a site that has repeated not cared about the truth or fact checking (as in the Kamiya case) but printing sensationalism and getting web hits. Who can forget the time that a CAG poster totally made shit up and they printed it as it were fact? How many times have they posted BS and put [rumor] after the headline?

    Yeah, some use twitter and GAF to keep them in check, but that’s a very small minority. Look at the Wainwright/Keighley thread on GAF compared to the number of Kotaku readers. It’s less than 1/100 of the size.

    • Like Jeremy said the best thing you can do it not read them. As for Totillo, I think he was good when he was at MTV MPB, but then he seemed to have lost it when it went to Kotaku. Now all he does is apologize. And Ashcraft- that guy just writes about weird stuff like vending machine with soiled panties. Make Japan look bad. Imagine if you focused on America’s seediest parts.

    • I don’t know. I still see a lot of stuff (news, for example) that gets a wide readership at Kotaku. They also have some pretty interesting editorials sometimes.

      Obviously I don’t have to like everything they do, but I am not to a point where I’ll just dismiss them out of hand. Just me.

  11. The Gawker media group is the journalistic equivalent of the tail end of the human centipede.

  12. Yeah, not many are playing PASBR. I know about 12 people at my school who have PS3. Only 1 bought the game. Matching making is kind of slow. Hopefully, Sony will put it on PS+ soon.

  13. Your new all Sony FTP format sucks donkey balls. I like how you ignore 360 and Nintendo owners. Guess I have to move on to a better podcast.

    • Unless I hear more talk about other systems I’m going to drop the show. IGN’s Beyond! already has the Sony rah-rah angle down.

    • DEagle played Code of Princess. I had Theathrhythm Final Fantasy to talk about, and Rhythm Heaven Fever. Maybe next time! Good games are out there.

    • Seeing as how I wasn’t there this week, I can’t comment to this week’s content, but we often discuss PC games and 360, with the Wii getting some time but not as much. That goes for both the podcasts and our site content. Personally, I don’t have any sony systems, and all my reviews are for PC games. Id recommend you check out a wider breadth of our stuff; sometimes one system just has more stuff out that we review than others.

  14. Just started playing Puzzle and Dragons while I was listening to the show. Thanks for getting me hooked, Des. I did not need a new addiction.

    Any tips for a newbie?

  15. Love the art!! Loved the interview!

  16. I agree with Jeremy’s comment that reviews should say “should I buy it or not?” But I also don’t like reviews that just talk about graphics, controls, sound, plot, and not really how about how it joins together. On the whole reviews are getting better, but like anything they could always improve (yes, even yours Des) 🙂

  17. Downloading now.

  18. I really did not need to know what Goatse was. Can’t unsee that now.

  19. The podcast player isn’t working for me. Is it broken?

  20. You guys named the show after me? You are amazing. Don’t change. Ever.

  21. Good show except for one thing– there was no contest this week. Every episode should have one. People like free things.

  22. Ive heard Ray-den and Rye-den. They’re both acceptable.

  23. Just finished up, liked the interview and the trivia.

    Oh, and the Cameltry reference was on point, Des! I love that game. (SMB is still good though)

    • Had to look up OTB/Cameltry. Even though I thought I knew Taito’s games for some reason I’ve never been able to play this.

  24. I Like the theme trivia and all, but DmC does not deserve it’s own show.

  25. I noticed in the GOTY discussions no one talked about story. What game IYO had the best? The worst?

  26. Now that a few more studios have left us are you planning another look back? I’d really like that. It was one of my favorite podcast segments that you have done.

  27. So you guys think that Microsoft is going to keep gamers from playing used games on their systems? Will this effect your decision to buy the next Xbox or PS console?