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Podcast 11-5: Neon Defenders

Double Dragon Neon

This week the crew offers impressions of Joe Danger 2: The Movie, Mark of the Ninja, Zen Pinball 2, Double Dragon Neon, as well as examines the changes to the PlayStation 3 iteration of Anomaly Warzone Earth. Additionally, we also welcome Frima Studio’s J. C. Caron- who is on hand to discussion the company’s prodigious publisher output before offering our  customary dose of gaming trivia and well as thoughtful responses to your questions.

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This week’s music selections are from Jake Kaufman’s 45 track Double Dragon Neon Soundtrack, which is being offered on a name-your-price basis.

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With over 35 years of gaming experience, Robert 'DesertEagle' Allen is Tech-Gaming's resident worrier/warrior who spends his days teaching at three colleges and his nights devoted to JRPGs.


  1. Weekends are now the official release date?

    • I’m fine with this. I barely have any free time during the week.

      So which is better Mark of the Ninja or Joe Danger 2?

  2. If there’s no Apple talk, I’m going to be very…happy.

    iPhone 5, slight better than than 4. Yawn. Must every site write about it?

  3. I’m glad there’s an interview. Please make that a regular part of the show. Just as much as tentacle and poop jokes.

  4. ANOTHER week without NOLA? What the hell is going on here. Did he pick up a import copy on Monster Hunter or something.

    Also, I’m ok with liking Double Dragon Neon. Best brawler I’ve played in a long time. I really don’t see how WayForward could have done more short of having a Battletoads cameo. (Like that’s going to happen)

  5. My one complaint about the podcast- it’s very similar to your reviews.

    Deagle said the same things about Joe Danger that he did in the review, Jeremy said the same things that Deagle said about Zen Pinball 2. It would be cool if you gave different insights or had more of a discussion.

  6. Suggestion: keep the two main guys. Lose the girl and the guy who talked last.

  7. Blue, your tribute to Jerry Lawler did seem a bit light.

    Robert, your questions for Frima were a bit soft. I expect tougher questions like “Why another minigame collection? Did you look at all the other one out there?”

    • I was trying to put some extra effort into my voice so it wouldn’t sound as low, deep, and flemmy as it usually does. Listening back to it, I totally get what you and Deagle were talking about. >_<

      Hopefully, there aren't any serious doubters of my well-wishing to Jerry. I met him at an indy wrestling event a little over a year ago and he was even nice enough to autograph my instruction manual for Legends of Wrestling II. He was charging $10 or $20 bucks for autographs during the intermission of the event, but he still signed my booklet for free out in the parking lot.

  8. YES, YES, OHH YES. a new show.

  9. For the next show maybe you guys could discuss how Bethesda has cancelled plans to bring out any Skyrim DLC for PS3.

  10. Deagle, I’m disappointed in you. You should know better.

    Sage: Suppression for Kalashnikovs exist. They’re not ideal, but they’re out there.

    • Deagle must not really know guns if he didn’t say thing. Maybe he has his head in too many of those JRPGs.

    • Well originally they weren’t designed with a silencer in mind. That option didn’t become available until 1959 when they modified the receiver and the barrel. There are several people who have made a silencer for an AK but depending on the model it can require modifying the threading, and the addition of such a silencer can hurt the accuracy. Here’s a good site for AK info
      Happy Hunting 😉

      • When did this site get all Guns and Ammo on us?

      • Sorry to pick on you Sage but Black takes place after 1959, so they’d have access to the rifle.

        Deagle, care to chime in?

        • I’m no AK expert, I admire their endurance and have fired a few, but I don’t have much knowledge. But I do might have to temper a few of Sage’s words.

          First, the name ‘silencer’ is pure Hollywood. No mechanism can fully subdue the sound of a pistol or rifle, hence gun nuts call them “suppressors”.

          Now, there are two types of ammo. Supersonic breaks the speed of sound (1140 F/s at sealevel), making a loud boom. Suppressors help slow the expansion of gases as they leave the barrel, reducing (but no eliminating) the intensity of the noise.

          Subsonic ammo doesn’t break that 1140 F/s threshold, so therefore it doesn’t have the range, but it is quieter than supersonic because there’s no sonic boom.

          As for accuracy with a suppressor, you do have to compensate for the mechanism, but your threshold of repeatability is only reduced a small percentage. Some even claim that a suppressor (or muzzle break) reduces recoil.

  11. YouTube firearm videos are way too addictive for me.

    Firepower, ever seen FPSRussia’s vids? Beyond the cheesy accent, they’re amazing.

  12. Just got the DDN soundtrack. Had to give Jake a few bucks!

  13. From what I listened to today, a good show. Just how many hours do each of you play per week?

  14. Think I learned this week:

    Jeremy doesn’t read the review here. I guess he doesn’t like Des’s opinions.

    Des might speak a bit of French

    Not to go to law school. It won’t provide any free time for gaming.

    • I’m think Jeremy should read the review. If he really don’t agree they should talk about on the show.

      Most of the time, Lawman says the same things Desert’s already said, so I don’t quite get the disagreement part.

      • I thought Jeremy publicly disagreeing with Des was kind of rude. At least he should read things so he doesn’t bore us by saying the same things that were already read.

        Was it me or was he the one gushing about Neon?

        • I’m pretty sure he was just joking around. They have pretty similar tastes, although Lawman hasn’t expressed any interest in RPGs.

          • I was summoned here by the mention of Move controllers, but now I don’t feel like reading it. I’d probably just disagree with it.

            OR AGREE. <_____<

      • From now on, I’ll embed charts that show compatibility with PS3 peripherals (3D glasses, Move Controller, Guitars, etc) to lure Lawman’s attention.

  15. Good show this time. I liked hearing about the XBLA games. Might have to pick up Joe Danger 2.

  16. Downloading right now. I hope it’s good.

  17. Good interview with Frima. I’ll have to try a few of their games.

  18. To chime in on DD:N. The 3.0 review was totally off base. As a game, is Neon less than average? Is it broken is any way? As a brawler is the game any worse that the TMNT remake or Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World. Their score didn’t make scene.

    • The general review consensus has been “Who wants an arcade beat-em-up when you could play God of War” but I still LOVE Arcade Beat-Em-Ups, and DDNeon is the best new one I’ve played in a LONG time. Plus, the end credits have the best use of an achievement!

      • I think that’s a problem in the industry. Everything must be a shit your pants thrill ride or else it’s “meh”. Film reviewers don’t expect all movies to do this, so I wonder why game critics are different.

      • Did you get “well”? What did you think of Jeremy’s remark?

        • I’m getting there. I was pretty much confined to bed for 2 weeks, but I’m out and about now. I’ve still got a pretty disgusting cough, but hopefully that will clear up before the next recording.
          I don’t remember what Jeremy said, but I’ll just assume it was “Sean is the best.”

  19. Great show this week.

  20. How much of the show is notes vs. off the cuff. I always ask this about very podcast. I feel like I have to know.

  21. OK guys, for next show- favorite arcade coin op ever.

  22. Is there a Kickstarter to help Sage play some more games? I’ll contribute. Sektor might be in for a $1000 or so.

  23. Joe’s greatest stunt? Three girls at once?

  24. I once ate a pound of raw bacon on a dare. I had a rear geyser for 3 full days.

  25. My greatest stunt involves taking wax paper to the tall slide in the neighborhood park. Scrapes ensued.

  26. I can’t compete for the prize, but just to throw it out there; my riskiest stunt was probably when I was 9, three of us climbed this cliff face that was a straight vertical climb of about 100 ft or so…without ropes or anything. and we got to a part up top where we were jumping rock to rock over gaps that dropped all the way to the bottom. we were kids, didn’t think anything of it, but looking back….I’m happily surprised I’m still around.

  27. When I was six months old, my grandfather, father and mother fled Cuba on a raft made from the patched intertubes of tractor tires. God knows how they made it all 90 miles knowing they could be killed by soldiers or the oceans. Now they have expensive smugglers to do all the work, I hear.

  28. I like Jeremy’s role as usurper/villain/joker. Every podcast needs a interesting personality to shake things up. Now, if Garnett can follow suit, things will be better.

    Man, I miss Brian Brian Leahy.

  29. My greatest stunt was staying awake through Battleship: The Movie. All of it.

  30. Ok, NOLA here are the results of Sony’s $50 million NA Vita campaign: 600k-700k in sales.

    Thinking back to your big push in October strategy, do you still stand buy it? To me, its seems like even with this campaign, the Vita is considered a failure by most gamer’s accounts. How do you go about promoting something that’s so tainted in the eyes of your audience?

    • To me, Sony followed NOLA’s advice, not pushing the Vita much and leaving it to the hardcore Sony fanatics. Look we we are now. I’m glad you guys aren’t in the marketing field.

    • Someone remind me what was said.

  31. So Jeremy accused Robert of liking Neon too much. He was the one doing the Enya impersonations.

  32. I can’t believe you guys know about Enya. My dad listens to her all the damn time.