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Podcast 10-5: Prinnies and Pinball

This week DeagleEagle, Samurage, BlueSwim and guest co-host Jeremy “The Lawman” LaMont offer impressions on Disgaea 3: Absence of Detention, The Pinball Arcade, Fez, Diablo 3, Skullgirls, Army Corps of Hell, the PS Vita version of LEGO Harry Potter: year 5-7, as well as blow their collective tops once more over the profanity-provoking Prinny 2: Dawn of Operation Panties, Dood!  Beyond offering some Commodore trivia to commemorate the life and work of Jack Tramiel, as well as offering responses to listener questions, we also welcome FarSight Studio’s Bobby King, who is on hand to offer an engaging and in-depth discussion of The Pinball Arcade.

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With over 35 years of gaming experience, Robert 'DesertEagle' Allen is Tech-Gaming's resident worrier/warrior who spends his days teaching at three colleges and his nights devoted to JRPGs.


  1. Reader Jeremy LaMont is a co-host? Wow, I want a shot at the fourth chair!

    Blue just comes on like a match in a gas can!

    • Thanks for all the feedback everyone! I’m still blushing a bit about my little Darksiders/Darkstalkers faux pas, but I think the listeners escape mostly unscathed this time.

      As guest host, I think I may have the power to anoint a single “Friend of the Show,” but now that the Republican primaries are wrapped, I’ll have to wait until the general election to win DEagle some political clout. 😉

      • I nominate Lawman for regular duty!

        BTW- I confuse Darkstalkers, Darksiders and Dark Sector. Dark Messiah doesn’t get mixed up with the rest.

        • We actually had a couple of outtakes where I called it “Dark Void”, “Dark Souls”, “Alone in the Dark”, “Perfect Dark” and “Dark Dark: The Darkening Darkness.”

          • Whew. As long as you didn’t mix it up with Dark Summit, Dark Seed, Dark Cloud, or Gauntlet: Dark Legacy!!!!

    • You know I’ll bring the heat when something pisses me off! ;D

  2. Opening with music that is not chiptunes? Notable audio quality increase!

    Yes, guys. THANK YOU!

  3. Yeah, we haven’t heard from the Samurage is way too long.

    Downloading now.

  4. Not up on iTunes. It’s only showing 10-4.

  5. Skipped ahead to The Lawman’s talk. Damn, Jeremy fits in like a pro. You really need to keep the guy. He’s prepared and has a good voice.

  6. Thanks for ditching the old player that never worked in IE (Yeah, I know how uses IE anymore? This guy)

    Agreed Lawman is a keeper. I expect him back next show (next week?)

  7. Deagle, thanks for the D3 talk and the interview.

    Lawman, you did a great job. Can I just say, “There’s a new sheriff in town” Hopefully, he’ll return.

    • Well shoot, ’tweren’t nothin’, pardner.

      I ride off into the sunset for now, but it was a lot of fun kickin’ poo with the gang.

      • Oh come on you can’t one-and-done us like that.

        Don’t make me start one of those online petitions.

        BTW- I’d like to see how Sean and Jeremy interact. (evil mad scientist laugh)

        • Actually I think Sean and I have a lot in common. We’d probably just agree on a lot of stuff and then devour everyone else. 😛

          • You guys could try, but I’m pretty hard to stomach 🙂

          • Too crunchy?

          • Samurage from your voice and icon has anyone ever mistook you for Leigh Alexander?

          • Oh that’s a really bad comparison.

            Alexander is a troll (see the Twisted Metal incident) who is drunk most of the time and uses sex every chance she gets to promote herself. I think he claim to fame is that her tit “accidentally” fell out during a Bombcast video. Clearly, she was tanked.

          • So you’re basically calling her a slut because her boob fell out? Don’t you think that’s just a wee bit harsh?

          • How many times has Gerstmann’s scrotum made an accidental appearance on Giant Bomb?

  8. Question for next week’s show- How long do you give THQ?

    Better sound engineering this week. Whoever did that, my ears thank you.

  9. I’m beginning to think NISA pays you guys per Prinny. Someone must have told Deagle that CPM meant “Collecting Prinny Monies” 😉

    • I argree. Trivia is almost always one of my favorite parts of the show. But where was the bonus Blue question this week?

      • I forgot about writing one up until we had already started recording. >_<

        I'll make sure to have one ready in advance for the next show. 🙂

  10. Deagle, credit should be given to your trivia. It’s always fun and mostly funny. One of my favorite parts of the show.

  11. I did miss NOLA this week. What happened to our favorite method of keeping Disgaea/Prinny talk in check?

  12. If you’d like yours truly to make an appearance (free of charge or course) I just sent you an email and sample of previous podcasting experience.

  13. Shame on Blue for not supporting indie films. Do you not play indie games?

    You should see a few before deciding to only watch Hollywood films. I hope the rest of the crew doesn’t feel that way (besides Sage).

    • I really don’t watch too many movies in general, to be perfectly honest. Heck, I’ve been to the theaters twice in the last decade. Whenever I do watch a movie, it’s usually either from a familiar franchise (TV, Anime, Games, ETC.) or an all-time classic movie.

      I guess what I mean to say is that I’m a casual movie fan. I think the vast majority of what Hollywood churns out is crap (in my mind), so I don’t bother with it. It’s not like I flat-out hate indie movies, I just don’t feel the need to experiment with indie films since Hollywood satiates my cinema interests.

      As for indie games, I bought Techno Kitten Adventure on XBLIG annnnnnnd that’s about it. PC gaming isn’t my thing and there’s so many lackluster games on XBLIG to sift through that I couldn’t be bothered to find the good ones.

      • There’s some good indie action movies, Blue.

        • Any recommendations for ones on Netflix Instant Streaming?

          • Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels. Ok not a lot of action, but funny as hell.

            Not sure if it’s on Netflix streaming but El Mariachi.

            Crank: High-Volatage

            Oh and you might like the Story of Anvil.

  14. Good job getting Lawman. You guys needed some fresh blood. The anime/tentacle jokes were getting a little stale.

    • Thanks Karmadude. Up until now I thought they were talking about TEN TICKLE hentai. Although I suppose a bunch of tentacles might be good for that too.

  15. good show this week. What took so long to create a new show?

  16. OMG!! For a second there I thought I was listening to my music instead of the podcast! Yay for BT!! Loved this episode! <3

    • Was that who the intro was? Pretty cool.

      I really liked this show. Just get TideGear and SNOLA in there and you might have something really special.

  17. Class of Heroes II could be the biggest Kickstart failure. $60 for a PSP game? Uh, no. Please stop your nonsense.

    11 days to go and less than 1/5th of the money.

    • Yeah, I really don’t think that will fund. But I doubt it will harm future Kickstart projects.

    • Is there a Kickstarter for localizing Heroes Phantasia for the PSP, that Anime crossover RPG featuring Lina Inverse and crew from The Slayers? I might kick in a couple of bucks to hammer someone with the Dragon Slave.

  18. Couldn’t any of your shows be called Prinnied and Pinball.

  19. I like the last song. Whats the name of it.

    Good show, really liked Jeremy. I would have liked to get in on the SOCOM games but I can’t seem to play it anymore. Everytime I put the disk in it gets caught updating.

    • Well, maybe we can get some games going in the future. Zipper may be gone, but their servers are stil up… for now.

      DEagle had the same problem at one point. I’m not sure how he fixed it.

  20. Someone tell Desert not to keep saying “yeah” and “uh-huh” like Rainman all the time.

  21. It’s about time you get a new podcast up.

  22. Longer interview this week but it was pretty good.

  23. So two months after the Vita launch. How did it do and how is it doing?

    Here’s my problems:

    Not many games on the horizon (I know maybe more at E3)
    Some PSP games still don’t work with the system
    Still no word on PS1 support (which was mentioned at one point)
    Still haven’t got my Super Stardust code after jumping through Sony’s loops (which was a bait-and-Switch on the 3G model)
    I still really have no need for 3D.

    • I noticed some people have said they are already seeing used Vitas at GS. That can’t be good. 1 used Vita means 1 less sale of a new system.

      I’m glad I didn’t buy one (even though I almost did at launch), unless Sony really delivers for the system at E3, it’s pretty much dead.

  24. I definitely like to hear some Vita speak. I guess what you would have done differently.

  25. When will you guys record a new show?

  26. In the Toy Soliders DLC review, I said that the Xbox dash was so slow to boot. Now some people are saying that MS is adding more ads, which will probably slow things down even more. Why don’t you think more people are talking about this?

  27. Since it seems like you guys are taking questions for the next show here mine.

    Vox/Verge/Polygon has hired a lot of writers lately and are now at at least ten guys. Assuming they each make $50,000 and have programmers (cause there site looks kinda crappy now), a office, phone bills, etc. It’s not unreasonable to think they will have close to a million a year in expenses. My question is what do you think their business plan is? With IGN and 1Up cutting people, what does this group know what others dont? Can a internet site about video games make enough money to cover it all?

  28. I saw Army Corps got marked down to $20. Would you say it’s worth picking up for that price?