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Podcast 10-3: Worms is Golf, Only with Explosions

This week, DesertEagle, SeanNOLA, and BlueSwim convince Samurage that Worms is just a sneaky way to get people hooked on golf sims, before offering impressions of Hot Shots Golf: World Invitational, Dungeon Hunter: Alliance, ModNation Racers: Roadtrip, Michael Jackson: The Experience HD, Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom, Asphalt Injection, and Risen 2: Dark Waters. Along with our traditional game trivia segment and reader mail responses, we also welcome Ryan and Nick from NIS America who are on hand to discuss Hyperdimension Neptunia mk2 and the upcoming release of Disgaea 3: Absence of Detention.

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With over 35 years of gaming experience, Robert 'DesertEagle' Allen is Tech-Gaming's resident worrier/warrior who spends his days teaching at three colleges and his nights devoted to JRPGs.


  1. This week’s music is from Marvel vs. Capcom 2.

    Sean wanted everyone to watch this video:

  2. About damn time! Man, those Worms are HUGE!

  3. So on a scale from 1-10, how would you rate the Vita and it’s luanch game guys?

    I ask because you’re obviously nuts for the system.

    • I’d give the system a B+ (great hardware, clunky out of the box experience). Software varies wildly, but I’d rate it as a B-, since there’s some great games and there’s some stinking turds.

  4. Stretch Caddy Daddy

    Which worm is which person? Deagle is with the gun and Sage seems like the laughing one.

  5. Hooray for Sunday night podcasts and what I’m sure will be distasteful Michael Jackson jokes.

  6. Downloading now.

    How many times has NISA been on the show now?

  7. I’ll listen tomorrow. Sounds like a lot of Vita talk this week.

  8. Man, Dungeon Hunter sounds awful. Really Bad.

  9. I played a bit of ModNation and it’s not bad at all. Who gave it low scores?

  10. Sound quality is a bit better this week. Nice job on that.

    But what’s up with the gap at the beginning of the show? I mean it starts at the 1:01 mark…

    Can’t wait to hear the NIS interview.

  11. First time listener. Good show this week, except for the start where’s it quiet for 45 seconds.

  12. Shame about the into, otherwise a good show this week.

    Thought you guys may like this.

  13. I agree the Vita’s interface is pretty awful. I didn’t even know about the options with PSP games until you guys talked about it right now.

  14. Good show this week, i’m seriously thinking about getting a Vita.

  15. I thought my phone died at the beginning of the show. Thanks for scaring me guys.

  16. Could have used more Worms talk. Sometime you guys are such cock teases.

  17. Not much Blue this week besides “Kill it with fire!”

    • 🙁 Yeah, I got disconnected a few minutes into what I’ve been playing, which really wasn’t much. Here’s some quick bullet-points as to what I didn’t get to touch on.

      1. I became addicted to Netflix recently. Can’t say I’m blown away by the streaming selection, though.

      2. Re-watched FLCL: Fooly Cooly. Best soundtrack ever. I love how The Pillows’ music seemingly transports my mind into another world. Essential reading for Anime fans.

      3. Read the Super Street Fighter II: Cammy Manga book from 1997. Fun distraction.

      4. Finished reading Sailor Moon Vol.1. If anyone is interested in the manga, I suggest you keep up with it as well as possible. Kodansha USA is releasing them as quickly and steadily as possible for good reason and that’s all I can say…

      That was pretty much it.

      • Sailor moon manga available in like a monthly subscription or do I have to hunt for it?

        • As far as I know, it’s only being released in a numbered volume format. New books are being released once every two months (give or take). Volume 4 hits stores next week.

        • Is that your band, Futter. Sounds pretty cool.

          Thanks for the SMoon info, Blue!

      • I wouldn’t mind reading Sailor Moon Vol.1 impressions. Better yet, a podcast discussion.

  18. That 45 seconds at the start of the show was about 10 times as long as the moment of silence offered for Steve Jobs.

  19. Ok, got the new show. This one has a “1” at the end of the file name.

  20. I’m glad I waited for the v.1.01 show 😉

    • Day one patch confirmed. Next stop: DLC. To hear Blue, you’ll have to pay 99c. If you want me to wear a hat, another 99c.

      • Here’s a dollar, can you at least change the color of your costumes for chrissakes?

        • I’m glad you asked. We’ll be rolling out costume packs for $2.99 each starting next episode. Our first pack is called the “Evil Twin Pack” and features our hosts in costumes derived from their greatest threats!

          Pack includes:
          Hipster SeanNOLA
          WolfMan DesertEagle
          Obese Couch-Potato Sage
          BlueSwim in normal clothes*

          *Blue’s normal show outfit is a sailor scout costume.

          • Ok, other than blueswim’s, which is completely accurate, how are those our greatest threats? My greatest threat is becoming an obese couch potato? Deagle may become a wolfman? Sean teetering on the brink of hipsterdom? What world are you living in, man!

          • So Sage doesn’t want to get fat, but why does Deagle not want hair?

          • NOLA, why do you fear the hipsters?

          • I suppose “fear” might have been the right word. I was looking for polar opposites:

            I hate hipsters
            Deagle is bald
            Sage exercises like whoa
            Blue is actually a man

          • The Sailor Moon “meatball head” wig suppresses Evil BlueSwim. Evil BlueSwim is a sarcastic, snide, asshole that wears a fedora. Often, the “Michael Jackson Impersonation” BlueSwim variation is mistaken for Evil BlueSwim because of this fedora. XD

      • As if all the kickstarting wasn’t bad enough!

  21. Oh, and for anyone curious about the giant V; The fire marshal came by and RIPPED it down, FOR NO REASON except that he’s a big dick. But it was still glorious while it lasted.

  22. Good show this week, but not enough Blue!

    • I’m sorry about that. The theme for the show this week was “get disconnected while recording”. Both Sean and myself got DC’d during the show this week. 🙁

  23. *Blue is actually a FULL GROWN man. I realize without the words “full grown” that looks unnecessarily mean.

  24. Good one this week. Looking forward to D3 on the go. Nice they included all the DLC, maybe they’ll do the same with D4 🙂

  25. Ya’ll realize your after-show comments are just as entertaining at the podcast, right?

  26. This is the range cart thing in Tiger Woods ’99 that I was talking about. Be sure to listen to the announcer towards the end of the video:

  27. Ok, I liked the Vita talk, but there were some things you guys didn’t cover:

    – No program for UMD owners in the US. I know you talked about it before, but now it became official.

    – How responsive the UI is.

    – Digital vs. Cart games.

    – Build quality. Deagle how fingerprint-y is the system?

    – Post launch software outlook (dry spells)

    – Hackability

  28. So what did you think of Phil Fish’s Message: ‘your games just suck’ message given to a developer? (who was praising American indies’ for picking up retro Japanese themes)

  29. Are you planning to review Hyperdimension Neptunia MK-2? I’m thinking about ordering it.

  30. So no one here went to GDC? C’mon it’s in California! You should have an excuse.

    I was hoping you would have something written about the show.

    • Sorry dude, California’s a pretty big state. That’s like telling someone in South Carolina that they should be at New York Comic Con because they’re both on the east coast!

      I might go next year – my day job boss says I can hit one trade show on the company dime as long as I make a compelling argument as to how it pertains to collaborative.GIS and touch screens…i’m sure I can come up with something.

  31. Greetings from Barcelona, Tech-Gaming friends. (Please forgive my English. It is not the first language for me) I enjoyed greatly your podcast. It is the third one I have listened. I also am a fan of Worms games. Those game are very fun to play with friends.

    I hope you post another podcast soon. It is fun hearing about your games and lifes.

    • Thank you very much for listening and commenting! I love hearing from our international listeners. We will be recording a new episode tomorrow night. It should be up on the site a couple of days after that. Hope everything is well over there in Barcelona. 😀

    • Thank you so much for listening! We are glad to have people from all over the world listen. What is your native language? What system do you play games on?

      • Guys, tell Sage Barcelona is in Spain and they speak Spanish there, please! hahaha

      • Representing South Africa here. We speak English, but sound a bit funny, you might think.

        We have all of the same systems the rest of the world has, but thinks are probably a bit more expensive. That’s why I only get a new game very two months or so.

        I’ll play stereotypical here and say FIFA is my favorite game with Halo Reach being a close second.

  32. You guys consider Canada international, right?

  33. So what do you guys think about Giant Bomb merging with Gamespot? As someone who gave to Whiskey Media I feel a bit cheated. (I gave to cool indie guys, not CBS). More importantly, how can websites survive in an environment where even the big ones struggle?

    • The right thing to do is refund that money we gave them.

      Why merge with Gamespot? The site is boring.

  34. I think it’s cool that Gerstman is working for the people that fired him. Cool vengeance.

    • You guys here about the 1up and IGN layoffs. I hope you guys don’t hit the shitter. Of the big sites can’t last, how do you survive?

  35. Any idea when a new podcast is going to be released?