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Podcast 10-1: Twisted Mental Cases

This week the crew offers impressions of Twisted Metal, Gotham City Imposters, Syndicate, Hakuoki: Demon of the Fleeting Blossom as well as the latest batch on SNK PlayStation Minis- Bermuda Triangle and Gold Medalist. Before moving to our customary dose of gaming trivia and responses to reader mail, we welcome CheapyD of who is on hand to talk about the inclusion of his likeness in Saints Row: The Third.

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    Sounds like a winner. To bad it’s not up on iTunes yet.

  2. Double Dragon intro is a great way to kick thing ass. I expect you to kick ass this week, guys.

  3. How many cyberpunk movies have you done, Sage?

    Rob coming to terms with Jimmy Buffet and making jokes? That sounds pretty awesome.

  4. Crackle talk might just be the new tablet talk.

    Like Blue said, the shit is broken, ad text leaks into the programming. Typical Microsoft greatness.

    • I agree. Exactly how long did they beta test this app? I got 25 minutes in before seeing my first major problem.

      • I can’t get it to work at all. Funny, if I go to Hulu or Crackle on my PC or tablet, and works fine.

  5. You know I’m a fan of the show, but please Blue listen to me:

    Create some notes before the show. Titles of games and brief bullet points on what you want to say.

  6. Do Cheapy D and DesertEagle share any head shaving tips?!?

    Sage, you said that people’s reaction to Castlevania: SOTN was mixed? Where you thinking about another game or something? Its loved by almost everyone.

  7. Forgive me if I skip over you guys and get to the Cheapy interview.

  8. Wait, SNOLA talks about a suicide button in ME, but your artwork shows Twisted Metal. Just saying.

  9. “ramming me in the ass with missiles” should have been the show title.

  10. Caveman Games was also called Caveman Ugh-lympics. I don’t remember any BC licenses besides quest for tires.

  11. I really liked the Cheapy interview. For someone whose pretty successful, it’s good to know he’s grounded and helps out the less fortunate. To many people in this industry don’t seem to care.

    • Seconded. I could care less if all the Giant Bomb guys were in a game. They’re funny and all, but they don’t seem to be as honest and full of heart as Cheapy D.

      The one question I would have asked him is how come they don’t make fun of Major Nelson anymore.

  12. How do you guys feel about this BS?

    “While we here at Xbox have no evidence of a security breach in the Xbox LIVE service, that is of little comfort to our members whose accounts have been compromised by malicious and illegal attacks.”

    So basically they’re admitting to one thing while denying a connected issue? Isn’t the account in question a XBLA account, so therefore where would be a XBL breach?”

    Help me out, Samurage!

    • MS knows whats going on. That’s why they changed the login system for I just wish they’d be straight with people. Sony have have made some stupid mistakes, but at least they came clean.

  13. If you can bang the Chobot, I have no problem with Jessica in ME3. Screw the haters.

    • I could see “bang the chobot” becoming a new meme. I think most male industry types are angry they don’t have a pair of tits that can them any attention.

  14. Sean, I don’t agree with you. There’s needs to be a division between editorial and marketing. It’s called ethics. We see the result of what’s going on, but I bet there’s a lot of behind the scenes handshaking with IGN and EA. Didn’t you even say something about IGN promoting a Capcom game at E3?

    If this continues IGN is going to be the Fox news of the gaming industry. Oh wait, they’re already owned by Fox.

    • It wasn’t Capcom, it was Activision, but more specifically they had set up the booth outside of the main convention space exclusively for Transformers: War for Cybertron. It’s actually a more interesting study, since IGN gave it a 90 (9-of-10) and Metacritic scores ranged from 50 to 94 – finally settling at an average of 74. IGN’s score is in the top 10% of scores on Metacritic, but the fact that they are only the 6th highest score gives a little room to argue either case. Was the review tainted? Who knows, but at the end of the day, I’m not sure a lot of people made their purchase decisions based solely on one opinion from one IGN staff member.

      There are a lot of external factors that theoretically effect review scores, and I don’t really think this is the worst case. For example, publishers/developers routinely scalp popular journalists because of their built-in audiences and the potential to play the “friend card” at their old places of business. Look at any articles from 1Up regarding Ignition Entertainment after Shane Bettenhausen made the switch. They were frequent and tended to be very positive and added a huge spotlight to a relatively unknown development house. Now is that an ethical concern? That’s for the ethics professors to discuss, but last time I checked, people weren’t upset over it. And people will get over this too. If a lot of people pick up ME3 based entirely on IGN’s 10-out-of-10, and then get upset, we’ll talk about the ethical implications again, but I think in this particular case, it’s pretty harmless.

      • If we’re going to get into ethics, maybe we should talk about Deagle relationship with NIS.

      • You don’t think a review on IGN, the largest gaming site can effect anyone’s decision to buy a game?

        Dead wrong. Have you ever tried a game because it got a good review score? Of course you have. Don’t be naive.

        • I’ve tried a game because it got several good scores, but I would never look at a single article that says 9-out-of-10 and go “My mind is made up! TO THE GAME STORE!” The LEAST I could do is educate myself with 3 or 4 additional articles. Otherwise, that’d just be lazy.

      • Zombie Quarterback

        “There are a lot of external factors that theoretically effect review scores, and I don’t really think this is the worst case. ”

        It doesn’t have to be the worst case to be concerned.

        SNK Game: King of Fighters ’98

      • Did you forget that Shane’s twitter feed was called “ShaneWatch” and manned by people who wanted to track his Sony bias?

      • “but I think in this particular case, it’s pretty harmless.”

        is that’s your moral guideline, I’m a bit worried about things that could be effecting your own reviews.

      • I think the question that needed to be asked was why is IGN showing Transformers? From what I understand E3 has media and exhibitors. If you’re the media, you’re job is report the news, not make it.

  15. Sorry got heated and forgot to post for the contest. King of Fighters series.

  16. You guys don’t remember Caveman Games? You throw your GF by the feet, not by her hair!

  17. Metal slug.

    Pretty good one this week. Not as good as Vita talk last week and the energy wasn’t as high, but the interview and trivia was good stuff.

  18. CheapyD interview was surprising clean. No poop jokes? You guys seemed dare I say it- mature.

  19. Pretty good show this week. Good interview and the trivia was pretty funny.

  20. Des, Liked your Android impressions. I would mind if I heard more about portable apps.

    SNOLA- My experience with Syndicate was pretty much the same as yours.

    LOL’ed at Deagle’s “That happened to me in the bathroom” crack.

    Oh, and LANs are so ’98, not ’95.

  21. A couple of good points were made:

    CheapyD appearance was in Saint’s Row: The Third– a game that’s supposed to be comical. If he was in Mass Effect 3, we might have a problem. I want to experience ME3’s story and get involved in it, and not say “Oh, look it’s Jessica Chobot.” and be reminded of real life. Isn’t that the point of creating an immersive universe?

    Second, Cheapy’s appearance was DLC. Hate him? You don’t even have to see it. From what I’ve heard, everyone will see Chobot.

    Third, my point. How far will these tie ins go? Maybe Chobot is ok, but what about Greg Miller being a racer in Shift 3?

  22. Good show this week.

  23. I’ll listen tomorrow. For now, know my SNK pick is Nam 1975!

  24. Guys, if you think Chobot is going to a a lead in ME3, you’re crazy. She’ll be tucked away in some corner somewhere. Believe me, they’ll be saving the lines for the PROFESSIONAL actors not the chick who became famous for licking a PSP.

    • If Jessica shows off her chobots, we’ll forgive. Am I right?

      • I think if you take a good look at this thread you can see why there’s such a Jessica Chobot backlash.

        At least half the comments make some comment about her sex appeal. Either mentioning her licking a PSP or her “chobots” (read breasts). Truth is she’s marketed for her sex appeal. No one’s crying out to see Larry Hryb’s “Major”.

        So she can read cards ok and has sex appeal. Does that qualify her for being in the game? It’s really hard to say right now, but I’m guessing people don’t think so. After using your looks to sell, people don’t take you seriously despite any skills you might have.

        So I think for Ms. Chobot, this could me a make or break chance. I hope she proves herself and the angry nerds wrong.

  25. Why is Sweetooth being ejected? Is that part of the game or a photocopy?

  26. Cheapy sounds look a good guy. I listen to the Cagcast pretty regularly but I have to admit it was cool to find out about his interest in charity.


  27. Pretty good show this week guys.

  28. I’m laugh that Chobots are now tech talk for breasts. Someone needs to add that the the urban dictionary.

  29. Ok, guys . I expect a full analysis of the Doublefine/Kickstart funding by next week.

  30. Twisted Metal controls were pure ass. I hope the final game allows remapping.

  31. Hey, what was that sweet track at the end?

    • Yeah, what was the music at the begging and the end? You should put that in the show notes.

      • I can usually tell what they are, but this one has me stumped. I even tried shazam lol

        • Haha. Shazam only works about half the time. I once held it up to a broken speaker and they said it was death metal but it was hiphop.

  32. Saints Row push was in the middle of November when everything else was coming out so I didn’t see much of it. In January, all I heard about was CheapyD homie, so I see what you’re saying.

  33. No Valentine’s Day show? How unromantic!

  34. I can’t help but post the best VG Valentine’s Day card ever. Man, If a girl sent this to me I would elope and marry her on the spot.

    • that’s awesome. this was my favorite this year:

      • the only crummy thing is that my boyfriend broke up with me two days before valentine’s day and we used to play L4D all the time. but i still think its a great VG Valentine

        • Oh shit, I’m sorry to hear that Samurage. I might be too soon, but someones we’re better off without people. I ended a 2 and a half year relationship last October.

          It was hell for a while but now I realize how controlling she was.

        • Best thing to do is not refer to it as a breakup. When my GF left me, I called it my “120 pound weight loss” which sounds so much better. haha

          • I play this jerko for there not being a new podcast this week. I hope you remove him from all your XBLA/SEN/PSN/Steam/Raptr/Facebook/Twitter accounts.

          • hahahaha, thats hilarious…he weighs more than me though, so if i call it that, ppl will think I’ve lost all weight entirely and shifted to a new dimension. Lol.

            It’s ok, i can’t be mad at him, he just needs some space alone to grow. Which I get, and is a brave thing to ask for. So for now, I’ll just have to bury my self in work and games and healing. thanks for all the well wishes. 🙂

          • Not sure asking for space is brave, but whateva…

            Just glad to hear your hanging in there.

  35. Had to add this:

  36. Haha. This place is getting Redditized.

  37. My favorite SNK game is Metal Slug. All 7 or so of them.