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Nothing but Pure Achievements

Developer Black Rock Studios released its list of 50 achievements for the upcoming ATV racer/trickster, Pure. The game looks to expertly combine the action of Motorstorm with a trick system reminiscent of the SSX series. The demo, currently available on both Xbox live and the Playstation Store, had us anxiously awaiting the title which should be in stores on September 17th. Expect a full review next week.

Finished an event
– Complete an event. (5 points)
Unlocked Stage 2Unlock the 2nd Stage. (5 points)
Unlocked Stage 3 – Unlock the 3rd Stage. (5 points)
Unlocked Stage 4 – Unlock the 4th Stage. (5 points)
Unlocked Stage 5 – Unlock the 5th Stage. (10 points)
Unlocked Stage 6 – Unlock the 6th Stage. (10 points)
Unlocked Stage 7 – Unlock the 7th Stage. (10 points)
Unlocked Stage 8 – Unlock the 8th Stage. (10 points)
Unlocked Stage 9 – Unlock the 9th Stage. (10 points)
Unlocked Stage 10 – Unlock the 10th Stage. (10 points)

Completed Stage 1 – Come first in all four events in Stage 1. (10 points)
Completed Stage 2 – Come first in all four events in Stage 2. (20 points)
Completed Stage 3 – Come first in all four events in Stage 3. (20 points)
Completed Stage 4 – Come first in all four events in Stage 4. (20 points)
Completed Stage 5 – Come first in all five events in Stage 5. (20 points)
Completed Stage 6 – Come first in all five events in Stage 6. (20 points)
Completed Stage 7 – Come first in all five events in Stage 7. (20 points)
Completed Stage 8 – Come first in all six events in Stage 8. (30 points)
Completed Stage 9 – Come first in all six events in Stage 9. (30 points)
Completed Stage 10 – Come first in all seven events in Stage 10. (50 points)

1 of a Kind – Build an ATV from scratch in the garage. (5 points)
Fully Loaded – Unlock and then fill all ten ATV slots in the garage. (10 points)
Mechanic – Build five ATVs, each with a different engine. (10 points)
Flawless Lap – Complete a lap of a Race event in World Tour without dismounting. (5 points)
Flawless Event – Complete a World Tour event without dismounting. (10 points)
Tricked Out – Perform every normal trick in a single World Tour event. (20 points)
Specialised – Perform 8 different special tricks in a single World Tour event. (25 points)
Freestyler – Extend a Freestyle session past the third lap. (30 points)
Triple Flip – Pull off a 1080 forward or backward rotation in a single jump. (20 points)
Nice Combo! – Perform a combo of at least 50,000 points. (10 points)
Sick Combo! – Perform a combo of at least 125,000 points. (20 points)
Killer Combo! – Perform a combo of at least 250,000 points. (30 points)
You’re Special! – Peform every special trick in the game. (20 points)
Pure Perfection – Come first in every event in the Pure World Tour (100 points)
Grease Monkey – Earn a 1st place with every engine type in World Tour Mode (25 points)
Comeback Kid – Come from last place on last lap to win a race event in World Tour Mode (10 points)
Fresh Air – Win a Freestyle event with Fresh tricks only (20 points)
No Messing – Complete World Tour Mode while participating in a maximum of 42 events (25 points)
Zero to Hero – Aquire a special trick within 30 secs in a Race (20 points)
You Reckon? – Pull a special trick on a sprint track. (20 points)
Two Time! – Perform two special tricks in 1 jump (25 points)
Hang Time – Spend 150+ seconds in the air and win an event (25 points)
Learner Driver – Lap another rider in an offline sprint track event. (25 points)
No Pain, No Gain – Crash ten times and still win an event. (25 points)
Full Speed Ahead – Hold down the accelerator for the entire event and finishing in first place. (25 points)
Show Off – Win a Race or Sprint event and crossing the line doing a Wheelie on every lap (20 points)
Win an Online Event – Come first in an online event. (10 points)
5 in a Row – Come in first in 5 online events in a row. (30 points)
Underdog – Use a class D engine to beat an opponent with a class A engine in a ranked match (30 points)

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  1. Any trophies for the PS3 version?

  2. I really enjoyed the demo. I can’t believe it’s a Disney game.

  3. Hang Time – Spend 150+ seconds in the air and win an event

    Man, is that in ONE race?!?!?!

  4. I didn’t know this was coming out so soon. I will download the demo tonight.

  5. Any differences in the demo across consoles?

    I heard some good things about the game.

    BTW: How many tracks.

  6. You guys need to put up a video, the game looks awesome.

  7. Bah, another ATV game? Im burned out on racers.

  8. You guys should cover more trophies and achievements.

  9. I hope this game will be ‘pure’ fun.

    Since when did Disney make good games though?

  10. I really like the sense of speed, but the glowing graphics took a bit to get used to. It all seemed kind of dreamlike.

  11. I’ll definitely be getting this next week. Anyone else want to race online?

    Gamertag= Brothagrimm

  12. Will check the demo out.

  13. Yes, it’s a pleasant surprise, and I think it will sell well because parents know it’s safe

  14. Bookmarked, thanks.

  15. How many tracks?

  16. Agreed. I like to see a regular article just about this.

    Sometimes I have to search the net all over for this info. It would be nice to find here since I come anyway 🙂

  17. Got the demo; looks like a great game.

  18. I was told, “at least 30”.

  19. I’m going to have to wait for Motorstorm: pacific Rim to see which is better,

  20. I hope the game looks as good as the pic.

  21. Funny name for an ATV racer. Pure sounds like it should be snow based.

  22. How is the game like SSX? I loved that game!

  23. Demo was great. I’m going to have to wait for the review, though.

  24. Sprint tracks? That could be interesting.

    I hope the game has multiple paths, and no rubber band-AI.

    Desert, I trust you’ll report back.

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  26. Be gone troll.

  27. What did I miss????

  28. In a poorly written comment, someone wrote that the site sucks and that the comments are faked.

    Just some loser. Move on, people.

  29. Yes, I don’t really exist. I am a ghost. Boo!

    Anyway. I want to know if there are differences between the 360 and PS3 demos.

  30. Bring the banhammer, desert!

  31. That’s what happens when people from Arkansas get on the net 😉

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    If you want to get anywhere within this industry you’ll need to show a bit of maturity.

  34. Well stated, DE.

  35. Oh, and San Diego, too. LOL.

    It’s called proxy surfing, kiddies.

  36. This site is wonderful.

  37. Good One! Ya Got Me There!

  38. Sounds cool, reminds me of excite truck

  39. Looks pretty easy