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New Releases for the Week of October 2, 2011

It might be a good time to wrap all your controllers with a thick layer of polyurethane, as this week’s trio of Dark Souls, Rage, and NBA 2K12 are certain to test skills as well as patience. While the later two selections may have adjustable difficulty settings, make no mistake- neither game is a pushover. In fact last year, NBA mercilessly replicated reality, giving my Los Angeles Lakers a humiliating defeat against the Cavs. Developers take note- this time I’ve been training relentlessly in the off-season,meaning I just might stand a chance against Namco-Bandai’s title.

Dark Souls
Just Dance 3 (Kinect)
Motion Explosion (Kinect)
NBA 2K12
NBA Jam: On Fire Edition (XBLA)
Orcs Must Die (XBLA)
SEGA Bass Fishing (XBLA)
Space Channel 5, Part 2 (XBLA)
Spider-Man: Edge of Time

Dark Souls
Eufloria (PSN)
NBA 2K12
NBA Jam: On Fire Edition (PSN)
PayDay: The Heist (PSN)
SEGA Bass Fishing (PSN)
Space Channel 5, Part 2 (PSN)
Spider-Man: Edge of Time

Ferrari: The Race Experience
Just Dance 3
NBA 2K12
Spider-Man: Edge of Time

Ben 10: Galactic Racing
Face Racers: Photo Finish
Gabrielle’s Ghostly Groove 3D
Spider-Man: Edge of Time
Tetris: Axis

May’s Mystery: Forbidden Memories
Spider-Man: Edge of Time

Chrono Trigger (PS1 Classic)
NBA 2K12

Airline Tycoon II
NBA 2K12
Sid Meier’s Civilization V: Game of the Year Edition

DesertEagle’s Pick: While I usually prefer my first-person shooters to exercise brain as well as trigger-finger, Rage looks so damn beautiful and buttery smooth, that I’m willing to turn off my synapses off this week. Being able to see every cholesterol-filled vain in a NPC’s blubbery thighs had me both disgusted and energized. Let’s hope the gameplay is as polished and detailed as Rage‘s eye-popping visuals.

SeanNOLA’s Pick: Some readers may remember my love of Demon’s Souls borders on obsession. Is there really any doubt that I’ll be shelling out for Dark Souls come Tuesday? My one regret is that I have already used up all of my vacation time, so I can’t take time off to properly enjoy it.

BlueSwim’s Pick: Based on the name alone, you would expect NBA 2K12 to be an easy recommendation. Its predecessor, NBA 2K11, stands tall as this console generation’s definitive basketball game. NBA 2K12, however, has resorted to the tactic that has become all too common from developers and publishers; on-disc DLC. Even though you are paying $60 for the game, use of the game’s historic teams online requires you to toss a couple more bucks 2K’s way. So, instead of recommending an incomplete $60 game, I’ll give my thumbs-up to Chrono Trigger on PSN and Space Channel 5, Part 2 on both PSN and XBLA. Chrono Trigger is Square Enix’s classic SNES era RPG centered around time travel. Space Channel 5, Part 2 is the sequel to the groovy up, down, up, down, chu, chu, chu rhythm game that strutted into our hearts on the Dreamcast. Also, if you didn’t already hear, Super Mario Land 2: 6 Golden Coins came out on the 3DS Virtual Console. Viva La Retro!

Samurage’s Pick: This week, for the first time ever, I’m on board with BOTH my co-hosts. Both Rage and Dark Souls look super inviting, Rage for it’s gorgeousness and creepiness, and Dark Souls for the suspense and strategy it promises. I can’t decide, so I pick both.

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  1. I get to say it! First!

  2. Game most likely to be hentei?

    May’s Mystery: Forbidden Memories

    Put it in.

  3. Space Channel 5 must seem ancient now. I hope they don’t charge more than $5 for it.

    The second one had Michael Jackson in it right?

  4. Shine like the Moon

    Can someone point to a preview that actually talks about the changes from Demon’s Souls to Dark Souls?

  5. I’d slap a child to play the Battlefield 3 beta this week. 😉

  6. I’d slap a child to play the Battlefield 3 beta this week. 😉

  7. PayDay: The Heist sounds and looks good, but I heard they want $20 for it. I’m not sure if I can swing that.

  8. IGNorant writer said “Dark Souls is considerably harder than Demon’s Souls”

    I’m out if that’s true.

  9. How could you guys not give NBA 2K12 the pick of the week?

    • It’s probably a really good hoops games (at least that’s what I hear again and again) but it may not appeal to everyone.

  10. IS it me or do Spider-Man games come out with less and less hype these days.

  11. Chrono Trigger is this week? Yes! $5.99 or GTFO.

  12. Dark Souls it is. Collector’s Edition here I come.

  13. I want to play Face Racers: Photo Finish and have Scarlett Johansen get on my ride. I’ll let her take the pics too.

  14. I hear Orcs Must Die is pretty damn good. That will get a demo play for sure.

  15. Rage is paid in full. I can’t wait until Tuesday.

  16. NBA 2K12. Hell yes!

  17. Is this a new version of NBA Jam, or the one that came out a while ago on disk?

  18. Which version of Rage should I get 360 or PS3? I know PC is the best, by my system isn’t that new.

  19. I’m hoping Spider-Man: Edge of Time is better than that X-Men crap from last week.

  20. Is Chrono Trigger the SNES or PS1 version?

  21. I still don’t feel I don’t what Rage is about. Is it a simple FPS, racer? Is it open world or linear?

  22. Thanks for the heads up on NBA 2k12, Blue. That’s a pretty annoying thing. But if you don’t play one, do you have to pay?

    • Nope. My understanding is that you only have to pay to use the historic teams (I believe that’s what the game calls them) online. Everything else is as good as gravy, and not the “hairy with chunks in it” kind of gravy from the old point-and-click Sierra game, Stay Tooned, either.

  23. Orcs must die!