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New Releases 8/3-8/9: Frankenkids Edition

Children should bask in the glory of this week’s new
releases. Between a little league title, and the appearance of both the Cheetah
Girls and Hanna Montana, publishers seem to be seeking the disposable income of
pre-teens. What’s an adult to do besides DS Yoga?


  Crash Time: Autobahn Pursuit

  Monster Madness:
Grave Danger

  Little League World
Series Baseball 2008

  The Cheetah Girls:
Passport to Stardom
  Little League World
Series Baseball 2008
  Professor Brainium
  Quick Yoga Training
  Rock Blast

No Releases

  Hannah Montana:
Spotlight World Tour

  Baseball Mogul 2009
  Beijing 2008
  Ford Racing Off
  Wildlife Zoo Deluxe

Pick of the Week: Sadly, not a single new release piques our
interest this week. Although the third iteration of Monster Madness may have
improved many of the 360 game’s shortcomings; we found the demo to be a
relatively boring affair.

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  1. Frankenstein FTW

  2. I enjoyed the Monster demo.

  3. Awful week FTL

  4. What’s rock blast?

  5. GRIS for DS, maybe.

  6. Baseball Mogul is actually a pretty awesome game for kids. My son is absolutely addicted and he’s only 9.

  7. I was about to say, this is the best game of the bunch.

  8. Man, nothing good this week!

  9. Worst week eva!

  10. Does Yoga Training teach you how to blow fire? That’d be the best game ever.

  11. Epic Fail week

  12. Nice Dhalsim reference!

  13. I had no idea GRID was coming to the DS. Wonder how good it looks

  14. None of these tickle my fancy either.

  15. Wow.
    Sony needs to pump out more psp software…

  16. no real interesting game this week…

  17. It seems that this week has hit a dry spell is having any good games…

  18. Nothing seems good but GRID. Too bad I don’t have to buy any of them..

  19. There are a few good weeks coming up. This is likely just the calm before the storm. It should be a good fall overall though!

  20. Wow, slim pickings for sure. Also, I never even knew there was a yoga game for the DS.

  21. My backlog is grateful for weeks like this.

  22. Most of those new games are just scarry bad.

  23. Hey, this week is bad. But what about next week?

  24. Week not that exciting for games but list looks great guys as in layout and display haha

  25. Pretty lame week, but while not my type of game GRID on DS looks surprisingly nice from the trailers.

  26. I’d have to rate it a lame/10

  27. That is a really lame week of gaming right there.

  28. sweet

  29. I agree, nothing on the list not a single new release piques our interest. The Wii Baseball game looks like a winner as far as it being a kiddy game. I got to try the Rad Faction beta on 360 aswell and was really disappointed with it too. Plus, Brothers in Arms: Hell’s Highway got delayed until September. The only other 360 game I’m looking forward to this month is Mercenaries 2.

  30. Cheetah girls lol.

  31. That’s a lot of crap games….
    I saw Monster Madness at Toys R Us Saturday for $7.98, but didn’t buy it.
    Kinda makes me wish I had.

  32. I am sad to admit i am familiar with the Cheetah Girls. That’s what happens when you have 2 daughters.

  33. Sure these games don’t look to appetizing to a a ‘mature’ or ‘older’ gamer, but I’m almost 100% sure you’ll find that at least one of those games can really keep your attention after taking a quick peep at it.

  34. yeah im probably gonna have to agree with every one else these games just dont
    seem interest to the least

  35. Let the countdown to 18 years old start for Hannah Montana like it did for the Olsen twins!

  36. You need weeks like this to catch up on the other games you haven’t played yet.

  37. I would definitely like to see the download services repped here…I’m sure folks are eager to learn about the upcoming Steam, XBLA, and PSN releases.

  38. not very exciting at all..

  39. This week was lame for Xbox… =(

  40. They really should stop making those cheap Hannah Montanna/Cheetah Girls games. Seriously who is buying them?

  41. I did not know that GRID was on the DS. I’ll check that out.

  42. Yech, certainly not a hardcore or adult friendly line-up. Oh well I think I have a copy of Army of Two I have been ignoring.

  43. *snores*

  44. better luck next week

  45. Hmmm if I had to choose a title, then I’d choose none too! Why don’t you guys include downloadable games? My pick for the week would be Braid on XBLA. Maybe you guys should consider having a DLC release schedule. I’d be willing to do it for you! 🙂

  46. I don’t really see the appeal of Braid. It all sounds good on paper…. but the developer seems to have not pulled it off effectively. The only thing that I liked about it was the beginning of the game, where you start out in darkness with the city behind. That was the only good thing for me.