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New Releases 8/16-8/22: Hybridize and Hunt Edition

Between Raven Squad‘s mixture of real-time strategy and first person shooting, and Shadow Complex‘s blending of Castlevania-like exploration and Contra weaponry, this seem to be the week for the hybridized action game. Those seeking an unadulterated FPS experience should not fear; Wolfenstein look to offer an enjoyable, Nazi-killin’ romp. Lock and load!

Raven Squad: Operation Hidden Dagger
Shadow Complex


Army Rescue
Domino Rally
Spectrobes: Origins

No Releases

Ant Nation
Astrology DS
My Dress-Up
My Friends
My Make-Up
Sudoku Ball Detective

No Releases

Code of Honor 3: Desperate Measures
Raven Squad: Operation Hidden Dagger
Tales of Monkey Island – Chapter 2: The Siege of Spinner Cay
War Leaders: Clash of Nations

DesertEagle’s Pick: Although I’m consistently hearing great things about Shadow Complex, the powers that be not seem to want us to review the title. Hopefully, that will change before the Wednesday release, because the game has me transfixed. I’m also looking forward to Raven Squad and Wolfenstein.

SeanNOLA’s Pick: I’ve been jonesing for a new pick-up-and-put-down RPG,and Spectrobes: Origins might just do the job: I never played the firstgame, but Space Archaeologist sounds like a vocation that I mightenjoy.

TideGear’s Pick: Since Metroid is my second favorite game series of all time (second only to Metal Gear), The Metroid-inspired Shadow Complex is definitely my pick this week. Nothing else comes close.

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  1. Shadow Complex- DE, did you piss off someone at EPIC or something?

  2. Wolfenstein should get some love, if the Mp is solid.

  3. Loos like a great week. I need to get a second job to pay some all these games.

  4. Don’t laugh but Domino Rally could be a great concept for a Wii game, although it could suck bad too.

  5. How many points is Shadow Complex?

  6. KurtisKillingblow

    Isn’t that the Mr. Domino sequel?> Go! Go! Minon

  7. Wolfenstein, hell yeah!

  8. My Dress-Up, My Friends, My Make-Up.

  9. A game called Shorts? WTF?

  10. Why no Shadow Complex love? All the sites are talking about it?

  11. Shadow Complex here

  12. Tales of Monkey Island – Chapter 2: The Siege of Spinner Cay for me. Any date on a 360 release?

  13. Intelligent Zombie

    Sudoku Ball Detective sounds like it mixes genres, too.

  14. They must have got wind of his hatred for Gears 😉

  15. Whats the generic looking pic from?

  16. Curious about Ant nation

  17. Wolfenstein, PC

  18. Shadow complex for me.

  19. I’ll probably get shadow complex and raven squad.

  20. I can’t wait for Shadow Complex.

  21. Ant nation better not be just an ant farm sim.

  22. Wolfenstein, PS3 version. Man, DS games these days are for babies.

  23. I loved Mr. Domino! Is this really a sequel?

  24. Tell NOLA, that Spectrobes is for the Wii, a DS version is already out, with no sequel plans.

  25. A: Astrology DS.

    Q: Name a completely useless use for the DS.

  26. Hey- not hatred, just warm, but not quite scalding praise.

    Everything’s been fixed, and we should be playing SC by the end of the day. No conspiracy or anything, just a simple oversight 🙂

  27. “Nothing else comes close”

    C’mon- My Make-Up is a close cousin 😉

  28. Which games will you guys review? I hope Raven Squad!

  29. Saving mah money to see District 9 this week.

  30. All these games, and SeanNOLA is wwaiting for Spectrobes: Origins? What a nut- I like him.

  31. Does Army Rescue star the Navy?

  32. I think Marines have a history of rescuing the Navy 😉

  33. With the PSP Go on the horizon, it’s REALLY embarrassing not to see any PSP games on a regular basis.

  34. Ant Nation could be great or it could be garbage.

  35. Shadow Complex cant come quick enough.

  36. Wolfenstein. I cant wait for the game!

  37. I’m going with Deagle and Tide’s pick.

  38. Wow, some good games this week, too bad the bank account is dry.

  39. I’m hearing great things about SC!

  40. Where have all the straight-up JRPGs gone?

  41. I cant wait for a Shadow Complex review. You guys have me all excited for it.

  42. A bit of bad news; both Army Rescue
    and Domino Rally have been pushed back, probably to next month.